HyperX Quadcast Review | Best microphone for podcasts and videos


Learn in this HyperX Quadcast Review why it is the best microphone for podcasts and videos; especially if you like to record songs or simply expose your opinion during a videoconference.

The sound is essential to communicate in social networks or through online radio stations, all of them allow you to transmit information that must be perceived with clarity and for that you need to invest in a good equipment. 

HyperX Quadcast Review of the best microphone for podcasts and videos
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What is HyperX Quadcast?

It is a standalone microphone, equipped with all the essential functions to meet the needs of content creators or aspiring streamers and podcasters.

With it you can not only broadcast live, but also record a program and then upload it to your favorite platform.

Mixing your created audio from the HyperX Quadcast with some of the best music for podcast and videos, you can for sure generate high quality content.

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HyperX Quadcast Description

HyperX Quadcast has an anti-vibration mount to reduce the influence of ambient noise, and includes a pop filter to dampen explosive sounds.

To know go more in detail in this HyperX Quadcast Review, this USB condenser microphone for PC, PS4 and Mac, is equipped with the following features:

HyperX Quadcast Review of Pros and Cons

We can say in this HyperX Quadcast Review is one of the most complete microphones on the market today, specially designed for professional content creators looking for clarity and quality in each of its transmissions; while on the other hand save time and money, avoiding having to record several times the same project.

It is an excellent piece of equipment if you work from home or want to use it as part of your online education; its wide and practical functionality allows you to mute it with just one touch during a conference call or stop a recording whenever you want.


It is a microphone with an attractive design, backed by the HyperX brand, which is the highest performance division of the company Kingston Technology, world renowned for manufacturing high quality memories, including in recent years other products such as this equipment for podcasts, streaming, games and video.

As part of its advantages, the following are highlighted:

Elegant and practical design, implementing the black and red color combination that is very popular among gaming and streamer lovers.

Elastic anti-vibration suspension system, which prevents the incidence of accidental noise or shock while you are recording or streaming online.

Four different polar patterns that increase the functionality of this equipment. For example, if you use the standard one, the sound is picked up on the sides of the microphone; with the cardioid one, the front sensitivity is increased and the rear sensitivity is reduced; the bidirectional one receives it from both sides; and with the omnidirectional one, you pick up the audio coming from any area in the environment.

Quick mute sensor located on the top of the HyperX Quadcast for easy activation; with LED power indicator, you recognize that the microphone is muted when the LED is off.

Universal stand compatible mounting adapter; however a table stand is included so you can use it as is.

3.5mm jack plug with which you can plug in your headphones and directly control the microphone.

Excellent sound quality, thanks to its Electret condensers and internal pop filter, which considerably reduces any kind of percussion noise.


The HyperX Quadcast microphone has been certified by Discord and TeamSpeak, guaranteeing a loud and clear sound, so that it will be heard perfectly by all your listeners. It is difficult to state negative things in this HyperX Quadcast Review, but as a disadvantage it should be mentioned that its price is not accessible to many budgets.

However, it is an investment according to its quality and the benefits you will get when making your recordings, avoiding wasted time in re-recordings or that the sound does not have the necessary clarity to be understood by the audience to which it is addressed.

The HyperX Quadcast is one of the most complete microphones for content creators, combining perfect acoustic pressure, sensitivity, fidelity, impedance, directivity and noise control to get in front of it and create videos accompanied by a captivating sound background.

All those fans of uploading podcasts to the web or simply any user who wants to create a professional video, record a song, make an online conference or communicate through social networks, with the HyperX Quadcast will ensure that your voice is pleasing to the ear and each of his words have the original sense with which they are pronounced.

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