How to start a travel blog

Can you imagine making money by traveling?

This is possible through travel blogging, but it is very important that you know how to start a travel blog, where you can write and tell the information that all travelers like you want to know.

Making a travel blog and making money can be complicated at first, but it is necessary to have patience and the necessary tools to see results.

Being a blogger and starting a travel blog can be the ideal opportunity to become financially independent while you pack your bags and go around the world.

To do this you must know the structure of a travel blog, in addition to knowing what to publish and see examples of travel blogs to start your own.

How to start a travel blog
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Why make a travel blog?

What can be the reason to leave everything and start a travel blog? Normally the decision to create a travel blog, arises due to the need for a change of life, document the experiences and lessons learned while travelling, plus an opportunity for economic stability doing what the person likes.

Bloggers are usually people who love writing, social networks and spaces to express themselves through words, either with Podcast, post or audiovisual material.

So why make a travel blog? There are many advantages to be had when starting a travel blog, but it is important to understand that results can take time to appear and that it is a constant and hard work to maintain. With a travel blog as a steady job, you can get the following benefits:

These are a few general advantages of creating a travel blog and starting a travel blogger. But what does it take to start a travel blog? Find out in the following sections.

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WordPress for travel blog

To start creating a blog, it is very important to have a basic idea of how you want the design and structure of a travel blog, For this, there are pages and applications that can be very helpful to get the best presentation for your website.

WordPress is known as one of the most used platforms for creating blogs.

Blogging is not as expensive as it sounds, and it can also be for free or with minimum costs.

To start your travel blog, you can use the free version of, or you can use more technical stuff like getting a domain and hosting for WordPress.

After the installation, it is recommended to locate the templates for travel blogs and choose the one that best suits your needs.

It is very important not to choose the design of the page taking into account only the appearance, since the amount of information that can be seen in the foreground of the page is also a point to attract the attention of users.

Basic data and interesting elements should be found on the home page and that is what should be taken into account when choosing the WordPress template.

There are WordPress templates that can be quite simple but with the information and structure for the travel blog you need. To be a good travel blog it is not necessary to be extremely flashy and with little information.

Further we show in the video how to start a travel blog in WordPress for free.

Choosing to build your own travel blog

If you prefer to have more features and be able to add plugins that the free is not capable of, then you can start with the basics.

To have an own WordPress travel blog it will be required as previously mentioned a domain name and a hosting.

Having a Travel blog in WordPress with your own domain and hosting is not complicated once it is set up, and further we will explain more about it.

Domain for travel blogs

One of the main steps to create a travel blog is to choose a name and register the domain.

Domains are not free, so buying one is a very important decision that should be considered and consulted before taking the big step. 

Namecheap is a website that offers, as it name says, cheap domain names.

To choose a domain name for travel blogs, you can take into account the following elements.

Remember that the domain does not necessarily have to be “” it can be “.org” or “.mx” and that it is very important to verify that it is not registered by anyone else. Registering your domain should be the first step to ensure a good start for your travel blog.

Hosting for travel blogs

Having an ideal hosting for your web page does not have to become a big stress, since nowadays Hosting for travel blogs have much more fame than a few years before and you can find all kinds on the internet, but there are usually some that are the most recommended to start your travel blog.

What do you need to check to choose a good travel blog host? Because of the amount of Hosting that you can currently find on the internet, it is important that you take into account the features to check and be able to compare:

Try the following travel blog hosting and choose the one that best suits your needs, based on the elements we have described above. Remember that many times the savings you make in investment may cost you more in the future.

Create your travel blog, taking into account the best design platform and the ideal blog hosting to become a travel blogger.

Remember that the difference between a professional travel blog and a space that serves as a travel diary is what you are willing to invest.

Having the best platform, domain or hosting, will be the best investment you can make to start your travel blog, remembering that over time you will be able to recover that investment and perhaps double it thanks to the dedicated effort.

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