5 Trends in Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs and SMBs

Trends in digital marketing are constantly changing that will improve the performances of entrepreneurs projects and small businesses.

Keep reading to learn more about some trends in Digital Marketing that can give you ideas to improve your business.

5 Trends in Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs and SMBs
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1. Increase use of Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence trends
Reasons for adopting AI (Single Grain)

The use of artificial intelligence will be increasing in the incoming years. As this technology keeps improving their uses will be applied in different aspects of businesses.

As showed in the graph on the reasons for adopting AI, it is expected that this technology will bring a competitive advantage to businesses, followed by the idea of developing new businesses. 

Previously mentioned in this blog, some use case scenarios of the advancement of Artifical Intelligence are on translation or text to speech softwares.

For example, we all have known that there are common mistakes when using some traditional translation software were the grammar or the meaning of the sentence is completely changes. As Deep Learning technologies are applied to improve translations, new technologies are improving translation. Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses who probably in the past had the difficulty to either translate documents by themselves or by hiring someone else, AI translations now offer a way better option to translate documents.

Or also, we have the example of text to speech audios with Alexa or Google Assistant, where in the past the voices heard very robotic, and now they are closely to talk like a real human. 

And there are plenty of more applications that for sure we will start seeing in the near future as the use of the big cloud providers, like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, keep growing.

2. Chatbots

Four-wheeled metallic chat bot robot on purple brown background

As customer service is one of the main activities for any business, sometimes it will get impossible to handle just by a small group of account managers or representatives.

When the customer base keeps growing, it might also grow the number of support requests, therefore chatbots have become an useful tool for entrepreneurs who start growing.

Chatbots have turned in the first interaction line between the customer and the business.

It might also happen that some of the questions that customers have can easily be handled by automated responses.

Therefore this can also help the customer care teams to reduce the number of support tickets.

But it is also important to avoid loosing the human interaction between the customer and the business, and sometimes it can get frustrating to just receive plain answers that actually don’t respond the customer need.

3. Short Video Content

African influencer recording podcast and taking selfie

The trend of TikTok had also jumped into another platforms and now we have plenty of short video content in social media channels such as Youtube Shorts and Facebook and Instagram Reels.

This massive short video consumption is bringing up the creation of vertical videos with a duration of less than an a minute to keep audiences engaged.

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses can take advantage of this trend to get a better reach of their content and bring out brand awareness.

Since the content itself is short, it can be easily catch the attention of the user, but the retention span for a specific brand will also get reduced since users might want keep watching the upcoming videos from other creators. 

4. Real Brand Ambassadors - Influencers

Social Media Influencer

As Instagram has become one of the biggest platforms that has also given the rise to the so called Influencers, many people have also become scammers within this platform.

And the thing is that it is actually really easy to buy the “vanity numbers”, such as followers and likes, that brands can be tricked with such fake accounts. Therefore when Brands launch influencer campaigns and don’t see the results that they expected, they should have given a real look to their followers base.

Therefore, the trend of influencers or developing real brand ambassadors will keep going on, since the word of mouth marketing will still be one of the most reliable methods to generate business, but more when it comes out from trustful influencers.


5. Value Oriented Content Marketing

Content marketing

And I add value oriented to the content marketing term, because there is too much content being created and blog posts that are opinions or simple texts that don’t bring too much worth to the audiences.

As in the short videos where we are seeing this phenomena of people just dancing in front of the camera, the content eventually will be transformed to bring real value to the users.

Content has multiple forms, from images, infographics, video, text, whitepapers and more, the so called thin content should be recycled to turn it into real pieces of content that brings more than just a waste of time.

We can take as an example again the dancing videos, where some creators are adding informational phrases which aim to both entertain and also educate in just one short video, at least it is giving more than just a person dancing.

Businesses and entrepreneurs should have in focus what they want to achieve with their marketing strategy and keep in mind how they add their value on their content, and avoid just creating sales content.

In the opinion of Guillem Baches, “the possibility of offering online services through your personal blog or corporate page has become of vital importance especially for those independent professionals or small companies that wish to boost their visibility on the Internet and increase the attraction of new clients”.

It will bring more benefits to develop deep long format content that adds more for what their users are looking for. 

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