Can Hashimoto Thyroiditis be cured?

What can be done by a person how was labeled with Hashimoto is to dedicate time on healing the root causes of his or her disorder.

Technically, what it is possible when healing Hashimoto is to put the symptoms on remission, meaning that a person can live his or her life normally, even when sometimes the lab test still mark an autoimmune disorder in the TPO and TgAB.

In this article, I will share my experience on healing and curing Hashimoto naturally and with a lower dose of levothyroxine, and having a better and balanced life.

Can Hashimoto Thyroiditis be cured
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What triggers Hashimoto's?

Each and every person is different.

What might trigger me, might not trigger you, so in this healing journey, is extremely important to find out what can be your own personal triggers.

One of the most common foods that actually triggers Hashimoto is gluten.

Gluten can cause inflammation to the gut, and also it is composed with Gliadin, which is a protein that is similar to the Thyroid, and when it gets into the bloodstream, the body might confuse it with the thyroid gland, and attack both.

This is the story that is being told about this thyroid disorder.

Also, in my case, eating diary is not a trigger, as a did my food sensitivyt test, and technically, I could eat diary once in a while withouth having an autoimmune reaction.

Doing the food sensitivity test will really show up which foods you can and can not eat.

Beside gluten, I can not eat eggs, pineapples, oranges, and some other foods, and I can eat meat and corn daily.

Finding this can be a huge step towards healing Hashimoto and setting the symptoms on remission.

One can take a blood test in a specialized lab ordered by a functional medicine doctor, or an holistic nutritionist with real consciousness about the topic.

Normally, endocrinologist will test out for T3, T4 and TSH, but won’t go further to investigate which are your food sensitivities and nutritional markers.

Conventional doctors might just give hormone replacement therapy, and that is it.

Therefore, it is also possible that your symptoms might get triggered by the brand and dose of the levothyroxine you are taking.

So it is important to find out the right dose, and brand that your body can accept, or it might be the case that you actually don’t need it or you need a lower dose, rather than just having a dose based on weight and age, therefore it is important to discuss it openly with your doctor.

Another important trigger in Hashimoto is stress.

As the body is in recurrent stress, then the body will need that the pregnenolone that the body has generates more cortisol, the hormone of stress.

If the body is mainly producing more and more cortisol, that will mean that there might also be an hormonal imbalance and your body might not be able to cope with other activities where you might need to have concentration or energy.

Can you reverse Hashimoto's naturally?

So what one can do to set the symptoms on remission in a natural way?

There are several aspects to consider to heal a thyroid disease.

As mentioned, the conventional way of treatin hashimoto is to give levothyroxine.

But that is just a minimal part of the equation.

Actually, if you are looking to heal an autoimmune disease, you should focus in more aspects than just taking some pills.

Searching for those root causes is an essential part to heal an underactive thyroid.

It is important to build your own personalized Hashimoto Diet, including the foods that you body accepts and eliminating those that trigger your body.

Another important aspect to consider when treating a hypothyroidism like Hashimoto is to have a regular level of excercise and avoid overdoing it.

As the body is set into pressure with excercise, it will also generate stress in the body to cope with the energy needed to do so, therefore it is important to find a balanced routine that can help you to reach your physical goals without overdoing it.

As well, there are some natural methods recommended to reduce the antibodies such as taking aloe vera and selenium supplements.

It is important to talk with your nutritionist about this.

From a mental and spiritual perspective, a thyroid issue is related to the throat chakra, when a person is not able to speak his or her own truth and his or her feelings get “stuck like a knot in the throat”.

It is important that the person find a way of expressing his or herself, and let those sentiments flow easily.

As well, grounding is a good technique done to “flush” the energies of the body, and the earth will help with it.

What to do during a Hashimoto's flare up?

And it will happen that sometimes, there will be a day with an excess of stress, or a food that had a prohibited ingredient that may cause a flare up.

So what to do?

If possible, the person should go to rest and take a nap.

It is ok to be “lazy”, specially when there is a flare up, so that the body and the nervous system calms down.

There might multiple factors for a Hashimoto Flare Up and what triggers Hashimoto, and eventually they might come up after feeling better, therefore it is important to recognize that sleep and rest is an importan factor while healing your thyroid function and thyroid hormone levels.

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