What is webmaster tools and its importance in SEO?

Do you know what webmaster tools is and its importance in SEO?

Currently known as Google Search Console, it is a compilation of tools that Google offers completely free so that webmasters can control their web pages.

What is Webmaster Tools? To put it simply and to make it easier for users to understand it is a necessary tool for those who are dedicated every day to SEO, this improves among other things the visibility of the website.

Webmaster Tools works as a connector between Google and the data websites send as well as their status and quality.

What is webmaster tools and its importance in SEO
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Uses of Web Master Tools:

With Webmaster tools, you can analyze and track of your website in order to improve the ranking.

Webmaster tools allows us, among other things, that users can verify and also acknowledge various adjustments in terms of the recurrence with which Google performs an indexing of our website.

You can also send your website sitemap file.

You can verify the keywords that lead to your website as well as the number of times that users click on these words.

It generates an optimization of the visibility of the website in terms of traffic.

See the possible errors that Google finds on your site.

If you link Webmaster tools with Google Analytics you can also measure in a simple and optimal way the statistics of your website.


How do I use Webmaster tools or Google Search Console?

Using this tool is something really simple, but knowing what we use it for is what is really complicated.

So like everything else we must understand what we want to do and what we are looking for with this tool.

You can link Webmaster tools with other tools that will allow you to collect all the information about the positioning as well as to see how much the competition is doing in terms of SEO.

With this tool we can track our website performance, only that we must understand what we are looking for so that, starting from there we can know how to use it.

If we want for example to see how Google sees our data, our meta data, the use of our website, the so-called ahreflang tags or what is meant by the correct marking of the segmentation of languages and countries, the URL parameters detected, etc..

Webmaster Tools and crawling

Sitemaps in Search Console

Now, if we want to be aware of the level of crawling we can see, for example, uncrawlable URLs or blocked resources that Google necessarily uses to be able to understand our website, URLs that are sent, URLs that are deleted, URLs that are blocked.

Errors whether they are 40x 50x or sitemaps, it gives us the ability to enter the website and explore it as if we were a Smartphone or a desktop version type.

It gives us access to tracking statistics information and so we can see the daily time in the download as well as the amount of kilobytes and so on.

But this wonderful tool also shows us some other aspects that are the problems in terms of security that our website presents.
The actions that are performed manually by means of penalties or what is known as Quality Raters.

The links to our internal and external web page, marking assistant and e-mail marking checker etc.

If we wish, we can even get an estimate of those URLs and keywords that bring us more traffic, link these URLs and be able to measure and have a more accurate estimate of which URLs generate us more revenue.

Rich Results & Enhacement reports

Now, what is the purpose of Webmaster tools or Google Search Console, this aspect is quite broad and I could list many utilities of this tool.

So it is better to be more simple and practical when explaining so that you can make this information your own domain and use it as you wish.

Imagine that you create a website to provide information to customers about your product, let’s say you sell, and that this web version is for desktop.

Then with Webmaster Tools we can verify usage errors, using the alternatives of this tool.

And we verify the margin of error of usability of this web, we compare even Smartphone and desktop versions. I make my comparison and at the same time that the results are thrown I can correct these possible errors.

The versatility of this tool makes us say that it is certainly a good choice if we are an SME or perhaps individual developers, as it is generally believed complicated to have position information of our website.

Perhaps its biggest flaw or problem is its ability to adapt to SEO, although it is not a mistake of the tool or application but rather of the person who uses it for the first time.

Conclusions of Webmaster Tools and its importance for SEO

If it is the first time you make a web page, if you are just starting in the world of webmaster, this tool is 100% recommended, as it will allow you to see how is your positioning in Google.

It helps you to generate success in the audience that will enter your website.

And it also allows you to export data to Excel so you can collect them and keep a good control of your statistics.

It is recommended that, first of all, you learn about all the benefits and the different uses of this incredible tool that is Webmaster tools named Google Search Console.

Although at the beginning it may seem complicated, by using it you will become more and more expert in its use and also an expert in the optimal management of your website.

You will be able to get the most out of your page and generate better income and better results through statistics and more optimal information.

If you have any questions about webmaster Tools Google and its uses, you can leave them in the comments, we will respond as soon as possible.

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