Best Sponsored Blog Posts Websites to Buy in 2023 for Backlinks

Backlinks were, are and will be one of the main ranking factors for SEO.

The Off-page SEO could be considered one of the tasks that takes more time, requires more effort, hundreds of email asking to do guest posts to have a backlink in return.

As new platforms are surging for sponsored blog posts, it is becoming easier to build backlinks.

Keep reading to find out the best sponsored blog posts websites in 2022 that can help you to build backlinks. 

Best Sponsored Posts Websites
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What are Sponsored Blog Posts?

One of the tactics that is done to get backlinks is through guest posts.

Guest Posts are articles that are asked to be published in external websites that usually include a link back to the writer’s website.

This method has helped plenty of website owners to gain backlinks to their website, but certainly there are some disadvantages to traditional guest posts.

First, the time it will take to find websites that might be good to get a link from that is related to the website.

Then, finding the key contact person to send an email, and also write an email that doesn’t looks too needy just for a backlink, and that actually helps to build a relationship with the website owner.

Afterwards, one should wait for an answer, and hopefully will be positive, accepting to be published in the website at no cost.

But as Linkbuilding is increasing and there is more competition, the price of a link is also increasing, therefore website owners might ask for a payment in return.

Therefore, there is no forefront to know if the guest posts has a price or not.

With all this process, a normal guest post has turned out to become a Sponsored Blog post if an advertiser contacts a publisher to buy a guest post.


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Why are Sponsored Blog Posts important?

The long process of guest posting has also become an opportunity for sponsored blog posts websites that can work as the middle man, and connect easier advertisers and publishers.

Sponsored Blog Posts have become important because it has reduced the time of the email process and there is a higher acceptance rate, since the website are already open to add place content in their blogs or websites.

The value of the sponsored blog posts is the link building, and this has been understood by several entrepreneurs.

It is now really easy to buy sponsored blog posts from high quality websites.

The advantages of sponsored blog posts websites is that the listed websites show the DA, DR, website traffic and some other metrics that are important for website owners.

Instead of spending time searching for guest posts, it has become now a practice to buy sponsored blog posts due to the ease, speed, and quality of the work.

Best Sponsored Blog Posts Websites To Buy From

Following up we share the best Sponsored Blog Posts websites that can help any website to get high quality backlinks.

As mentioend, having as a forefront the key metrics of websites is one of the advantages of such sponsored blog posts websites.

Their prices have different range, and here is where the website owners have the decision to know how much to invet in link building, and how much a link would actually worth.

Linkatomic is one of the best sites to get quality links.

Its interface is easy to use, and allows you to access a wide catalog of digital media, among which you will find personal blogs and renowned newspapers.

You will be able to filter the media by traffic and authority, type of web, subject, price, language and country. Among other important features.

When you buy a sponsored article on Linkatomic, you can include backlinks to your website, indicating whether you want them to be dofollow, nofollow or sponsored.

One of the best advertiser portals known for the ease of communication that allows between publishers, advertisers, writers and Influencer.

Publisuites, serves as a platform where you can get sponsored blog posts by advertising your website or creating content for the website you would like to have the sponsored post.

There are websites from many places around the world, but mainly it has websites from Spain.

It also has US websites, and some other countries like Germany, France, Mexico.

The platform shows the metrics of the websites such as the DA, DR and website organic traffic which is analyzed through Google Analytics connections that the websites do to Publisuites.

Adsy is a Content management platform that also offers sponsored blog posts to its users.

Links Management is a pretty known website for link building, and Adsy is part of it.

In Adsy, as a user adds money to its balance can star checking out the websites names, the DR, DA, website traffic, category and more information about it.

This sponsored blog posts website has long lists of available website to create the guest posts and different ranging prices.

PRNews is a global marketplace for PR and sponsored articles with popular and well known sites such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Market Watch and Vogue.

It also offers the opportunity for content placement in some other relevant websites that will help webmasters to give a boost to their SEO backlink strategy.

The platforms has the option to filter out the websites by Domain Rating, Traffic, Price and Category, making it easier to find a relevant site to get a sponsored backlink from.



If you are searching for a wide variety of quality sponsored bolg posts to have an article from, then Coobis is a right platform to choose.

Coobis was websites from all around the world, since it has offices in several countries.

Coobis is also an influencer marketing platform where publishers and advertisers can connect easily.

Coobis also has the option to show in their lists the key metrics of the websites that advertisers can select.

Websites goes from low to high authority domain, so it is really easy to filter by category, DA, DR, price until one finds the best sponsored guest post to buy.


getlinko logo

Getlinko is a more recent sponsored posts platform.

It doesn’t have thousands of websites in comparison to the other websites we mention here, but it is growing steadily.

Getlinko also has the option to filter by DA,DR, category, country and more important metrics that SEO professional analyze to get a sponsored blog post.

Getlinko is a company based in Barcelona, therefore most of the prices are shown in Euros.


logo unancor

Unancor is another company from Spain that help advertiser to findd the best blogs to get sponsored posts.

Unancor has higher prices in comparison with the competitors, but it is compensated with the quality of the websites that are published on their lists.

As well it is really easy to find the perfect website to buy a sponsored blog post from.



SeedinUp is a german based SEO link building company that has websites that can support an International SEO strategy.

SeedingUp has websites aiming different countries, which this helps to list several blogs and therefore there are more opportunities to find the best blog to buy a sponsored blog post from.

The user interface can be considered less user friendly in comparison with the competitors, but the prices of the sponsored blog posts are on a bit lower, or also depending on the selected blog. 



Link Majesty is as well a more recent platform that has a variety of blog websites to create the sponsored posts.

It has a variety of websites with High Domain authority which it can be seen through the platform.



Linkhouse is a platform focused in websites from Poland.

It also has european websites to create sponsored blogs posts.

The platforms allos to filter by the key metrics such as the domain authority from MOZ and domain ratings from Ahrefs. 

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