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While in 2012 we met a powerful and simple tools for creating images called Canva , later is a company brought an innovative piece of overcoming design called Canva Pro, then I will let you know everything you need about this amazing piece of design and image perfection.

Let’s get started!

First of all, Canva is a tool which was created to reach non-professional users in graphic design , however, it decided to evolve and give us a Premium version called Canva Pro , which allows users to manage better in the design of the images, so that its users can take a better handle on their creation and can perfect them to the point where they look completely professional and that is pleasing to the viewer.

It is mainly oriented to people or organizations that want to expand the options for creating their designs, since it offers a greater number of alternatives that can be considered depending on the work that you want to do.

Differences between Canva and Canva Pro.

Although Canva already worked well on its own, now Canva Pro offers us more alternatives so that we can work in a better way, with more options and increasing our possibilities

While Canva is generally used by users who do not have any design experience, Canva Pro is a delivery for people who have intermediate and / or advanced knowledge regarding the subject of image creation and design.

While Canva offers several templates, Canva Pro has a more extensive number of templates and a lot of fonts that can be used.

Canva Pro also has a larger number (approximately 60 million) of HD images with a good color tone that serves to give a more original touch to each of the creations that are made. In addition to having no limits on the downloads that are made.

Undoubtedly, both Canva as Canva Pro has proven to be useful tools for creating images and vectors representative, which the diferenc í to both, is that Canva is aimed at people with little knowledge of graphic design, while Canva Pro is aimed at people who have already learned the subject.

Advantages of using Canva Pro.

The Canva Pro system offers users the possibility of accessing an approximate amount of 3000 fonts, each one different, with a special design, good quality that adapts to each of the preferences that one has, it helps a lot. people, since not all messages are conveyed the same, many need fancy fonts, others that look fun, some want their handwriting to look friendly and innocent, but luckily Canva Pro offers all these options, and in different sources, in order to fulfill the wishes of the users in the best possible way.

Another fact about Canva Pro in terms of fonts is that it also offers us the opportunity to upload the fonts of our choice so that we feel more comfortable and give our own personal touch to our creation.

This tool can also offer you the wonderful privilege of having a huge amount of images and videos for the creation of your projects, this can help you with new ideas and / or consider the options that the system offers you.

Canva Pro gives you the opportunity to design what you want, because you and gives you templates, also it gives you the option you choose the design you want to propose a structure and make your image your way, choosing the font, image, location and design that you choose The design is yours for you!

Not only will you have the creation of images, since Canva Pro will help you with your animation and GIF projects so that they have an excellent presentation and quality in their design and that in addition, like everything else, you can give them your custom style.

Remember that with everything already mentioned before, you have the option to upload your own fonts, add the colors according to your preference, and create your own brands.

Nor should we forget that even our own images can be edited with Canva Pro, since it even allows us to remove the backgrounds, either to remove any imperfection, to give something specific more visibility, or simply to change to another background.

Canva Pro special features.

If you also want to advertise yourself through social networks, you have to know that with Canva Pro you have the opportunity to carry out the planning of publication on social networks, taking into account dates, promotions, seasons and offers. You can design a post for each day or for each time that we choose.

In addition, with Canva Pro we have a storage space of 100 GB that allows us to save each of our creations so that their location is easier and makes our work easier in many ways.

Remember that with this Canva release you have a guaranteed help privilege, so the support systems will be aware of your requests as quickly as possible, and that you can count on the attention of a staff focused on the well-being of your work.

Canva Pro and all the options it offers are available at a cost of at least $ 9.95, a very good investment considering the wonders that can be done with this fantastic graphic design delivery.

It is important to mention that there are many other tools that separately offer these options, however, Canva Pro is the one that best adapts to the requirements of each user and is due to the multiple benefits it has, making it one of the tools of most comprehensive designers out there.

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