5 Important SEO factors things to consider when creating a website

There are different  aspects to consider when deciding to build a website for your business.

And some of those are the important SEO factors that should also be considered at the beginning of the process.

Keep reading to learn more about it.

Important SEO factors things to consider when creating a website
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A pretty website is not enough.

And might be this idea that for businesses and entrepreneurs you have to start by having a website.

If you don’t have a website, then you are not a professional business.

And more less this might be true. There is no doubt that being online now, opens businesses a whole world of opportunities.

But developing a website just to have the core business information, is just the beginning.

A well designed website also needs to have a SEO strategy that will be further developed to gain organic traffic, and eventually more business.

5 Important SEO Factors

These are some important SEO factors that you can take into account and consider so that you can see an improvement on the positioning of your site.

1. SEO Analysis

Before starting or even considering the name of the business, it should also be taken into account to do a SEO analysis.

Why? Because, along with thinking on a catchy name, or if it is also posible to register the brand’s name, it should also te be sure if the domain is available.

Also, it will be suggested to get an easy to write domain, because numbers and hyphens might be seen good in the brand, but probably they might not be really comfortable to write.

As well, the business itself should consider what could be top themes that are related to their products or services.

This is recommended, because it can help to build up a content marketing strategy along their SEO strategy, and further develop content that will help the business to rank for different keywords.

Keyword analysis will help up to guide the content marketing strategy towards keywords that are really searchable.


2. Basic SEO On-Page

It is easier to a project with order than trying to reorganize a mess while it is already a big website.

Websites that were built up without SEO in mind, there might be easy mistakes that could have been avoided at the beginning.

SEO On-Page could be some of the easiest parts of SEO, since it is where the businesses have actual control on it, opposite as the Off-Page strategies.

It is important to have the proper titles structures with their H1, H2, H3, etc. 

As well, don’t forget to set an appealing title and description for the meta data that will increase the probabilities of being clicked on search results.

And don’t forget to add your keyword on the URL.

3. Website Structure

Having a proper website structure will help crawlers to easily understand how the information is organized.

As previously mentioned, if you already have your main topics organized, it will be easier to add the pages and posts that go according to the category.

Internal linking is also suggested to be done between related pages so that they are identified as cluster that talk about a related theme.

4. Content Creation

One you have done your keyword reasearch and website structure, it is time to work on your content.

As previously mentioned, the On-page SEO is important, not just for website crawlers, but also for readers.

Don’t forget that you are not just writing for search engines, you are writing specially for your visitors, therefore try to keep your content with sense.

Stuffing keywords inside the content might not be a good idea, it might be better to aim for long content format, this way you have more chances to mention your keyword inside your piece of content.

5. Speed Optimization

As it has become more relevant in the recent times, website speed should also be optimized for SEO.

Now that Google is giving more importance to their Core Web Vitals metrics, your website should also must fulfill this.

Therefore, take care of image optimization, unnecessary extra code or a slow hosting.

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Try it by yourself or talk with experts!

If SEO sounds complicated for you, or if you are trying for yourself and you are not obtaining your desired results, then it might be time to contact some experts.

For example, Alta Rank SEO agency specializes in organic traffic and website development with SEO fundamentals.

There are plenty of agencies that might help with some areas of your websites, but it is important that they have the experience with SEO.

At the end, what matters is that you are partnering with someone you can rely with and eventually get results.

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