What to do after finishing university.

Wondering what to do after finishing university is more common than you think. Find out more about some options that can guide you through your process.
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What to do after finishing university

Carlos' Opinion -
What to do after Finishing university.

And it happen to me, and probably to many people who have studied his or her degree at an university, and then the question appears, what to do after university?

Certainly, at a younger age some might think that we must have our lives resolved that we already know where to aim at.

And the thing, it is not true.

Life brings some many changes, that it will be impossible to define our whole future just the next day of our graduation day.

Would the first job be the dream job, or should I am for starting a business, studying abroad or go for a master?

We might not know until you decide.

And I think, people might be afraid of giving steps because it could be a mistake, and for me its not.

We can change decisions on our way, when we are feeling that we are not in the correct path.

The only one that should and could decide if its right or wrong, it is you.

Of course, eventually time will show you if you took the correct decision.

In my case when I finished university, I had the opportunity to either work at the family business or find a job in the city where I studied.

I actuall got an invitation to an interview in Monterrey, but i rejected it because I was not sure about what I wanted, and at the end I decided to come back home and work at the family business.

Certainly, if I have decided to stay at Monterrey, probably my story would be different.

In that time, coming back home open me the path of learning about the entrepreneurial process, even if I started a second branch store of the family business.

I learned how to register at the mexican tax authorities and learned more about starting up your own small business.

Of course, I have to say I had the advantage of having a close mentor, who was my mother, but the process gave me the knowledge to learn how to manage my own business.

Nevertheless, I had the desire of going back to Germany, so I appliead to a master degree.

Decisions came time to time.

And I changed when I feel that it was the time to start a new path.

Thanks God I had a wonderful experience in Germany, where I had the opportunity to meat amazing people from all around the world and also I had my first job outside the family business.

Working at an international company was a grateful experience, that also helped me to expand my network.

If you have told me, the day of my graduation, how my professional path would go, I probably would not believe you.

So as a tip, don’t hesitate on what to do after university, enjoy the day and take the decisions as the moment to take one comes.

What options do I have after University?

Wondering what to do after finishing college is more common than you think, and is that we study supossing we are going somewhere, but when we get there we realize that the street just splits.

In this article we will reflect on those options you can take once you finish your studies, so that you know that not everything is black and white.

Finding a Job.

You’ve spent most of your life studying to learn new things.

From the time you learned to speak, to when you got your college degree, and maybe even beyond.

In school, high school, and college we see so many different things that more than once we come to wonder if that will ever really help us in our professional life.

And, since you have the diploma, it’s time to find out and draw conclusions from your own experience.

If you graduated very young you may feel insecure about taking the step towards becoming independent and starting to work somewhere serious.

But, in case you don’t, what has the sacrifice of time, and the monetary investment of studying, that you have made been worth to you?

Besides, many people after finishing their university careers find themselves with the reality that they need to pay the loans they have been granted for the tuition of the same, so, as you know, money does not fall from the trees and you will be the one who will have to generate them.

We could say that working is the basic answer to the question of what to do after college, but the truth is that you can see it as a way to reaffirm your knowledge, and learn all those details that outside the work field is impossible for you to know.

Start your entrepreneurial adventure.

First, let’s talk about a real issue, and that is, to apply for some jobs, regardless of whether they are exactly what your degree has prepared you for, you will need to have some experience.

But where do you expect to get it if you’re fresh out of college?

What’s even harder to swallow is that large companies expect young people to apply for their positions, but they expect them to have experience.

But do they stop to think that, based on that, almost none of them allow a recent graduate to stay in the position for which he or she was prepared?

Beyond that great disappointment we face outside the world of academia, there is also the fact that we recognize that the amount of hours we work, our jobs, and the money we are getting for it all is not something that goes hand in hand.

In case you don’t want to bend to what the system asks of you, and settle for the little it can offer, you always have the option of starting a business where you are your own boss, generate your own income, and control the amount of work and how you manage it.

This is a very good solution to the doubt of what to do after finishing college, but you should know that entrepreneurship takes time.

And, more than time, resources.

There must be a great preparation for it, an almost perfect plan to execute, and alternatives to solve anything that may go wrong along the way.

Study a master's degree abroad.

Undoubtedly, one of the best options that exist to enrich anyone’s résumé before jumping into the job market is to study a master’s degree abroad.

And, in many cases, you will have the added bonus of developing professionally in a different language.

If you are interested in this option, you should know that the choice of the program is key.

It will have to perfectly cover your personal and academic interests.

You will also need to review and compare options in different schools and countries (including where you are right now) to choose the best one.

On a personal level, when we study abroad we are taking on a lot of new challenges, starting with getting out of our comfort zone and facing new ways of studying and, as if that were not enough, a new culture.

Professionally, it can be said that it is an enriching experience from day one since you will be living with students from different parts of the world, with different views on what you may see in a certain way.

Besides, it gives you the opportunity to make contacts by participating in academic and social activities.

In case you don’t know what to do after college, and you have the resources, take this option.

Besides, once you finish the program, you will have many job offers that are better paid than at the beginning, so you will be better positioned to enter the job market.

Semester or sabbatical year.

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, we spend most of our lives studying.

And, by the time we finish college, we will realize that we have spent more years inside a classroom, with the pressure to achieve that goal, than enjoying life.

One of the reasons why many people lead a miserable professional life is because they feel that what they couldn’t do in their youth will haunt them forever, always having that bitter taste of what they would have liked to do instead of locking themselves in an office so early in the morning.

And yes, you may be thinking that vacation time off will be enough.

But the truth is that it won’t.

When we start our working lives even taking a weekend trip to the beach is something that is planned for weeks, as we don’t have the same freedom of mind, and willingness, to adventure before we meet the world so seriously.

Many people feel that taking a semester, or year, sabbatical will leave them behind in the race, but they should know that in life it’s not about who gets to what first, it’s about who has enjoyed themselves the most no matter where they are.

If you are wondering what to do after you finish college, and your heart is between traveling, learning a skill for pleasure, or any other activity that is pleasurable, and the obligation of having to throw yourself back into a system, remember that we only have this moment.

What to do after finishing university

Table of Contents

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