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Listening and viewing allows you to get a multisensory reading experience, improves your grammatical knowledge and you should know that nowadays it is possible to convert a text into a narration with just one click.

This is a tool that is available on most digital devices, as is the case of Talkia, a text-to-speech software that we invite you to discover in this post.

Keep reading this Talkia Review to learn more.

Talkia Review
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Talkia Review

Recommended for Simple Audios

Talkia allows you to create your text to speech in seconds effortlessly.

In this brief Talkia Review summary, we set out some important factors.

Price per Value

Talkia could be considered a bit high priced compared with other text to speech softwares available.

Ease of Use

With Talkia is really easy to select the voice that you want to use and create your audio.

Text to Speech Voice Accuracy

Some of the voices of Talkia are close to be human like specially the ones that use Wavenet, but some of them are still robotic.

Multiple Languages

Talkia has the capacity to be used to create audios in different languages.


What is Text-to-speech?

A Text-to-speech software is an assistive technology tool, identified by the acronym TTS, created to read digital text aloud. It is especially useful for children or any user who has difficulty reading in the conventional way.

This type of application has the ability to recognize and read aloud multiple text files, including word documents, pages and web page content. The speed and pitch of reading can be adjusted to the needs of each user, as well as the quality of the voice.

It is possible to use a human-like voice or alter it to sound like a child speaking, allowing it to be used by all those content creators to obtain incredible videos, whether for educational, sales, marketing, audiobooks and more. 

Some of them have an optical character recognition tool, through which it is even possible to read the text present in an image.

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What is Talkia?

Talkia is a text-to-speech software released by Bryxen, which has the ability to convert something written into an audio overlay, using realistic sounds and ideal for the realization of all those projects within which voiceovers serve to save time, money and effort in the creation of different types of videos, commercials and audiobooks.

Basically, it uses Google Wavenet or Amazon Polly to convert scripts to text-to-speech.

In this sense, by using Talkia it is possible to complement videos so that they sell better, that is to say, that they have a higher conversion potential, thus increasing the profitability of your business.

Moreover, it is an easy-to-use software, with which it is possible to create striking professional voiceovers in a short time. It is as simple as typing the text in its editor, then choose the voice you want to use and click to preview it.

You can also customize your creation by adding a musical background and then choose to export your voice-over. Talkia takes care of creating it in mp3 audio format, compatible with different types of digital devices and thus add it to any video you want to use as part of your business promotional activities.

It even allows you to record a speech and play it back at any time or a presentation for a group of clients; regulating its quality and tone, so that it is clear, precise and pleasant for those who listen to it.

Two software combination to create videos are Talkia Doodly. Doodly is a video software to create animations and can easily mix Talkia voices.

Talkia Features

As we keep this Talkia Review, we will focus on its features

Many content creators do not have access to expensive professional setups to achieve perfect sound synchronization for their videos. For them, Talkia’s voiceover technology is ideal for adding a more humanized tone to their creations.

Talkia is compatible with Windows and macOS; it uses progressive technology on Google and Amazon translations to ensure correct pronunciation, thereby creating better speech content. In addition, it has the following features:

Talkia Advantages

Customization of voice type, speed adjustment and voice pitch.

A wide range of male and female voices; even differentiated into children, youth and adults.

It uses artificial intelligence to create fully realistic humanized voices.

Supports multiple languages and popular accents, including those of countries such as China, UK, Japan, Spain, France, Germany and more.

Voices are taken directly from Amazon Polly and Google.

It has the option of incorporating background music to the voice.

It is possible to use a pre-recorded voice or create it from scratch.

It is an easy-to-use software, with packages to suit different budgets. For example, the initial standard has about 65 voices.

With Talkia it is possible to create multiple videos using as many voices as you want, without having to repeat the same one over and over again, which adds value to the money invested in its acquisition.

Talkia Disadvantages

One of Talkia's main features is to have a fully customizable premium voice-over, so its price can be high for some users. However, it has different monthly plans to suit those who do not need to use it frequently. On the other hand, it will be essential for active content creators to purchase annual packages.

Talkia does not offer a trial version, but has a money back guarantee in case any customer is not satisfied with their purchase within 30 days.

The commercial license is only available when purchasing a higher plan, requires internet connectivity to generate voiceovers and it will be necessary to install its software to have access to most of its functions that are located on servers in the cloud; although it does not require the use of any web browser.

Talkia Pricing

One important aspect to also mention in this Talkia Reviews is the pricing.

Talkia Pricing is based on a monthly or annual plan.

If you choose to pay on a annual basis, you would get a discount.

Talkia One-Time Payment fee is also an option. Talkia $67 price is obtainable mainly through advertisment. 

Here you can find Talkia Pricing per month.

* Worth mentioning that Talkia usually has promotional ads on Facebook, and if you buy it from their campaigns they offer Standard Talkia for Lifetime with a discount.


$ 39 / Month
  • 1000 Words Per Voice Over
  • 102 Voices
  • 43 Male Voices
  • 59 Female Voices
  • 4 Youth Voices
  • 30 Background Music
  • No Commercial Rights


$ 69 / Month
  • 5000 Words Per Voice Over
  • 404 Voices
  • 166 Male Voices
  • 238 Female Voices
  • 23 Youth Voices
  • 150 Background Music
  • Commercial Rights

Talkia Annual Pricing


$ 20 / Billed Annualy
  • 1000 Words Per Voice Over
  • 102 Voices
  • 43 Male Voices
  • 59 Female Voices
  • 4 Youth Voices
  • 30 Background Music
  • No Commercial Rights


$ 40 / Billed Annualy
  • 5000 Words Per Voice Over
  • 404 Voices
  • 166 Male Voices
  • 238 Female Voices
  • 23 Youth Voices
  • 150 Background Music
  • Commercial Rights

Talkia Alternatives

In this Talkia Review is also worth mentioning the Talkia Alternatives.

Speechelo is a great text-to-speech online software. 

Speechelo has the posibility to run multiple campaigns to have the different voices that are required.

The voices that you can get from Speechelo are very human like, this is the closest text-to-speech with natural voices.

Speechelo is mainly running on AWS.

It is actually a very useful text-to-speech software where you can have unlimited usage when you the the one-time payments plan.

Read more the Speechelo Review to learn more.

Our Text to Speech Software is the bridge between the big main cloud providers and the users to ease the use of this technology.

Using directly one of the cloud providers might need the implementation of additional code, which will take some time or if you are not a programmer, you might not know where to start.

You can create text to speech voices way easier without any prior configuration with the Cloud providers.

You can get access to a wide variety of languages with our Text-to-Speech Software.

The use of the multi-cloud Text-to-Speech technology gives the advantage of finding the best voice and accent that fit your needs. 

To use or not to use Talkia?

As we have described in this Talkia Review, this Text to Speech Software is recommended if you want to download the app.

Despite some of the disadvantages mentioned above, the ability to accurately replicate accents, incorporate pauses and customize voices makes Talkia one of the best tools on the market for text-to-speech conversion.

With it, content creators can realize professional projects with little time and effort.

Whether they are small or large entrepreneurs, with Talkia they can create their audios online.

Incorporating voices to a video makes it more entertaining and attractive, gives it a professional touch that is achieved by customizing content through a humanized voiceover; precisely what any of the packages that Talkia offers you can guarantee.

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