7 Best Apps for Entrepreneurs

Apps for entrepreneurs have not taken long to come out since we have recognized that we must have the entrepreneurial attitude to really achieve our professional goals.

However, there are many that really do not provide much more than the basics, or almost none at all. So, read us to the end to learn about the best apps for entrepreneurs based on their functions and efficiency.

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Why does using mobile apps increase productivity?

At first it was believed that cell phones had the ability to distract people from their work obligations. And if we consider that they are not the same as they were 10 or 20 years ago, we will find that this idea is no longer logical.

The use of mobile apps increases productivity based on all that they can offer today. Getting to, for example, collaborate, share, and freely find what they are looking for much faster.

In addition, it has been proven that mobile applications in production or manufacturing environments can help to reduce processes and help the work to be done much faster.

So, the problem should no longer be with using mobile apps for work, but which ones.

Which are the best apps for entrepreneurs?

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

If you are looking for tools that serve as a means of communication for the entire team, you should definitely consider Microsoft Teams among your list of options.

It is nothing more than a unified platform for communication and collaboration, which makes interaction between collaborators very easy. It is mostly known nowadays for being taken as a work center based on chats.

Among the main benefits of this app is that with just a double click any user can start a conversation, significantly reducing what would be sending and receiving emails. In addition, it offers the possibility of holding meetings as well as calls.

It is one of the best apps for entrepreneurs also because it allows work groups to be carried out so that the team can develop its functions more efficiently, makes available elements such as GIFs, static emoticons and more, and integrates with other applications and productivity services.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

It is no longer enough to have a website, nowadays it is necessary to guarantee its optimal functioning and its value both for the user and for the different search engines, and this is something that can only be achieved with continuous analysis.

Google Analytics responds to the name of the free Google service that offers the possibility of collecting statistics about the navigation and the actions carried out by users when they visit a web page. To do this you must have a Google account and install the tracking code on the web.

It is one of those apps for entrepreneurs that resemble an all-in-one, you can have a detailed view of your new visitors, your new users, the average page views, you will discover what is the origin of your visits, search terms, durations of visits, and more.

Both when calculating the best KPIs, as under the need to create quality strategies to implement on the website, it responds as one of the best allies. Besides, it is fully compatible with other Google tools and you don’t need to be a specialist to take full advantage of it.

Wise - Transferwise

Wise Transferwise

The moment a startup grows to the international milestone then it becomes necessary to have international payment methods that are not a burden on the business, but offer as many advantages as possible and also a high level of ease.

Tranferwise is undoubtedly one of the best applications for entrepreneurs when it comes to making payments.

It is completely secure, and the effectiveness of its functions is openly endorsed by the user forums we found online.

Apart from being safe, international transfers made with it are almost free, considering that the interest rate of other companies and banks is extremely high. Besides, there are promotions such as if you register from an invitation link the first transfer is free.



It could be said openly that LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals, where you are allowed to share content and manage a profile, but from the point of view of professional life, leaving the personal a little more aside. And it is an incredible tool for employers or employees.

One of the reasons why every entrepreneur should have a LinkedIn profile is because it allows you to give presence to your business online, with news updates, achievements, accomplishments, achievements and much more that can be useful for many people to put the eye on it.

Besides, it is one of the applications for entrepreneurs who want to generate business opportunities. Whether it is that you want to allow others to find work among your ranks, or make contacts in order to create alliances and agreements so that your venture continues to grow over time.

Absolutely all the functions that LinkedIn offers you are free, you can take them both to enhance your personal brand or to show who you are professionally speaking. What would be wrong would be not to take advantage of making a niche for yourself online in such a complete and popular platform even today.



If you have a business today you should know that it is not enough to advertise in traditional media (such as print, radio or television).

Most of the content consumed today by users of all ages is found in traditional media.

Speaking specifically of Canva, it is a software in which we can make cloud-based designs, and which makes the tools for creation completely accessible even to those who are non-designers. It has a more than intuitive interface allowing the creation of all types of content.

It is one of the best apps for entrepreneurs in the design area because it is completely online, very easy to use and has no cost. Besides, in its library you will find more than a million images and elements to let creativity take place.
Besides, it is a collaborative tool, which means that you will be able to share your designs with both your clients and co-workers.

Are you looking for logos, banners, illustrations and icons, without a doubt Canva is the place for you to get that and much more.



When we have an enterprise and we still do not have an establishment in which we can gather our staff, the only option we have left is remote work. Believe it or not, it is also a good option to get staff already having an establishment, but needing their intervention in specific projects.

We introduce you then to Fiverr, which was founded in Israel in 2010 and since then its growth has been seen exponentially managing to become one of the worldwide references of what is freelancer work, being a global marketplace of digital services connecting freelancers with companies, among others.

As a means of recruitment is one of the most recommended apps for entrepreneurs, since it is the customers who come to you as long as you create ads and publish them. And you won’t have to bid to gain attention or pay to make the ads online.

It may take a while at first to wait for customers to come to you, but as long as you spend time optimizing your employer profile the platform will take more notice of you. It’s completely simple to use, you meet real and verified people, it’s free, and accessible from any country, what more could you ask for?

As wel as if you need some freelancers to work with you Fiverr has the advantage to be a freelancer marketplace where different services are offered. It can help to find the best Fiverr gigs, or for design, video animation, programming or any other task. For sure any digital entrepreneur should have it as an mobile app for business.


When the venture is going well, it creates the need to move to different places with the intention that expansion plans can be carried out, as well as meetings between partners and more. offers one of the best apps for entrepreneurs when it comes to remote travel, giving them the ability to plan it easily and without the intention of spending an exorbitant amount of money so that they can get to where they need to be when they need to be there.

There may be many other apps with the same premise, but it is specifically the team, along with their constant innovation, that makes it possible for them to offer the best service on the market for a great number of years now. It’s just a matter of trying them out.

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