What is Canva?

Canva is a piece of innovation in a commercial software model and website used as a graphic design tool that has become very accessible and dynamic and has become over time one of the favorite tools for people who use it and have implemented.
Since its beginning, this piece of design app has benefited people who have had the opportunity to implement it in multiple ways.

Next, we will let you know more about what this wonderful image design software is.
First of all…

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How did Canva started?

This company was founded in early 2012 by none other than entrepreneur Melanie Perkins, who is also the founder of one of Australia’s leading publishers called Fusion Books.
The company was created with the objective of providing designers with a better tool to be able to carry out all the tasks of digital design creation, from its beginnings to faithfully serving its users and being able to adapt to each request of its clients, so that being a tool initially launched for the web, it extended to Android one year after its creation, reaching more users, with greater accessibility while maintaining its quality.
Seeing how Canva is committed to providing users with availability of its services, we think it may be worthwhile, but to learn more about this favorable software, we better know what its uses are .

What are the uses of Canva?

As for the purposes for which it was created, Canva remains a design tool that serves to create, edit and improve all kinds of images in a huge amount of formats.
Its services offer a variety of non-copyrighted images that have been used to create flyers, as well as other digital marketing media.
It also has an extensive color palette that is capable of combining all kinds of shades so that the designer can capture a personality or a message in a specific creation.
The tool has HD images without watermarks, to help our creations and also offer users the ability to include their own photos to make their design more personal.
This amazing tool includes logo templates, ideal for people who in a basic way want to create the brand of their company, it gives options of different logos taking into account the type of business, colors, seasons and trends so that the application can work and give the user their desired design.
We can also apply a great number of typographic fonts so that it is more attached to the text and so that we can help the message to be better captured.
Canva gives us the option to upload our own photos and make them part of our brand, this is an excellent option for professional designers and people who want to add a little more originality to their design. The images can be uploaded in any quality, in JPG or PNG format, and the application has the ability to take into account the colors of our image, and create a derived color palette that helps us to capture the personality, attitude and message in the same image.

Why is Canva a popular tool?

Since its creation until now, Canva has become a high demand tool, probably because of its simplicity of use, since it offers easy design, advises users by giving them creation options, and teaches how to perfect the designs depending on the criteria of each one.
The tools have helped a huge amount of nonprofit organizations, school projects, design students, advertising students, among other users who do not intend to use professional design, but still, Canva offers good designs, which can meet quality standards.
This tool has also helped multiple influences in social networks to be able to perfect their image in a better way, also to create images with reflexive messages, and make high importance communication.
In short, Canva has helped to improve communication between different communities, by delivering a huge amount of messages that are capable of transmitting around the world, and under any platform that includes images.
Being so, this interface has been looking for the way to stand out, adapting every day to the news that happens in the image design industry.

How does Canva adapt to new trends?

It is important to remember that Canva was created at the beginning of 2012, this means that for that time, there was not the diversity of trends that we have today, but despite having been created some time ago, it still remains on the radar of those who seek quality in their designs.
This is due to the fact that it has found a way to adapt to each of the novelties that have emerged, as well as to the requests of its users.
From 2013, social networks stopped being a hobby and became a way of doing business through a virtual company, so people needing advertising techniques decided to try their creation of logos and promotional images through nothing less than the innovative tool Canva.
Also, people began to recognize that personal image is a good way to earn income, so that’s where the promotional images through social networks came from, and with the appearance of the stories with 24 hours duration, it was a good way to implement marketing, so Canva provides its users the option to design images in this size, to directly provide the promotion through this medium.
For this and much more, Canva is one of the best tools for designing images, logos, promotions and more. Ready in multiple ways to fit and adapt to the requests and needs that each person presents, and always keep quality and speed between the services offered.