Entrepreneurship vs Employment: Which path to choose?

The war of our youth is based on entrepreneurship vs employment, many do not know which path to choose and start from the glorification that there is now towards “being your own boss”.

In this article we invite you to know the advantages of entrepreneurship, compare them with the benefits of employment, know what is the profile of the entrepreneur and finally know when it is better to take a job than to start a business.

entrepreneurship vs employment
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Entrepreneurship Advantages

To begin to define the key points of the entrepreneurship vs employment debate, let’s talk a bit about the advantages of entrepreneurship that can be attributed to it, in any case:

You acquire a higher level of autonomy

Although many take it as something obvious, it is simple: when you are your own boss, the work activity is governed by the rhythm that you impose on yourself, following the rules that you have established and complying with the times that you have decided.

Among the greatest powers of the entrepreneur we can find autonomy, although it is indisputable the fact that it is necessary to apply great dedication and commitment to see the results of the project being carried out, by managing our own time we can explore different ways to balance ourselves.

Greater job stability is created

Another advantage of entrepreneurship is that when you create your own job, it is up to you to generate opportunities. Although the continuity of employment may depend on various factors of the business, you will no longer depend on the decisions that may or may not be made by an employer.

As you become your own boss, it will depend entirely on your effort that the company gives the best of itself to the outside world, as well as the tranquility and progress will go hand in hand with you and will be transmitted to the entire work team that you form.

You gain the possibility of generating better income

One of the main advantages of entrepreneurship that many aspire to when they start is to generate better income. Although it may not be profitable at the beginning, and in some cases it is hard to believe that it can improve, but every sacrifice will always have its reward.

When you carry out a project that has been well planned and the execution is correct, the profits will not take long to arrive. Besides, if you add the effort of investing those first profits wisely in the growth and development of your company then they will multiply even more, ensuring a better future.

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What characteristics should I have if I want to become an entrepreneur?

In many cases, the qualities to be an entrepreneur are the ones that come to define the success that a project can have, or not.

And, so that you are able to evaluate and recognize them, or develop them, we bring you a list of the most important ones:

Employment benefits

Now that we have pointed out three positive aspects the entrepreneurial process, it would not be a discussion of entrepreneurship vs. fair employment if we did not also take into account the advantages of employment. 

or this we have done a thorough research and it has been possible to highlight that, among all, these points are of the greatest interest:

Private health care

Among the benefits of employment we can highlight health insurance as an important aspect of being part of a company. And, in most countries, among the most expensive things we have medical care, of any kind, private. But in many cases it is the most effective.

In many cases the employee is offered full family coverage. But, when this is not the case, you can also enjoy the fact that you can extend your own coverage to your family with a series of special conditions that will depend on each company.

Labor flexibility

Work-life balance is one of the most important aspects to take care of at any point. And this is something that can be taken as a priority when you find yourself looking for a new job.

The advantages of employment is that in the vast majority of cases we will find ourselves with a flexible schedule that will revolve around the well-known “basic hours” or “statutory hours”.

Nowadays sometimes you can also choose to work from home, among many other options to keep you close to your social life.

Extra vacation days

When we have talked about the advantages of entrepreneurship we have mentioned that you basically work at your own pace, but that does not mean that you can stop whenever you want without your company stopping too, which is a serious problem.

Now, in the advantages of employment we have a reality, and it is that within the package of social benefits you have annual leave where you can completely disconnect from your work, in some cases they can be extended. But, at least for a month, you will have the freedom to focus on other things.

When should you choose employment over entrepreneurship?

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In this round of entrepreneurship vs employment we have come to the conclusion that, in any case, the most important thing will always be to know yourself and the skills you have, the knowledge you have, and what you can bring to the table.

In case you do not consider yourself a person with the right profile, able to find the necessary means to develop a project, or that you do not have the wisdom to maintain a business on your own, the best thing to do is to stay as an employee.

However, this does not mean that all your life will be like this. Taking advantage of the time to polish oneself, develop the necessary skills, and obtain the necessary knowledge, may lead to entrepreneurship in the future.

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