Creating a direct customer relationship with SMS Marketing

Keeping direct contant with the customer now a days is easier than ever.

As almost every person has their own smartphone, the interaction between businesses and users is now a communication of both ways.

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Creating a direct Customer relationship with Sms Marketing
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Why is a two ways communication for businesses important?

It is not to say that flyers and billboards don’t work anymore, but with the rise of modern communication technologies, the consumers have now the possibility to do their research before buying any good.

What it was use to be a one way of communication of businesses, that method it is no longer any working, since users want to be aware of what they are buying will really satisfy their needs.

Users no longer believe what a company says about its product itself. Few businesses probably will outline the disadvantages of their products and services, that will attempt to avoid or hide any negative aspect of themselves.

And this is no true, there are differences between companies, and the users will try to get as much information as possible to really acknowledge themselves and do a conscious purchase.

That is why businesses should aim for a two ways of communication with users, so that they can actually interact and can resolve the users questions and doubts.

The better the businesses educate and nurture their potential customers, the more likely will be that they will stick to their brand.

That is why it has turned important to create content on social media, write blogs, send the newsletter and so on, to add more value to the users. 

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What is SMS marketing?

SMS stands for short message service.

Businesses use SMS marketing to communicate their brands information and promotions to their list of users.

As any other marketing campaigns, the objectives of a SMS marketing campaign are established to create a return on the investment of such campaign.

Some uses of an SMS Marketing campaign could be sell products, create brand awareness, gain customer insight, drive traffic to website, generate leads, and provide support.

Similar to a masive mailing platform, a SMS Marketing could be run also by such platforms that can help to create a campaign.

Advantages of SMS Marketing

Open rates are higher than email marketing.

And as you launch a SMS Campaign, you might notice that the open rates are going to be higher than an email marketing campaigns.

SMS Marketing campaigns are showing up almost a 98% open rate of the messages that are sent.

Let’s explain it this way, even if the user don’t actually reads the message, he gets the notification of a message, checks out from who came the message, and the brand’s name will appear with the first words of the message.

It is also important to keep the communication as natural and not as pushy or spammy. Therefore, it is important to have on your numbers list the permission of the users, this way the open rates will be kept high.

Direct Message

Since the mobile phone is almost a very private and personal gadget, the communication is direct to the owner.

That is why is important to add personalizations to the messages, and keep that communication as a both sided.

Regardless of the objective of the message, with SMS marketing you are sure that you are directing the message to just one person and not to a wide audience.

Low Cost Marketing Alternative

As more and more platforms are offering their services and technology improves, SMS marketing is a low cost solution for businesses.

The implementation of a SMS Marketing campaign is relatively easy that can be started in few time.

What in comparison to printed media, we can also consider SMS marketing as a more sustainable and ecological method of communication.

Builds Customer Engagement

Being creative in a SMS Marketing campaign could also bring the reaction of the users.

The use of Call to Actions will be important to get the desired reaction and engagement of the users.

Even, there are SMS campaigns that are included media formats such as images carousels, where can bring up better user interaction with the message.

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