3 Trends for Digital Entrepreneurs in 2023

The last two years have brought extreme changes, and many people have also been affected by the work stoppages around the world.

This caused many people to see digital entrepreneurship as an opportunity to solve their economic needs.

2020 and 2021 were years that saw great growth in e-commerce, and the following trends will surely be seen in 2022.

Trends for digital entrepreneurs
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Short video content creators -TikTokers, Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts

The phenomenon caused by the TikTok platform has had an impact on more mature platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, which have already added the same content format. Thanks to this change many content creators saw an impactful increase in the reach of their publications.

We have already seen the cases of new content creators like Khaby Lame with his popular practicality videos. Khaby started generating his videos after being fired from his job as a machine operator in Turin right in times of pandemic.

Or also the case of the TikTok account “History for Dummies”, where the Mexican TikToker seeks to teach history in a fun and dynamic way through this format.

TK, as he is known, had a steady job that he chose to quit before venturing into content generation.

Similarly, there have been hundreds of cases in which these platforms have been instrumental in generating digital entrepreneurs. Surely in the coming months we will see more short videos applied to different niches.

Musician Vlogger and Youtuber

From employee to freelancer

As companies adjust to the “new normal,” many people will see more time off when they are home-office, causing some people to question what to do with the extra time that was used to get ready to go to the office and be in traffic.

Some are even questioning whether they should use all work time to one activity and may want to work part-time without being tied to a work schedule.

Digitization also brought the opportunity to create multiple forms of collaboration. While freelancers are not new, the idea of digital nomads has been growing because of the preference to be working remotely anywhere in the world.

Those companies that have adapted to the changes and have been flexible to have different ways of working, will generate greater retention in the relationship with their employees and even if it becomes a company-freelancer relationship, they will avoid a brain drain within their organization.

In the same way, the now new freelancer will be able to use his or her time for different clients, or some other personal project, without losing the relationship with his or her former direct employer.

Omnichannel Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who only operated directly from their physical store were among the hardest hit during the confinements. This also prompted them to urgently seek digital outlets to maintain a level of sales that would generate enough income to survive.

Although promotion through social networks has been one of the practices carried out by entrepreneurs, the need generated them to question how to take advantage of the different tools that can be used to have a greater presence in social networks, as well as marketplaces and their own online store.
For entrepreneurs, opting for omnichannel e-commerce means expanding their digital marketing strategy to leverage the strength of other platforms. The challenge lies in creating the internal logistics to respond in a timely, orderly and error-avoiding manner when it comes to fulfilling orders as they are placed.

One of the disadvantages of using marketplaces is that entrepreneurs do not have control of these platforms, so any change in commissions or conditions of use would affect them directly. That is why the use of marketplaces should be considered as a part of your strategy, and not as a whole. Therefore, developing your own online store should be considered within your priorities.

Undoubtedly, 2022 will continue to see a growth of digital entrepreneurs. These are some of the trends that will continue to impact the lives of many people, but there will surely be new projects such as the use of artificial intelligence or the creation of new SaaS and Apps.

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