Canva vs Canva Pro, is it worth it?

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There have been too many events that have contributed to the massive expansion of graphic design in the industry, with this, competition has increased and it is extremely necessary that each graphic designer, regardless of their knowledge, question what is the best option for their work.

For all those who have some connection with graphic design, you will know that one of the most requested options is Canva, since this tool has an endless number of options for image creation.

Now what each user must do is decide which of their versions should be used, whether Canva, or their Premium Canva Pro version.

Now in this article we will give you everything you need to know about Canva and Canva Pro so that you can decide which of these options suits you best.

What is Canva?

Canva is a digital design tool in the form of a web page and later launched as an application that is used to design logos, images and posters in digital format in a simpler and more efficient way.

What is Canva Pro?

Canva Pro is the premium version of Canva that is used by people whose demands are higher and want to try a more extensive list of options in terms of perfection and creation of all kinds of images.

Canva is the perfect tool for starters to take their first steps into the vast world of graphic design.

First of all, we will start by talking about the fact that both are used for the design and creation of visual material, however, Canva is mostly used by people who have very little knowledge about graphic design, and consider its simplicity and quality to do a job.

Although Canva is an excellent piece of design, there is always the possibility of being able to improve something, even if it is the smallest thing, so we have to know that the simplicity of Canva is mainly aimed at people who are new to the subject of creating digitalized visual material, and at the same time it is widely used to promote motivational messages in social networks, ideal for expressing communication between large communities such as; social movements, and also non-profit organizations.

Canva is ideal for teachers who want to teach students to take the first steps in this modality, as well as being simple to use, its explanation can facilitate the work of teachers and in turn the learning of students.

Even some professionals, choose to use Canva when a faster and more dynamic work is required as far as the other options are concerned.

Canva vs Canva Pro: the differences that Canva Pro has in the work they offer.

Let’s not forget that many people took their first steps in this world using Canva’s services from some phone or computer and later decided to use new more advanced alternatives, the pay per access tool called Canva Pro.

The version of Canva Pro calls the attention of people who need a more advanced service and more variable options in order to deliver a job to an applicant with higher demands.

Canva Pro is usually a formidable investment for designers, since there are other options, none of them use the quality offered by this system to deliver a work of excellent presentation.

Designers who are starting, and already want to increase their income in their work, use this system to deliver a quality work, is an excellent option because it has a solidarity price and an extensive list of options to consider ranging from images, logos, GIF, videos, PNG, among others.

For some years now, Canva Pro has been the preferred choice for those who do not know about graphic design, and also for graphic design students, since this allows them to deliver a project of extensive quality, without spending a high amount of money, saving time, and maintaining a balance between the simple and the professional.

Both options are simple and have quality, only that the premium version of Canva has a greater variety of options that are the most used by professionals in the area, while its standard version is mostly used for people who are starting in the world of digital design, who have very little knowledge of the subject, and/or that the creations are aimed at an audience that does not have advanced knowledge about this topic.

Under what conditions is it preferable to use Canva?

Canva is a free online software. Without saying that it is more common to use it in low budget planning despite its free option, this tool shows higher quality and efficiency than many other options that work at low cost, making it, the preferred options for non-profit or financial entities.

Canva is ideal for people who want to make themselves known in social networks, helps to improve the image, and express thoughts and opinions, so that people who want to start promoting their image as Internet influencers is essential, as it comes with beautiful options for Instagram stories.

We must also consider that when you want to start a Canva project, it is an alternative to consider, since we will only invest a little of our time, and thus we do not run the risk of losing some invested money. It is ideal for the design of logos and to be able to give an initial image to our company. Also with it, we can do promotional material either digitally or physically.

Canva is ideal for those who wish to enter the extensive world of graphic design, as it allows us to know the initial methods for the perfection of images, as well as we know every structure and every way to create our own templates.

Canva also helps in the creation of videos, having many editing options that facilitate the visual work.

Under what conditions is Canva Pro recommended?

Canva Pro is a tool that has a charging price to access its services. It offers us a huge quality and many more advanced options, like image resize to other formats, create videos, access to more stock videos and photos, branding options, so this is perfect to give a more professional touch and to make it look like a viewer with higher demands who has knowledge about design.

Here we can recognize that Canva would be an investment piece for the design work of visual and audiovisual material, since, apart from images, we can create various types of videos, aimed to advertising, promotion, souvenirs or other work that requires the creation of a video.

Now that you know the differences between both options, it is your turn to decide which one suits you and which one you prefer. Remember that both ask for a lot, and offer too much, so with each one you have the option to design and create the message you want to show to the world.

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