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In Mexico, different institutions, public and / or private, are driving entrepreneurship, since the creation of new businesses generates different benefits. Not only for the creation of wealth, but also to start a business is a way to solve problems and needs. But more than an impulse that is given by an external agent, which is also important and facilitates the process, the reason that motivates an entrepreneur is what will make the person act. In this post I share some of the reasons to start a business that I believe are the main drivers of future entrepreneurs.


1. Family

Many stories I know of small and large businesses have started with the need for the founders to find a living support for their family. The need and the urgency to find a source of income could lead different entrepreneurs to look for any option to create a business. Time, effort and work have surely led these entrepreneurs to build different types of organizations that, in addition to meeting those needs they were looking for, also achieved other important aspects.
For some, the family, no matter what type it is, becomes a strong motivation. The family is the first group where an individual belongs. Although there are societies that tend to be individualists or collectivists, the family will always be present, either he or she gets along with them or not. So if for the entrepreneur the family is a vital element, he will surely find greater motivation in them to seek a solution to their problems.

2. Lifestyle

Another reason to be an entrepreneur may be the pursuit of a different lifestyle. Here you could divide into different categories of lifestyles. By lifestyle could be from the search for more time dedicated to something of their own, a social status, an amount of money, what surrounds the business environment or the activities carried out. There may be many people who motivated to have the opportunity to be constantly traveling. Like my friend Dror Liebenthal, who in his article tells us how he has worked full time and continues to travel. Or maybe there are other people who do not like their current job and decide to start a business to be their own boss.

No, it is not easy to start a business. For some the opportunities may be more viable than for others. But if one wants to change the current state in which one is, it may be enough motivation to seek to develop a business that allows the person to get what they want.

3. Support the Community

Finally, there are entrepreneurs who can easily detect the needs of the markets. Knowing their communities and knowing what affects them or what could be improved, gives them the opportunity to know what they could be offered. Whether it is a traditional entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship, the entrepreneur is motivated by the knowledge that he can find the answer to that problem or social need.

There are entrepreneurs who fall in love with their project, because they are convinced that they are solving a real market need. And even if they are presented with difficult moments, the entrepreneur must be intelligent to jump the obstacles to continue with his purpose.