What is Google My Business and how does it work?

Do you know what Google My Business is and how it works? Nowadays there are many tools with interesting functions that can help us to position our business faster and get an advantage that perhaps the competition does not know.

One of these online tools is Google My Business, helping you in many functions on the Internet. Discover below how it works and everything it can help you nowadays.

What is Google My Business and how does it work
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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a very useful tool of the company Google for many functions that can be very useful for your small business as well as for large ones. 

There are many functions of Google My Business, where we can prioritize:

Locate your business on Google Maps: If someone interested in a fast food restaurant, for example and is near your business, Google can recommend the location of the restaurant and more useful information for him. 

Reviews: Many people around the world read reviews of a restaurant or a service before ordering it, they see the positive and negative aspects to know if it is what they are looking for. Google My Business can show these reviews in one click and the number of comments. 

Stars: The number of stars for a service or product quickly indicates how good or bad it may be. This information can be viewed by any interested party looking for your business and will surely opt for yours if they have good recommendations.

More information: The whole interface offers a lot of information to the interested party in a short time, such as the opening and closing time or if it is currently open (it works 24 hours a day).

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Why should small businesses use Google My Business?

Did you know that worldwide, more than 4 million searches are performed on Google every minute? Therefore, if a person wants to find a store that seeks to meet their needs, they will most likely search for it on Google. 

This tool can help you attract more customers and position you according to the products and services offered by your business, gaining a greater advantage. 

Bill Gates once said: “If your business is not on the Internet, then it doesn’t exist” describing the great potential that exists today on the Internet and that is growing every day.

Other benefits of using Google My Business

Position your business on the internet: If a person interested in shoes searches, for example, “red nike shoes” and is nearby, he or she will surely recommend your store or stores with more recommendations, stars and comments.

Receive customer feedback: How do users search for your business on the networks? What exact words do they use? This is information you can collect to improve your presence on the networks or on the web. 

Ability to respond to users: Reviews on Google My Business can be responded to, even negative ones, where you can offer them a better service or some offer to change their review. Everyone has a bad day. 

Virtual tour: Currently the user can take a digital tour of your business through their cell phone or device, this way they can see everything they will find and if it is the right place for their meeting, lunch or just visit, being one of the best features of Google My Business that will surely improve with Oculus.

Show the best you offer: users can see pictures, videos and all the audiovisual content you want to expose to know what you offer, here you can capture attention and create interest.

Send or receive direct messages: Interested parties or web users can contact you, either to know the menu or ask if a product or service is still available at the same price. 

You can create events by this means: People interested or who have already visited your business, will receive a notification when you make an event. This is ideal if you want to get more out of it and get a better receptivity from them.

How does Google My Business work?

Contemporary technology help my business develop

The operation of Google My Business is simple, just follow the following steps to sign up.

The first thing you must do is to have a Google account, simply create a specific email for your business (especially not to confuse personal emails with business emails). 

Next you must access this link, if you are not logged out you will already be connected to your Google account, if not log in.
Now fill in all the fields specified in the form, keep in mind that you must be attentive to all of them, because a mistake, for example, in the address can affect users can find you. 

Click continue once you have filled in all the fields and you are sure that the information is correct.

Google will ask you to fill in additional information that will be of great help to manage your business through this medium.
The last thing is to verify your account, this is important for users to be sure at all times.

It is a good idea that you now proceed with a good configuration of Google My Business to maximize results in less time.


Tips for a good Google My Business configuration

What you should prioritize is a complete profile, using all the details of your product and service.

Now describe your product or service (we recommend using the right keywords).

If it is a physical business, add a virtual tour. No doubt this is a good option for interested parties, especially now that better visual interactions are coming with Zuckerberg’s Oculus and Meta. 

Answer or generate interactions with users both in reviews and direct messages, this will indicate to the algorithm that you are attentive and use this platform, where it will recommend you for your good attention.

Keep the information updated either by a new product, service, remodeling and everything about the business.

Add a website, social networks and all the information you think is relevant to users, even if you don’t believe it all counts. 

If you have any questions about what is Google My Business and how it works, you can leave it in the comments and we will respond as soon as possible to help you with your request.

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