How to do an infographic with Canva for free.

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how to do an infographic in canva

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How to do an Infographic with Canva for Free.

As I started in Digital Marketing, one special issue that I realize was that most of the WordPress, and in general, all website, use images and graphic designs.

The challenges that I faced early in 2015 was that, 1. I don’t have the money to hire a designer for my own hobby project, and 2. I had a bit skill of Adobe Creative Cloud softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and so on.

I don’t consider myself a really good creative. Creating a good image from scratch needs time and skill. Time that I don’t dedicate, and skills that I don’t have. I would say.

Up in the recent years, the growth of many web apps has brought many solutions. One of those was Canva.

Canva has turn out the tool for all those people who are not designers. Canva has made really easy and simplified the process of creating images for different kind of needs. So I learned how to use Canva.

When I was looking for a student job in Germany, I found a job posting that was searching for someone in digital marketing with knowledge on blogging, social media and content creation, plus the german language requirement was not a must. It seem to be perfect for me. I could combine studies and work in Germany in english! That sounds perfect, it was perfect. 

The years that I was learning how to blog were preparing myself for my future job. And in those years I learned eventually also to create visual content. So as I started working, I was not completely clueless of what do I had to do. 

I got the instructions and hands on the different projects. One of those projects required Infographic creation. 

When we talk about data visualization in the B2B industry, it is a big deal. Decision makers have to be able to read the information fast, as a colleague says, snackable content, and Infographics are a big content tool to catch the eye of the audience. 

In the following content it will be described how to do an infographic with Canva for free. I hope it helps to those non designers who are looking to solve their content creation questions.


Canva helps you to make infographics.

Canva is one of the biggest and most wonderful tools that have been launched into the world of graphic design. Since it is an option that has had the ability to adapt to each of the needs they offer.

Sometimes one of the most unexpected things we find in our work, our studies or even in the same daily life regardless of where we are, is being able to explain to someone any kind of complex information.

The best way to explain to someone, whether it is a person, a group, or a huge amount of individuals, is to understand and explain a subject through infographics.

In this article we will give you the opportunity to know everything you need to know about infographics, how to create them, and how Canva creates infographics with an excellent design and a huge quality.

We will start first by asking ourselves…

What is an Infographic?

The concept of infographics tells us that it is the discipline in charge of creating visual diagrams.

These visual diagrams are known as; infographics, and its objective is to summarize and explain in a simple and easy way any subject that has a considerable complexity.

Let’s take into account that infographics are mostly applied when it is required to explain a subject to people who do not belong to a specific community or who have not all had access to the same education and have different ways of capturing information.

An infographic illustration is added for explanatory purposes, in order to make some subject understood, or to express an opinion. It is also defined as the combination of letters, images, drawings and messages to make an explanation easier.

Characteristics of an Infographic.

Every designer who is planning the creation of infographic material must take into account that the infographics must be eye-catching and inclined towards the structure of a news item.

It must be something new and eye-catching. It must be a simpler version of an informative article, and it must answer the questions of: what, who, how, when and why.

The infographics must give full and accurate information, without rounding up and going straight to the point you want to give.

It must have simple language so that it becomes understandable to all, usually the words are used to make it easier for most people to use it.

The information has to be as up to date as possible, although the trends of the moment is not a requirement (unless it is periodic infographics) we must be aware of the current conditions regarding the topic we are reporting.

It has to show empathy towards the readers, so their reading will feel more comfortable, and the material will have a pleasant recognition towards the community where it wants to arrive.

The writings must be shaped in an order based on typographies so that the same reading is more understandable, more close and even facilitate the understanding of the subject due to its way of capturing the attention of others.

The drawings must have a simple meaning but at the same time they must show the situation related to the topic that is being explained.

In many cases it is highly recommended that the infographic respects aesthetic standards, especially if you want to receive more assignments or increase the number of hires.

The infographics should not present any spelling mistakes, as well as the topics should be clear, the messages precise and the whole scheme should make sense so that it is not a mismatch.

In the infographic illustration we combine drawings based on the theme to be explained, in this way, we help the spectators to capture their attention in a more focused and direct way, and thus the infographic fulfills its main objective: to make an idea or a theme understood.

Enhance your infographics with Canva.

Now that we have been talking before about the wonderful tool that Canva has become, we must emphasize and answer the question of “How to do an Infographic with Canva for free?”. 

As we know, Canva is a tool designed for the creation of all kinds of visual material, this includes precisely the development of computer graphics, whether for educational, professional or personal purposes, Canva helps us and facilitates much in the realization of this material.

We began by saying that Canva has a large number of templates that facilitates our work, but also gives us the option of giving us a free space for us to make our structures.

Canva also tells us if the text we are writing has any errors, so we can improve the content and make sense of it.

Canva is also able to adapt to the language in which we are writing, thus facilitating us in creating a relationship with the viewers.

The fonts that Canva offers us are in a wide number of classes, so we can choose which ones are more adapted to our computer graphics and which ones fit more with the message we want to transmit.

It is important that the message is subtle and not forced.

The message has to look nice for the people we want our scheme to be addressed, this means that we have to be delicate about the typography and the message we write with it.

Take into account that if the objective of infographics is to explain a subject, and if with our infographic our subject is not understood, then we do not fulfill our objective.

Canva also offers you a combination of colors that suits to make the message look much more pleasant, and contributes to the call of attention of the viewers, this combination of colors can also benefit the illustrations that we have made, so that everything fits in the same way.

Whatever your task is, Canva’s goal is for you to accomplish it, which is why many recommend it as the best digital design tool.

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