What is a Domain and how to choose one?

A domain is what users see in the URL bar so that a website can be user friendly and they don’t only read numbers on it.

Keep reading to know more about domain names and how to choose one.

What is a Domain
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Why a domain name is important?

The domain name is the most important part of your website, since it is where your visitors are going to.

You can select the domain name that you want, as long as it is available, or for sale.

If you already have an established business and going to start on the internet world, it is obvious that you are going to buy the domain name with your brand name.

That is the logical move, but sometimes, there are domains names that might not be available, therefore you might need to get creative to be able to have as close as possible the domain name same as the brand.

When people search on Google or any other web search, people might be searching for you with your brand name, therefore, if your domain already has your brand name, it will be a lot easier to be shown on search results. Otherwise, the same content of your website will must be oriented towards your brand.

For personal branding, such as this website, it is harder that someone actually search for Carlos Barraza, therefore, the main search or target is not to rank for my name, but rather to other topics of my website.

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Domain Names for International SEO Strategies

When it comes to International SEO Strategy, then also the domain name will play a key role.

That is why you should know what are you aiming for in the future.

If you are going to aim only for a country, then you might prefer to select a domain that is country specific, such as .de for Germany, .mx for Mexico, .co for Colombia and so on for each country.

This way you are setting up your business well targeted.

In other hand, if you want to aim for international markets, than a normal .com will do the work, since this is a more generic aim.

But then you will need to define if you are going to set your multilingual website towards subdirectories or subdomains.

Where to find domain names?

There are different domain name providers where you can buy domains.

By selecting a domain provider, I sually go for price, rather than searching for the best provider.

Namecheap has been known to be one as its name says, a cheap domain option to buy from.

There is also Godaddy.

Some other options are said that they keep your domain and don’t give you too much freedom, therefore I try to just buy from these reliable websites.

Usually the DNS, domain name system, speed counts as well on how fast a website can be.

You can check out Cloudflare to have a faster delivery of information.


Improve your Domain Rating and Domain Authority

Two important indicators that tell how likely is to rank higher on search engines are the Domain Rating and the Domain Authority.

Ahrefs and Moz, have set up this indicators to tell that likelihood of authority a website has.

Both indicators are not exact as how Google ranks websites, but they are close enough.

To improve both Domain Rating and Domain Authority, is important the backlink profile.

The more higher quality from authority websites on domain has, the probability of having higher values are also higher.

When you aim to improve your SEO Backlink Strategy, please take into consideration that higher quantity of backlinks doesn’t relate directly to quality. Make sure that you are getting backlinks from sites that have real organic traffic. There are plenty of services that offer backlinks but usually they are low quality. Therefore, avoid the big packages of thousands of backlinks.


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