Google Pixel 3a Camera Review


Today many people are still questioning the features of the Google Pixel 3a camera, and whether this will be a device capable of living up to the use they expect to make of it should they buy it.

Read on for more details and image samples in this Google Pixel 3a camera review to help you find out if, for you, it’s worth it.

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Google Pixel 3a Camera

The Google Pixel 3a camera is unique in its part will bring, and it features 12.2 MP, an f/18 aperture lens and a focus that works through phase detection with dual pixel technology.

Apart from this, its lens also features optical image stabilization.

Of course, all its modes will have to be put to the test depending on your needs. But you could say that this device brings a good look when it comes to documenting our days.

You just have to try it out at different times of the day to realize what a good job it does.

Following up this Google Pixel 3a camera review, some image and video examples.

Google Pixel 3a Camera Image Gallery

Bisbee Google Pixel 3a
Bisbee, Az
Chichen Itza Google Pixel 3a
Chichen Itza
Cozumel Google Pixel 3a
Eibsee Google Pixel 3a
Los Cabos Google Pixel 3a
Los Cabos
Neckar River Heilbronn Google Pixel 3a
Neckar River Heilbronn
Houses Google Pixel 3a
Selfie Google Pixel 3a
Cake Google Pixel 3a
Food Google Pixel 3a
Mexican Food Google Pixel 3a
Mexican Food
Cancun Google Pixel 3a
Panorama Picture Google Pixel 3a
Panorama Picture

Google Pixel 3a Camera Night Sight & Portrait Mode

Christmas Tree Night Sight Google Pixel 3a
Christmas Tree Night Sight
Dia de los Muertos Google Pixel 3a
Dia de los Muertos
Night Sight Ducks Google Pixel 3a
Night Sight Ducks
Night Sight Moon Google Pixel 3a
Night Sight Moon
Los Cabos Night Sight Google Pixel 3a
Los Cabos Night Sight
Chihuahua Night Sight Google Pixel 3a
Chihuahua Night Sight
Portrait Portrait Google Pixel 3a
Cat Portrait Google Pixel 3a
Cat Portrait
Cat Close Up Portrait Google Pixel 3a
Cat Close Up Portrait
Food Portrait Google Pixel 3a
Food Portrait

Google Pixel 3a Camera Video

Is the Google Pixel 3a still worth it in 2022?

First of all, let’s keep in mind that this is a lower mid-range device, which means that the features of the Google Pixel 3a will serve anyone who does not need to have such a powerful and complete cell phone.

It will be of great use especially for those people who know that they will give it the typical use of placing in contact, download applications such as social networks and maybe a couple of games, and that will not be dedicated to take pictures under some professional standard.

The operating system it uses has not become obsolete either, so it is a good point in its favor to keep it in mind as a viable option. And its price makes the relationship with quality more and more noticeable. It’s just a matter of assessing the buyer’s needs.

Price per Value

Google Pixel 3a can be found in ebay for $99 refurbished. Even though, acquiring this Google phone for under $300 is a great deal, since the camera and the battery worth it.

Ease of Use

Google Pixel 3a updated is running in Android 11. For all Android users, this operative system is a friendly user one. Google Pixel 3a also has squeeze sensors in case reactions are needed.

Google Pixel 3a Camera

DXOMark has ranked Google's cameras on top performers.


Google Pixel 3a Battery has 3,000mAh and in comparison to its predecessors, it last better in the run. As new phones are coming up, Google Pixel 3a is still in the range of phones with good battery.


Frequently Asked Questions
Google Pixel 3a

After almost 2 years of using the Google Pixel 3a, I consider it a better phone than its predecessors. The Google Pixel 3a has a better battery that lasts longer and the camera takes good shots also for 2021.

If you are on a budget, the Google Pixel 3a is one worthwile phone to get.

Since its launch has been couple years ago, the price have dropped down, making it more affordable and it naturally worth its features.

Google Pixel 3a will have guaranteed updates until May 2022.

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