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Searching for the best Codecanyon WordPress plugins? Find out which are the highly recommended scripts for your WordPress Website.
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Why buy Codecanyon WordPress Plugins?

WordPress already has tons and tons of plugins inside their dashboard area.

Actually, it is a matter of fact of searching inside it and find out some plugins that might be useful for your Website.

So why buy Codecanyon WordPress plugins, if you can find free plugins within?

Well, simply because there are Codecanyon WordPress plugins that are exclusive and their scripts have more features that on the free WordPress plugins don’t have.

Some of them will be more industry specific or for Woocommerce, but the Codecanyon WordPress plugins are certainly an extra boost to your website, that you can’t find in other place.

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Envato Elements, Envato Market, CodeCanyon?

As it might sound confusing, the overall main company Envato has different websites that offer different types of digital assets.

As mentioned before in the Envato Elements vs Envato Market blog post, there will be different reasons to choose one of them.

CodeCanyon is part of Envato Market, and as mentioned, this will be recommended when you find a specific WordPress plugin that will fulfill your website needs.

The advantage of CodeCanyon is that usually those WordPress plugin receive constant updates and will work out with the latest WordPress version.

But it is worth mentioning that also Envato Elements has a set of WordPress Plugins that are included on their suscription, so it will be also good to search out if you can find what you are looking for in this suscription and it will be cheaper.

Following up, here is a list of the best Codecanyon WordPress plugins.

Best Codecanyon WordPress Plugins

1. Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution 6

Probably one of the most used plugins to create amazing headers and sliders on WordPress Websites, Slider Revolution.

This has been one of the most sold Codecanyon WordPress Plugins at all.

If you want to give a good impression in your WordPress langing page, then Slider Revolution can give you that extra to captivate your visitors.

2. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - WordPress Plugin

Woocommerce amazon affiliates

If you are aiming to build WordPress websites that are focused to generate income through Amazon Affiliates, then the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates WordPress plugin could be helpful for you.

This plugin helps you to easily add the Amazon products to your Woocommerce area and with the respective Amazon Affiliate Link.

The plugin is easy to use, but you have to consider that it might add some weight to your WordPress website and turn it a little bit slower than usual.

3. WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter

Woocommerce product filters

If there is something that is missing in Woocommerce is a good product filter by default.

That is why you might need to search for one of the best Codecanyon WordPress plugin available for that and WOOF will help.

This WordPress plugin will help you to set the advanced filters for your online store.

If you want, you can have a try before buying it so that you are sure that you are getting a good Product filter for Woocommerce.

4. Easy 360° Product Viewer WordPress Plugin

Easy 360° Product Viewer Wordpress Plugin

Staying on the Woocommerce Plugins from CodeCanyon, you can find the Easy 360° Product Viewer WordPress Plugin.

This plugin will be helpful for those online stores that want to include the 360° feature to their products.

Certainly, this feature will help to increase conversions since viewers can easily watch the product from all angles. 

5. Fancy Product Designer | WooCommerce WordPress

Fancy Product Designer

If you are in the dropshipping business with Printful, then this Codecanyon WordPress Plugin might interest you.

Fancy Product Designer will help your visitors to design the Printful products by their own, this way you are giving a higher customization and personalization option to your visitor.


6. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Looking to improve your Social Media shares?

Then Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress can be a good and lightweight plugin to have.

This plugin will help you to add the social media channels on your posts and pages, so that visitors can easily share.

You can easily adapt your styles and colors to your brand.

Also, you can add Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp chat in your website.

7. Booknetic SaaS - WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling system

Booknetic SaaS - WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling system

CodeCanyon has several options for booking plugins for WordPress that here will be listed.

One of them is Booknetic.

Booknetic is as well an appointment booking system that can aslo help you to build up a SaaS online business with your WordPress Website.

It is a great plugin for services that need to keep track of their appointments.

8. LatePoint - Appointment Booking & Reservation plugin for WordPress

Appointment Software WordPress Plugin

Another of the booking WordPress plugins is Latepoint.

This CodeCanyon WordPress Plugin has the advantage of having the feature of integrating with Zoom. 

It has also a friendly appointment calendar to have good control on it. 

9. Bookly PRO – Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System

Bookly PRO – Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System

Bookly Pro has been the best selling WordPress plugin in CodeCanyon for WordPress booking.

For surte there are severall great options for WordPress to select from.

Bookly Pro has also integration with Zoom, Woocommerce and Google Calendars.

10. FileBird - WordPress Media Library Folders

FileBird WordPress Media Library Folders

If you are looking to organize better your Media files in WordPress, then Filebird is a good option.

Filebird is compatible with many popular WordPress plugins such as Elementor and BeaverBuilder.

It will help you to sort out your files and have them properly in different folders.

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