6 Best Features of WhatsApp CRM to Boost Your Sales Process

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WhatsApp itself is very helpful for businesses and individuals to chat on multiple devices. So, a question may arise in your mind, why integrate WhatsApp with CRM? Well, the answer is simple: it gives you access to a multitude of CRM features and benefits.

Thankfully, WhatsApp CRM offers third-party integrations to exchange information and empower businesses to sell more effectively. Under a single platform, you can have a comprehensive view of your entire sales process in action. You can pinpoint the progress of each client, preview task status, and monitor overall sales health.

No matter what your business goals are, WhatsApp CRM integration ensures that you are always present on channels, switch between views, and create multiple sales pipelines. Let’s further dig into to know more about WhatsApp CRM integration and how it can help power your sales.

6 Best Features of WhatsApp CRM to Boost Your Sales Process

What is WhatsApp CRM?

WhatsApp CRM is a seamless integration between WhatsApp API account and CRM. It allows businesses to manage customer interactions and relationships through WhatsApp platforms. It gives a plethora of benefits, including automated messaging, lead and contact management, customer engagement, support, and call center integration.

By integrating it with WhatsApp, you can interact with customers in real-time and provide a more personalized user experience. It also provides you with rich customer data and insights, which can drive better sales and growth.

Top Features of WhatsApp CRM for Sales

1. Manage Clients in One App

Conversational CRM usually comes equipped with a host of features and functionality to improve your sales pipeline. It allows you to connect with multiple WhatsApp numbers, Instagram and Facebook pages, and other chat apps like Telegram. Plug-in chat apps allow you to manage client conversations effortlessly in the inbox, no matter what platform your clients love to use.

2. Receive Context Fast

You can get a comprehensive view of client history in one profile. Be it chat conversations, emails, notes, your teammate feedback, tasks, and more, you get a bird’s eye view of the entire sales process. Also, you can chat with colleagues privately, in group chats, or directly in client profiles which can help drive leads directly into your pipelines.

3. Chat Inbox

You can have a unified inbox for all conversations within one app. No more app switching and no more chances of lost conversations, as you can centralize all your business communications. All your interactions are available and accessible in a single app, where each client gets a full profile, and teams can collaborate seamlessly. 

Whether your clients are present on Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other platform, you can capture conversations from all networks, assign tasks to team members and keep it running with powerful inbox tools.

4. Salesbot

Bots do it all on your behalf, from greeting clients to nurturing relationships with follow-ups and more. It allows you to manage numerous clients with less effort and strengthen connections through your sales cycle and speed up workflows. You can build no-code bots to send relevant messages to multiple messengers and perform workflow actions such as task management. 

So, let the bot handle tedious work. Set up Salesbot to keep your tasks organized, follow up with clients, and do more than just chat.

5. Messaging Campaigns

If you own a small business and want to be present and interact with your customers through WhatsApp, CRM integration is an ideal solution. It keeps potential and existing clients engaged after the conversation ends with broadcast messages on apps. You can pair it easily with Salesbot to yield better results and increase profits.

6. Easy Automation

Save ample time and energy you spend on repetitive tasks by integrating CRM into your WhatsApp. It helps you manage automated workflows for data entry, lead assignment, and task setting in a few clicks. You can set reminders in client profiles and manage your calendar. The apps you plug right into the CRM can make your workflow seamless and easy to understand.

Get Started with Kommo – WhatsApp CRM to Grow Your Sales Funnel

Although WhatsApp was built for casual chatting, you can supercharge your WhatsApp with Kommo to handle valuable sales conversations. It is a platform designed with tons of features listed above and manages all steps involved in your sales process.

It can help capture new leads from WhatsApp instantly, organize potential customers, stay organized with profiles for each client, and get every team member on task. 

Kommo WhatsApp integration is an excellent way to reach clients using communication channels they love. From the first conversation to the post-purchase survey, you can interact with your clients using one platform equipped with all features and tools to make your sales process seamless for you and your customers.

Kommo is highly regarded for giving a solid boost in all avenues – driving leads, hassle-free communication with clients, and saving time. For more to see in action, you can book a demo and try it free for 14 days.

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