7 Best Video Intro Templates for After Effects 

Video Intro Templates for After Effects
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Video Intro Templates for After Effects are ideal for creating stunning, professional-looking introductions to any video project.

These intro video templates feature unique designs and animations that will get your audience’s attention right away for your promos and presentations.

They come with easy-to-use customization tools, so you can tweak the color scheme, text, and other elements to make sure the intro fits perfectly with the theme of your video.

With this collection of templates, you’ll have no trouble creating an eye-catching introduction that will draw viewers in and keep them engaged throughout your entire video.

Plus, each template is budget-friendly and designed to help you save time while still making a great impact.

At Envato Elements and Motion Array you can find different king of digital assets as well as Premiere Pro templates, intro videos for your Youtube channel, royalty-free stock images or videos footage, and many more perfect templates for your next masterpiece creation.

At these platforms you can browse the different categories to find tempates that will help you to create the perfect intro Video.

Here we have set a list of animated Video intros or outros that can be used to be easily added to your next project or promo video.

Glitch Video Intro Template - Unlimited downloads at Envato Elements

A Glitch Video Intro Template can be the perfect way to give your video an attractive, cutting-edge look.

Its user-friendly system makes it easy to create one-of-a-kind visuals that will captivate viewers.

The various designs and effects included in the template provide a high level of sophistication that adds a professional touch to your videos.

From understated hues to bold graphics, the Glitch Video Intro Template offers you the personal authority to customize the look of your video. Furthermore, you can adjust the duration of the effects or incorporate titles and logos to make it even more unique. This template is ideal for making any video stand apart from all others.

Urban Intro

Urban Intro is a fashionable and contemporary project for Adobe After Effects CC 2020 or higher that necessitates no additional plugins, can be easily customized, encompasses an explanatory video guide, is organized in modules, has multiple uses, is orderly structured, utilizes universal expressions, allows for up to fifteen video or image clips and sixteen text holders.

Cartoon Intro

This cartoon After Effects template intro is full of vivaciousness and sparkle.

The cartoon style logo introduction has an exquisite and lively liquid motion animation.

It contains one logo placeholder and a customizable slogan.

Editing this template is a breeze with the single-button color controller.

Create a striking introduction to your children’s TV program, cartoons, intros, trailers, broadcasts, YouTube and other social media channels with this incredible After Effects template.

The version of After Effects required for use is CC12 or above; it’s well-structured and easy to modify with the included guide.

Plus no extra plugins are necessary and hues can be edited quickly and simply.

Video Podcast Intro

The Video Podcast Intro by Envato Elements is a great way to get your podcast off the ground. It’s a comprehensive production package that includes everything you need to create an eye-catching introduction for your podcast.

The downloadable files come with a pre-built template, giving you the choice of using their default elements or customizing the look and feel of your intro.

You can also add music, sound effects and other audio elements to make it unique and engaging.

With this package, you also get access to tutorials that will walk you through the steps of creating your own video podcast intro from start to finish.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been podcasting for years, this is an easy and affordable way to create an effective introduction for your show.

Animated Text Intro - Motion Array

This After Effects template presents a vivid and energetic text slideshow. It has 27 spots for text and one slot for a logo.

You can modify the colors and use it as an opener to your video. An instructional video is provided.

No extra plugins are necessary.

Stylish Opener

This After Effects template is equipped with an up-to-the-minute introduction that incorporates vibrant text animation.

You can personalize the text and modify the colors to reflect your own taste. Utilize it as a beginning for your online video channel.

It includes a video tutorial.

Fast Creative Opener

This After Effects template showcases an exuberantly vivid animated introduction that boosts your video.

You can add your own content, alter the text and adjust the colors. A step-by-step video guide is included in the package.

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