Envato Elements vs Canva vs Placeit

Envato elements vs canva vs placeit
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Envato Elements vs Canva vs PlaceIT.

Visual content creation needs time, and marketers and designers know that.

That is why we search for websites that can be a support to create content. 

There is no perfect solution to create content, original self created content by artists might be out of the budgets of people. 

Or also marketing teams have to deal with limited budgets that creating amazing content seem to be an impossible mission.

Therefore, sometimes it is required to look for creative alternatives that give a faster and accesible solution to those challenges.

The options that I have been mentioning are the use of Envato Elements and similar platforms to create visual content.

From Storyblocks, to Shutterstock, to Freepik, those have been solutions to access digital assets.

But now comparing Envato Elements vs Canva vs Placeit, are they worth it?

For whom it is meant to be Envato Elements when you compare it with Canva or Placeit.

Envato, released Placeit as their online creative solution, where it is supposed to be easier to use the different assets that Envato owns.

But in my shor test of Placeit, I was not really convinced to use it, when we talk about creating content direct from an online tool.

If I think about Canva vs Placeit, the most known tool for non designers has the win.

Canva has been improving and adding more features to its tool.

Placeit seem to be more focused for Mockups, but I do think that when designing a Mockup it might be better to use Illustrator, and in that case, it might be better to use the Envato Elements templates.

So which of those platforms are the best for content creation for non designers.

Well, quick and real answer is Canva.

Even Canva is adding Video templates that might be a good and easy solution.

I have been critized for a video tutorial that I created about how to use an after effects template from Envato Elements, and honestly, I do prefer fast and direct content, and that video might have been 3 to 4 hours long.

So if people are going to Envato Elements without any knowledge of After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, they might be lost. Since it is required a minimum of knowledge to really take advantage of those digital assets.

So as a summary, avoid Placeit, go for Canva if you are non Video or Design expert and use Envato Elements if you want to save costs and are intermediate user.

Also there is MonsterOne, another digital asset subscription option that I will talk about in future posts.


Envato Elements vs Canva.

We’ve been talking for a while now about the potential that Envato Elements has, but if this is the first time you’re looking into the subject, we’ll tell you that Envato Elements is an incredible tool for design and creation of visual material, when we talk about visual material, we mean images, flyers, posters, videos, GIFs, logos and so on. It is a fantastic tool that you should definitely try.

Just as it is a good tool, there are also others that stand out in the list, among them is Canva.

Now in this article, we will take the time to inform you about what Canva is, and everything you need to know about this tool, in order to make a comparison with Envato Elements, so that you can see which one suits you best.

What is Canva?

Canva is a tool which is used to design images, flyers, posters and various forms of expression through images and videos.

It is a platform that is characterized by its simplicity, in the same way that delivers good quality work and that leave its users satisfied.

Canva is oriented for both professionals and novices in graphic design.

It is worth mentioning that Canva is the name given to the free version, while the Premium version is Canva Pro.

Both are equally used by many people throughout the world.

The differences between Canva and Canva Pro, is that the free version is limited, while the Premium version has more options, and gives more freedom of creation, giving all rights to the user, and offering a wider variety of products and services.

Canva is available both on its website and its mobile application, however, by the opinion of its many users, an analysis has been made that concludes that Canva is more used through the website, probably because of the custom of the pioneers in this tool.

The company is originally from Australia, and was created in early 2013.

Many people chose it precisely because of its simplicity, since at that time there were only computer programs that required a much more advanced study, plus it took up too much space.

With the arrival of Canva, the task of creating and editing photos was facilitated in multiple ways, and later, a huge wave of applications came out with a similar mechanism to the one Canva has been offering.

This design tool helps you make various types of materials, among them we have flyers, advertising posters, stories and posts for social networks like Facebook, Instagram and others, short and medium-length videos, as well as classic and animated logo design.

Probably for a designer who already has a background in his profession, this will not seem anything new, but for a person who is completely blank, hearing about the possibility of doing these projects in a few clicks can be something surprising and also novel.

Canva offers a large number of templates, and with Canva Pro they multiply, this helps a lot in creating and also giving ideas to the user.

By creating posts for Facebook, we will see designs that go according to the social network, all located and accompanied by a color palette created by the same professionals who work for Canva.

Of course, Canva allows us to modify the templates to our preference, since the most important thing is that we can find the results that best suit our preferences and needs.

As well as offering us templates, it also offers us a set size for each classification, so we don’t have to worry too much about the measurements.

It even allows us to create our own creation from scratch, with the measurements already used.

To create a flyer, we can count on an extensive color palette, and typographies of all kinds that will help us for the realization, with this our message can be better used, and better understood.

The free version brings an extensive amount of images that we can use, the problem is that some images have to be paid.

Now lets mention a bit about its Premium version, it has no limits or restrictions, and these images do help to give our flyer a more successful personality, and a clearer message.

This platform even allows us to create material that we can use on a daily basis, such as invoices, certificates, infographics, and so on.

And for this we can count on the same design options offered to the rest of the creations.

Nor should we forget that it is widely used for creating videos, whether for social networks, presentations or others.

It has a fast loading capacity, so it facilitates this work, and in addition, it comes loaded with a lot of transition options, time slices, and images and sound effects that can be used.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

Advantages of Canva.

It is important to know the positive aspects of something we are considering, especially if we are going to make an expense or investment with it, and whether it is time or money, we have to know what is good that this alternative will offer us.

Below, they will be pointed out to you.

Fast content creation.

Eye-catching typographies.

It is compatible with any browser.

It is easy to use.

It has options that very few applications at this price offer.

It has a wide variety of stock.

It brings templates that can be modified to the user's will.

Disadvantages of Canva.

This is an aspect that, if not the same, may be even more important than the advantages, since here we will know whether or not this system is convenient for us.

Its mobile application has several flaws.

Its free version is very limited.

It is widely used among novices so it takes away the professional aspect of whoever implements it.

Envato Elements vs Canva.

Canva is priced at $12.95 and Envato Elements at $16.50.

The quality of both is between professional and basic. This is due to the price.

With both programs you can download an unlimited number of files once you purchase the license.

 The licenses offered by Envato Elements and Canva allow the personal and commercial use.

As we can see, both are wonderful tools, but we have the difference that one is less expensive than the other, while one does not have so many flaws, so now that both are well known, the only thing left for the customer to do is to ask himself which one is the most convenient for him.

Envato Elements vs Placeit

As we know, design tools have become quite popular nowadays, as more and more options are always being implemented in the market, while new updates are being implemented at the same time.

Envato Elements, this incredible platform has been responsible for helping thousands of people around the world, to create, improve and perfect their designs.

Likewise, Envato Elements has been implementing new updates to their platform, this in order, and the intention to further improve and offer its users better alternatives to improve their service.

Envato Elements, has been in the market for a some years, and as it has been mentioned, it lends itself to offer users the best wide variety of digital assets.

For this reason, as well as it has launched more options, templates and images for download, it has also decided to offer alternative tools, one of these tools, has been, Placeit.

Placeit, is a wonderful option, since it is part of a system that combines quality and price.

It should first be clear that Envato Elements is not a tool such as Canva or Placeit, in the following text, we will also show you what is Placeit and how this tool also has the option to create content. 

What is Placeit?

Placeit is an online tool that is used for creating images, editing photos, creating flyers, and other material that has visual content.

Placeit is mainly used for the creation of advertising media, and is mostly used in North America, mainly the United States.

Its use is mostly for semi-professional work, to guide new students, and of course, the use of promotion of various products.

As for the creation of videos, it does not lend itself well to feature films, in fact, few people have come to use this type of service, but it is one of the main options for the creation of you tube videos.

In fact, on this platform (youtube) there is a diversified amount of videos explaining how to use Placeit.

Placeit has a wide palette of colors, and countless templates.

Just by entering the page, it recommends you to create material to promote a brand.

For this, it brings with it typographies of all kinds, whether with serif, sans serif, straight letters, or in a continuous form, all so that the user can get the message.

You can also have the option to implement your own images or photos, and give a personal touch, so the message is clearer to users.

It also helps us to design and create logos, with multiple templates, this also favors the same promotion of brands, plus it gives us too many options to choose the one that suits us.

As for the creation of videos, Placeit is mostly used for videos on social networks like You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, and the newcomer Tiktok.

It helps to place music and sound effects, assemble images, place lyrics, add visual effects such as filters and sparkles, make simple trims, and many more other uses.

As mentioned above, many youtubers decide to make videos, explaining the use of this tool, since it is one of the most popular among influencers for making short videos that are hosted in different digital media.

The same influencers also use it to create their promotional images, as well as to create invitations.

It is estimated that in recent years, it has accumulated more than 10,000,000 users.

In addition, the number of downloads offered by its license is unlimited.

Users prefer it because of the speed of this powerful tool, and like Envato Elements, it is a good value for money.

Placeit is a very empathetic platform, because it does not require professional design skills to use it.

This tool tries to be as simple as possible for the convenience of the user, so you can create an advertising poster or a promotional video in a few clicks.

Advantages and Disadvantages
of Placeit.

In this section, we will let you know in a specific way the advantages and disadvantages of Placeit.

Advantages of Placeit.

It is a good initial investment. So businesses do not need a larger capital to make the material with which to promote their brand.

It has "iconic" logo templates, as defined by the website. These templates are created by top professionals to provide a design that no other tool offers.

It works from the browser, facilitates the task of creating images and videos.

Saves storage space, since it does not require downloading programs or installing additional files, only the creations that the user wants to save.

Converts videos to GIF in a matter of minutes.

You can create material with which you can later print T-shirts or clothing. It also has templates for this as well.

It allows you to create videos for all types of social networks, from Instagram, Tiktok, You Tube, Facebook and stories for any other type of network.

It does not require advanced knowledge to use.

It has a wide license.

Disadvantages of Placeit.

The jobs it performs are very simple, another tool is required to create advanced jobs.

Its templates are promotion oriented, it is not usually used to create monetized material.

Rigid structure, so user has to adapt to the tool.

Envato Elements vs Placeit.

As we have already read, Placeit is not far behind in quality, and is a tool that has a lot to offer, however, it is important to make a comparison to understand the difference between these two platforms, and see that although one is created by the other, they are not completely the same.

Placeit is priced at $14.95 and Envato Elements at $14.50.

Envato Elements’ quality is semi-professional while Placeit uses similar content as templates.

The number of files to download is unlimited.

The licenses offered by both are unlimited.

Now that you have been able to read all about the tools, Placeit has a similar focus as Canva, and it bases too much on the templates that you can find in Envato Elements.

If you are able to get the Canva and Envato Elements subscription, go for it and you will have an better combination of tools that you can eventually mix between the Adobe Creative Cloud and the online tool that Canva already offers.

Envato Elements is a good tool for intermediate level web designers and designers.

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