What is SEO Off Page Optimization?

Having a website by itself is not an effective tool to be positioned in the first places of the main search engines, that is why a fundamental part of having a proper SEO is to perform off-page optimization and all that it implies.

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SEO or search engine optimization concept

Defining SEO Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is a compendium of strategies that are applied in a business or company with a virtual presence, outside the website of the same, to boost its growth and development, attracting potential customers and improving sales.

These strategies are also carried out through the internet but outside the website, in social networks, blogs and even other websites. They also include link building, local SEO, among others.

This aspect is fundamental, as it requires actions that improve the search engines’ perception of your website and the users’ experience on it.

SEO Off-Page optimization strategies

Although there are a large number of off-page optimization strategies, there are 5 that tend to be the most important.

Link building or external website links

Links are redirection points to other sites on the same page or outside it, which are executed voluntarily when the user clicks on them.

External links contribute to the link juice of the site and help to share value easily and smoothly within it, leading users to various sections, categories and areas of the website where they are pointed to.

In this sense, improving external links as well as internal links is fundamental, taking care of the anchor text used and finding the perfect balance between keywords and long tails.

Generate interesting content and share it on the web to attract users to your site.

To carry out this strategy you can use the so-called link baiting, which consists of creating and disseminating free content on the Internet so that it is shared and increases traffic to your website.

Register in directories

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This strategy requires that you search for directories that are not yet heavily exploited, reliable and of quality. However, it must be done with caution, manually, periodically and progressively, to avoid being considered by search engines as a bot.

The idea is that you use directories that are related to the theme of your website and take into account the following:

If you use the same directory, do not always submit the same page, try to vary the anchor text and addresses.

Check the link and anchor text to make sure it is correct, otherwise it could affect the positioning of the website.

Pay special attention to details and remember that quality far outweighs quantity, so it is better to send well-crafted links and not exaggerate the number.

Actively participate in other web sites related to the subject of yours

This strategy implies two benefits.

The first is that through the domain of the subject of your site you can help other users in blogs and pages where questions and answers are exchanged.

The second is to attract traffic by leaving links of help in a natural way in your collaborations.

Study the competition

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By doing some research, it is possible to identify links from websites with related topics to your site in order to apply link building strategies.

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Why is it relevant Off Page Optimization for SEO?

Off-page optimization is of great relevance for SEO in conjunction with on-page strategies, they are the basis of any website that gives a virtual presence to a company.

Making use of off-page optimization it is possible to improve aspects such as:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is composed of 2 parts or compendiums of strategies: those carried out within the website itself and outside it.

At this point it is possible to say that off-page optimization is of great relevance for SEO, not only because it is a fundamental part of it, but also because it is considered an external factor that conditions the positioning of a web page among the first places in the main search engines.

Although on-page SEO or on-page optimization is of great help for any website, the position of the page within the search engine listing is closely related to off-page strategies, more specifically to the quality and quantity of external links that lead to it.

Tips for SEO Off-Page Optimization

When performing off-page optimization, it is essential to take into account certain tips that will be useful.

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