Treatment for Hashimoto’s with Normal TSH

How many times did you go already with the doctor or doctors questioning yourself, why my TSH is normal and I am still feeling bad?

Don’t worry, you are not the only one, we are several people who have gone through this process until we have found a treatment for Hashimoto’s with normal TSH.

It is confusing, yes it is. Why if I am taking my thyroid meds, I still have multiple symptoms.

Keep up reading my tips so that you can build your own treatment for Hashimoto’s with normal TSH.

treatment for hashimoto's with normal tsh
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Why am I still feeling bad if I have a normal TSH?

First of all, when someone is diagnosed with Hashimoto it does not mean that you have an incurable disease.

Hashimoto is totally manageable if done the right steps towards recovering health.

In my opinion, Hashimoto is just a label that doctors like to give to set people on a segment who certainly have some hormonal imbalances.

The thing is, that Hashimoto is not a Thyroid Problem, it is an immune disorder.

The body is way out of balance and it is needed to be restored.

Most conventional doctors will ignore the root causes  and easily blame the thyroid of not working properly. But it is not like that.

There are several Hashimoto symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, joint pain, coldness, dry skin, hair loss, loss of sleep, tiredness after waking up and many more.

So the conventional treatment is to go with the endocrinologist and he will prescribe levothyroxine, which I already have written how I feel awful with levothyroxine.

Before I started my real healing journey, I also went several times with my general doctor. He ran multiple times my T3, T4 and TSH labs, and they were normal, but I was not feeling right.

I waited couple months, went back again, and ran the thyroid lab tests, but again, I had a normal TSH.

So what was wrong with me? I asked myself. The doctor said, we are going to focus on you not on the paper. Your symptoms might be stress.

At that time I didn’t know the relation of Hashimoto and Gluten, which foods to avoid with hashimoto, how to lower antibodies and of course how to heal Hashimoto.

So I kept my life as it was, but not at my best.

I, ignorant at that time, was blaming as well the thyroid, but I was not aware of the habits that I had, even if I considered them healthy.


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What does a Normal TSH mean?

The hypothalamus, in the base of the brain, produces thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH). TRH stimulates the anterior pituitary gland to produce TSH.

Thyroid stimulating hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. Its role is to regulate the production of hormones by the thyroid gland.

Having a normal TSH is having a certain hormonal balance, where there is no need actually to modify any dosage.

The Thyroid is working properly and the body is receiving the right amount of levothyroxine or desiccated thyroid.

So what to do if you are feeling bad?

Build your own treatment for Hashimoto's with normal TSH.

As I have stated in my Hashimoto testimonial, healing comes from the body out. From building my own personalized treatment that is based in what my body, mind and spriti accepts and what it rejects.

In spirit we are all one and the same, but in body we are all unique.

There is no other Carlos Alberto Barraza Lopez, as well as there is no other reader like you.

Your body is unique, so as the way you live, eat, and the environment where you are at.

You can start out building your treatment for Hashimoto’s with normal TSH by testing out as well which are the food sensitivities that you have.

You can build up your own Hashimoto Juice Therapy in the mornings that can help you to bring those nutrients your body needs.

It is normally recommended that eliminating Gluten will help to reduce body inflammations and many symptoms will start to disappear in 3 weeks.

Find out which nutritional defficiencies you have, and work with the foods that you are able to eat or also incorporate some Hashimoto supplements that a functional medicine doctor can prescribe to you.

Finding the root cause of you Hashimoto will help you to give the steps needed towards your own healing journey. We heal every day, so remember that this is a long life journey we are on. There is no magical pill that can solve any symptom. It requires committment.

Vitamin D is really simple to be summed up to the body by just spending 15 minutes a day outside and having some Sun exposure. As well, it can be recommended to take supplements of Vitamin D with Vitamin K.

Lowering Hashimoto Antibodies is also a key focus to help the body to heal and reduce symptoms.

If you are a sports fan, and enjoy going to the gym every day or exercising every day, than you should probably prefer to lower that rate. It has hard for me since I have been used to work out every day, but also the excess of excercise will stress out the body and also the thyroid.

Don’t forget to dedicate time to lower your stress levels. Hashimoto has psychological symptoms and the mind might be sometimes difficult to control, but spending time in nature, reading a book, walking in a park or doing an activity that relaxes you will be as well a big support.

And of course, don’t forget to set aside your spiritual practice. From practicioners of Yoga, Christianism, Muslim, Buddhism, there are multiple methods that the spirit can be risen and also be a support while healing.

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