2 Best Bigcommerce Multilingual Apps in 2023

Bigcommerce Multilingual apps
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Bigcommerce is one the e-commerce platforms gaining popularity as a Shopify alternative.

If you’re aiming to translate your Bigcommerce site to begin gaining extra traffic internationally, then the subsequent translation apps could be a super suit for you.

There are extra benefits than negative aspects of getting a multilingual Bigcommerce store, considering in case you are aiming to develop your ecommerce platform, you may try to do it aiming to get global traffic.

Visitors who visit sites in their native language are much more likely to shop from that online store.

International search engine optimization is widely known to assist multilingual websites to be seen in different nations in the respective language.

The support that multilingual apps can give in terms of multilingual SEO is to improve the global rankings in other countries.

Weglot and Conveythis are notable multilingual solutions that may be used to have a multilingual Bigcommerce site.

Following up we are sharing the primary functions of these apps for multilingual ecommerce to help you to translate Bigcommerce stores and feature more than one language.



Weglot is a multilingual solution that has the power to convert your Bigcommerce online store into a multilingual website with more than one language.

It is without a doubt easy to use, since Weglot Bigcommerce will take care of the content automatically.

Weglot Bigcommerce is one of the best options to add the language switcher to your newly created multilingual online store without extra hustle than absolutely integrating the Weglot API key.

As WordPress is one of the most well-known CMS and with plenty of extra plugins for translation for Woocommerce online stores, but Weglot has the power of connecting to plenty of platforms and it could serve to have a multilingual Bigcommerce site.

Weglot plugin additionally may be used as well in other ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Joomla, among others to additionally create multilingual ecommerce websites. 

What stands out of this multilingual website plugin is that with just a few clicks you will have the language switcher with its flags working impeccably to reveal which languages you’ve got to your multilingual ecommerce website.

It is a matter of selecting which languages you need to add, and then Weglot does the automated machine translation to your customers.

The content will be appearing in the native language of your visitors.

Weglot Bigcommerce can be managed from the dashboard so that you can do the proper configurations.

And, from there, you can edit the language switcher look, the language corrections for what you need to make human translations manually and it additionally helps with multilingual SEO.

Multilingual search engine optimization is critical in case you need to rank higher in global search, and Weglot looks after those requirements.

Weglot has a free trial that lasts some days, where this is further enough to test all the features it has, and here you can decide whether or not to use it for your Bigcommerce online store.

Weglot is highly recommended for ecommerce stores, since it doesn’t affect the website performance, because the translated data is stored on their servers, reducing the amount of code in your website.



Conveythis is an automatic machine translation extension that gives you the benefit of having the content in multiple languages.

Launched in 2018, Conveythis can help online stores to have multiple languages from Spanish, English, French, Russian, Arabic, German and more.

Conveythis is a notable Weglot Alternative as it has a lower price which makes it a great option to to translate Bigcommerce stores.

Conveythis is still developing and improving its platform, but its rate absolutely makes it a notable preference to have a Bigcommerce Multilingual website with more than one language.

Conveythis is a great translation software for multilingual Bigcommerce websites, and it is easy to install, to add a language switcher for customers to be able to change the language they desire, or they may be redirected based on their IP.

Why Have Multiple Languages In Bigcommerce?

By having a multilingual Bigcommerce online store, you can aim to improve the amount of sales, this is because of the truth that transnational website online traffic can bring up potential customers and they can read the content of the products in their native language.

These are absolutely some of the benefits or reasons why you should have a translated online store that makes it more valuable for international customers.

Multilingual ecommerce store owners will eventually aim to grow, and having the content properly translated will be an advantage.

As it turns out, languages are an excellent way to guarantee to help you to improve your content material with the use of the Bigcommerce language translation apps.

If a visitor goes to an online store, where the content is not in their language, but they are interested in the product, they will be likely to keep searching until they find one more accessible for them.

How to make a Bigcommerce Website Multilingual?

The approach to create a Bigcommerce multilingual store is quite an easy way by using the formerly stated translation apps.

You can do it with no troubles with Weglot or Conveythis as Bigcommerce extensions.

In comparison to WordPress or Shopify, Bigcommerce doesn’t have too many good solutions, but the ones mentioned are already among the best ones.

Weglot and Conveythis have an automatic translation improved with artificial intelligence and it certainly can compete with some other famous plugins outside WordPress which normally are Translatepress or WPML.

To begin translating for a multilingual Bigcommerce store you need to pick out one of the previous referred to and sign on with them.

One of the principal benefits of the multilingual translators like Weglot or Conveythis is that you may start off without any cost to check their solutions and create a multilingual Website while not having to do the funding first and with this you can then determine if the multilingual app is the one for you.

They would require you to connect their API key to create a Bigcommerce multilingual website.

The set up method is pretty easy among these translation apps.

You can have a base language and then you may choose a secondary language or select a larger quantity of languages according to your needs.

One of the principal benefits of Weglot and Conveythis is that when the site is visited, you’ll see the Bigcommerce language translation going automatically, simply by checking out the webpages in a given language.

The Bigcommerce language translation achieved with artificial intelligence is enormously accurate as in comparison to the past, however in case you want to do some minor corrections, the translation platforms provide a visual editor to do the changes.

As well, the multilingual web sites apps assist with critical requirements for worldwide search engine optimization.

The multilingual SEO of these apps will enhance your online store to obtain visitors from distinctive countries.

By simply putting in one of the multilingual solutions Weglot or Conveythis, you will have automatically added the Hreflang tag code that is required for search engines like Google and Bing to understand that your site has multiple languages.

As well, they automatically translate the MetaData content so the proper languages will be shown in the Snippets.

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