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Courses to improve digital creativity are a reality, so more and more people are joining online platforms with the intention of finding new passions, or perfecting their already learned skills.

Besides, do you know what Skillshare is, because it may be the platform you need to have the professional evolution, and in your life, that you have been looking for.

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Advantages of online courses for creatives

In itself, the advantages of online courses for creatives could be many, depending on the point of view given to them. However, we have three points that we believe are important to highlight that are the ones that help the most in making the decision to enroll in one of them:

They improve information retention.

The objective to access classes online is that you discover that you will retain the information they have to provide and Holmes and Gardner (2006) have already told us that online courses are the best way to achieve this as it improves the effectiveness of knowledge since it facilitates access to a large amount of information.

They provide the flexibility to choose where and when to learn.

One of the advantages of online learning platforms has to do with the opportunity for the learner to comfortably decide how to fit the lessons into their time and other day-to-day activities.

This makes it much more likely that the student can access classes and complete the entire program, since the reasons for which most students drop out of courses are not really a problem in this learning modality.

Costs are reduced

Among the benefits of online courses it is inevitable not to talk about the costs, and even those for which you have to pay, are much cheaper than enrolling in a physical institution. Apart from all the money that must be invested to get there and other resources.

What is Skillshare?

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Skillshare classes refers to an online learning community where anyone has the opportunity to discover or take classes, and even share their knowledge in the form of teaching.

Skillshare classes’ goal is to close the professional skills gap, and to offer universal access to its users with good quality.

While teaching essential skills for the future, Skillshare platform is empowering people to advance in their professional lives, improving their overall quality of life.

On the Skillshare platform students have the opportunity to interact with teachers and other students through project-based classes, where they are expected to go through the process of what it means to create something.

Skillshare teachers believe that the best way to gain new skills, and expand creativity, is through practice. When you finish a project-based class, aside from learning a new skill, you will always have something great to show others.

Skillshare classes will be a perfect fit for anyone who feels the need to learn new skills, as well as who wants the freedom to explore and discover what they are really passionate about in a safe way and always with quality sources.

Besides, Skillshare platform is a site for everyone, since the level of its classes goes from beginners to experts, having opportunities for those new users who are following what they are curious about, as well as for the experts who already know their area and what they need is to improve in it.

What can you learn at Skillshare?

There are three categories at Skillshare platform, which are create, build and thrive.

You can find here some of the best online entrepreneurship courses and best photoshop courses for beginners.

Skillshare offers courses about animation, creative writing, film & video with apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro beginners courses, fine art, graphic design with apps such as Adobe Illustrator Essentials, music, photography and retouch with Adobe Photoshop Essentials, UI/UX design and Web development under the create category.

With the build category Skillshare offers courses of business analytics, freelance, digital entrepreneurship, leadership, management and marketing.

And for the thrive category the online learning platform has topics related to lifestyle and productivity.

Advantages of Skillshare

Now that you know a little more about what this Skillshare online platform is, let’s talk about the advantages of Skillshare classes, because many people still ignore the benefits that websites like this can bring to their professional life, and thus improve any aspect of it:

It is a platform with excellent instructors

There are many Platforms that offer free courses. There are many, there is no doubt about that. But excellence is handled less than we would like to admit. And, in this case, you can be sure that every class you take is of the quality you deserve.

Everyone has the opportunity to upload a standardized course to the platform.

Of course, the advantages of Skillshare classes extend to those people who have knowledge to share. If a quality course is created, it can be uploaded to the platform so that any interested user can take advantage of it.

There is a lot of free content, and that does not compromise the quality of the content.

There is a tendency to think that free content is not as good as paid content, but in Skillshare classes you will find that their free courses are just as good quality, and the content in them (videos and more) will also be excellent.

You can share what you have done with other members of the community.

One of the benefits that Skillshare offers is the fact that, once the course is finished, it gives the user the possibility to share the projects they have done with other members of the same community.

The web design is interactive

Having interactive platforms such Skillshare online, is of utmost importance, as this will help even those people who do not have much technological knowledge to interact with the web in a fluid way, making the most of all its functions.

Its prices are economical enough to save money.

Another of Skillshare classes’ advantages is the fact that if we have to compare their prices with other similar learning platforms we will realize that the costs of their free courses are much lower, which makes them more accessible.

Their agreements help their users to have attractive content.

We know that, in some courses, to carry out the projects, you will need natural resources. And in this case, for example, Skillshare has agreements with platforms such as Shutterstock and Squarespace, where they have attractive discounts to use them.

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