How to create a certificate with Canva.

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How to create a certificate with Canva

Carlos' Opinion -
How to create a Certificate?

There has been a lot of controversy lately, when Elon Musk established that a degree is not required to work at Tesla. Or that colleges are for fun.

And the funny things of statements like this is that many people might consider that or take it as, we don’t need school ot we don’t need universities.

And honestly, I got that point, because it is true.

A degree or certificate, doesn’t assure me that a person will have the skills I am looking for for my company. 

So am I defending or on Elon Musk side?

Yes. Then what is the value of certificates?

Well, there is already a “learning system” established all around the world.

If you are out of that system, are you wrong? Well, depends in how you measure success for yourself.

But how can someone who holds 2 bachelor degrees and 2 master degrees be on Elon Musk side?

As easy as saying that, the real value of being at a certain university for me is and has been the people I have met at those institutions.

Yes, during college and even master program, the time spent with classmates has been to bond and learn from each other.

Also, when professors teach their own experiences, and not just what the book says, I learn from how they solved their problems.

After 7 years that I graduated from college, I don’t remember too much theory I learned, but I do remember and keep contact from the people I met. 

So what is the real value that you are giving to a certificate? I take it as the belonging of a community.

And for me, online school is just not really helpful.

I enjoyed during school to be surrounded by people, because on those 5 minutes talks, I learned more from my classmates life.

And now that you can achieve to get any certificate online, you are not getting the real value of universities. 

Certificates are just a sign of finishing or completing a program, but certainly it doesn’t proof the person’s skill for a certain task.

And I take it from my mother’s story. She only got a junior high school, with grades that are around 7 (on a scale to 10) and she built a furniture business that is still running after 35 years.

So what is success in terms of this school system? Collecting certificates, achieving grades? Or actually taking the real value that universities offer, the people, I will say.

In this article, the redaction team shows you how easy is to create a certificate online.

Anyone can create a certificate with Canva, add the institutional stamps and add the participants name.

You can basically can learn anything you want online and for free. It is just a matter of fact of researching.

So have this in mind when you are creating your certificate. What is the real value that you are giving to your students?

What are they actually taking home?


What is a Certificate?

Every achievement has its reward, and when we are preparing ourselves in any discipline we have two achievements in common; to obtain the best possible knowledge, and to be able to acquire a certificate.

The certificate in a discipline is paramount, this is the proof of the effort we have given in the passage of the path, and at the same time is the sign that we have fulfilled the requirements obtained to excellence in order to become experts in any trade.

Canva being such a multifunctional tool, offers us the opportunity to create a certificate, this is ideal for institutions that wish to perfect the degree material of their students.

In this article we will show you all about certificates, how Canva helps in the creation of certificates, and why Canva suits you best for this type of work.

What is a certificate?

A certificate is a form of administrative origin that is used to give confirmation of a certain fact.

It is the legal proof that applies to any request one wishes to make.

In the student academic field, certificates play a fundamental role since they are the proof and evidence that the student has fully complied with the requirements of the institution and that he/she is qualified to perform some trade, or to confirm that he/she has obtained certain knowledge.

With an academic certification we might get a good job.

Or it would be just a proof of a completed course.

Also in a company or organization where we provide our services, we can receive a certificate either for our performance, for any relevant achievement obtained, or for any task assigned.

This can serve us later when we need to look for another job, or if we want to make a claim.

What is the importance of a certificate?

A certificate is a fundamental piece for most of the legal transactions that an individual wants to make.

Others would be to move up the ranks in a professional career, where a certificate of excellence from a previous job is requested.

To apply for a another scholar position, it is usually one of the main requirements that people present among their curricular documents.

To continue with the studies in a university they also ask for the same title of baccalaureate and/or certified grades, and even a certificate of some occupation or trade outside our profession can become very useful since we can exercise this skill in our work environment.

It is very often seen in people who have a certificate in languages, hygiene and occupational safety, public speaking and communication or food handling.

Just as it can be very important for a person to have a certificate, for an institution it is essential to deliver a certificate that has a legal or governmental approval, since it allows to get to know the internal processes, giving possibilities of improvement in the performance of the certified person.

How does Canva helps you to do a Certificate?

1. Choose a template.

This part is essential since professionalism will be reflected here, Canva offers you multiple templates so you can find the one that best suits you.

2. Design a template (in case the first step does not happen).

It is here where you can carry out the design that your certificate will have, remember that a pre-school certificate will hardly have a design similar to that of a military institute.

It all depends on the type of training you are offering and the image of your institution.

3. Enter the institution's data.

Very important, this is where we will get credit as the institution that gave the knowledge to the recent graduate.

4. Verify that participant data is added correctly.

Make sure that the participant’s information is set properly.

Usually there are spelling mistakes on the names.

5. Enter the code established by credited institute.

This code is the one that will give validity to the certificate, and the one that confirms that the information is correct.

This avoids plagiarism or intellectual appropriation.

6. Recheck and print.

Give back again a check to the certificate to validate that all the information is correct, and then proceed to print.

7. Sign, seal and deliver.

This is signed by the management and teaching staff and stamped with the institution’s seal.

What are the types of Certificates?

There are multiple ways to define the classification of a certificate, this depends a lot on the laws of each country, however in this list we will give you a generalized classification so that you will have previous knowledge on the subject.

1. Preschool certificate.

This is the certification that has achieved the overcoming of the basic practices established by a kinder institution, generally given to children between 3 and 6 years of age.

At this level, infants must learn basic study issues such as learning to hold a pencil, coloring without going out of line, writing legibly, main values of education, among others.

2. Certificate of primary education.

This is the stage where children move from pre-school to more advanced studies where they are taught to read, write, analyze, solve mathematical operations, as well as other basic lessons such as good behavior, responsibility and day-to-day values.

3. Certificate of general secondary education & high school.

This is the certificate that shows us to the state as people with a mid-education, that we have knowledge in different areas, and that we are already able to train for a career and for any other training.

This certificate is usually requested in some jobs, since the knowledge of mid-school can be enough for some jobs, although these jobs are not of good pay, and do not require special skills.

4. University certificate.

This is the certificate that, as its name says, is obtained after having complied with the rules of a university.

With this certificate we give to understand that we have finished a university career, and that we are in conditions to exercise a position of great importance, that a company can trust us to assign us a task, or the state can trust us to start our own business movements.

5. Side career certificates.

This is delivered in a period of time shorter than college, and gives you the basic knowledge of some occupation.

6. Certificate without governmental value.

It is a certificate with an affective intent, usually given as a card or gift, has no legal value and does not belong to any state-approved occupation.

For the elaboration of certificates it is of utmost importance that you know what type of recognition you want to give, only then Canva will help you create a design that represents the institution, and that guarantees professionalism to the participants.

Just be aware of what you want, and Canva will help you achieve it.

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