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Not sure if Speechelo worth it? Read more in this Speechelo Review to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of this Text-to-Speech software.
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Speechelo Review Summary

Recommended for Video Creators

Speechelo is a Text-to-Speech online Software that helps you to create artificial intelligence voice overs in just seconds.

Price per Value

Speechelo costs $47 dollars, and it is a one time payment. Speechelo worth the investment.

Ease of Use

Speechelo is a cloud based software easy to use.

Voice Accuracy

Speechelo Artificial Intelligence voices are human like, nevertheless the standard voices of Speechelo still sound robotic.


Speechelo upgrades offer more number of characters to be used, translation of text and import of Youtube Captions.


Carlos' Opinion -
Speechelo Review

For videos, sometimes it is needed to use some voice overs to give that special touch and grab the attention of the audience.

But sometimes, using voice overs can either cost since you might have the need to hire someone, or you might be a bit shy to use your own voice.

So how to solve this issues, well, the use of Text-to-Speech technologies has been a good solution for some content creators. 

Of course, although there are some Text-to-Speech software that might not have the best and human like voices, but this software has turned out to be an alternative to use in order to add voice over to videos.

As I wanted to have a software like this, in the past I searched for a good tool that can offer Text-to-Speech.

But, the voices were still robotic.

So, it was better to keep creating animations with just the simple text and graphics.

It was just several months ago, that I found Speechelo.

I read different Speechelo Reviews, and I was conviced to try it. 

By my surprise, Speechelo had very good voices, they were human like voices.

So, I was glad I bought Speechelo.

Then, I got to know that they have a upsell system, so I decided to buy Speechelo Pro, and I could have an extended number of characters that I can turn them into audio.

I do recommend Speechelo, but mainly because it is also supported by AWS Polly and probably by Microsoft Azure.

You could also build your own TTS software if you get Cyberbukit from Envato. 

So, don’t hesitate to try one of the best tools for Text-to-Speech.

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is the best text-to-speech online software that I have found so far. 

Speechelo has the posibility to run multiple campaigns to have the different voices that are required.

The voices that you can get from Speechelo are very human like, this is the closest text-to-speech with natural voices.

Speechelo is mainly running on AWS. Therefore comparing Speechelo vs Amazon Polly is not a real thing, since Speechelo is already using the technology from Amazon Polly.

With this text to speech software you can convert texts into humanlike voices. Speechelo generate highquality voiceovers in just seconds. But it is worth mentioning that Speechelo and Speechelo Pro are not free and you can’t download the app. It is an online app.

As a short Speechelo Review, it is actually a very useful text-to-speech software where you can have unlimited usage when you the the one-time payments plan.

Here are some examples of the voices that you can find in Speechelo. 

Speechelo Features

To keep further on this Speechelo Review, some of Speechelo core features will give you ideas on what it works, wath doesn’t work and you will be able to know a little more in detail those points that make this Text-to-Speech software one of the best you can find today to create voices.

Speechelo Advantages

More than 30 languages and voice styles.

Artifical Intelligence voices that sound human like.

Cloud-based platform making it accesible from any device.

Integration with Youtube.

Speechelo Disadvantages

Some voices are still robotic sounding.

Limit of 20,000 characters per one audio created. If more characters are required, then audios should be merged inside the platform.

How much does Speechelo cost?

Speechelo overall costs $37, if you find the right link, the one on the corresponding box.

For Speechelo Pro and World Wide upsells, you can acquire them inside the platform.

Founders Offer
$ 37
  • Speechelo
Speechelo Pro
$ 37
  • Speechelo Pro
World Wide
$ 37
  • World Wide

Speechelo Language Samples

Speechelo Alternatives


Talkia has the ability to accurately replicate accents, incorporate pauses and customize voices makes Talkia one of the best tools on the market for text-to-speech conversion.

With it, content creators can realize professional projects with little time and effort.

Whether they are small or large entrepreneurs, with Talkia they can create their audios online.

Incorporating voices to a video makes it more entertaining and attractive, gives it a professional touch that is achieved by customizing content through a humanized voiceover; precisely what any of the packages that Talkia offers you can guarantee.

You can read more in the Talkia Review.

Our Text to Speech Software is the bridge between the big main cloud providers and the users to ease the use of this technology.

Using directly one of the cloud providers might need the implementation of additional code, which will take some time or if you are not a programmer, you might not know where to start.

You can create text to speech voices way easier without any prior configuration with the Cloud providers.

You can get access to a wide variety of languages with our Text-to-Speech Software.

The use of the multi-cloud Text-to-Speech technology gives the advantage of finding the best voice and accent that fit your needs. 

To use or not to use Speechelo?

As recommendation, Speechelo Artificial Intelligence voices are the best ones of the platform.

Any other voice that are from the standard versions are not as good as the AI ones, therefore it would be better to have the Pro version.

If you are aiming to create videos that require voice overs, then having Speechelo is a good resource to have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Speechelo

Speechelo is the easiest and best Text-to-Speech available that offers human-like voices.

Speechelo Pro version costs $37 extra to have the other features, such as more voices and more characters.

Yes, you can create your voice audios for Youtube Videos. The Speechelo World Wide plan has an integration with Youtube. 

Youtubers can use Speechelo as their TTS or Text-to-Speech software to create their videos.

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