Content Marketing needs also a great Backlink SEO Strategy

Has it happened to you as well? 

Creating the best and awesome piece of written content and hopping that it will rank by its own in search engines?

It seem that you haven’t thought your Backlink SEO Strategy.

Keep reading to know, why and how you can develop your own Backlink SEO strategy to improve your SERPs.

Content Marketing needs also a great Backlink SEO Strategy
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Content by itself is not enough, Backlinks are also important.

As we all might know, Backlinks are links that poing back to your site.

Not neccesarily, having a huge amount of backlinks will mean that you will have quality backlinks.

As you have created your content marketing strategy, and have developed different pieces of written texts, your website will rank them depending on how your authority as a website is.

And here it comes also the importance of a good Backlink SEO strategy oriented to obtain quality backlinks.

Depending in the niche that you are competing with, there will be different ranking difficulties.

For example, tech websites have a way more competition if we compare to a less developed SEO market such as car tools.

A Tech website need high quality and contextual backlinks that can give them that authority on their topic to outrank competitors.

If they create a blog post stating the 10 best smartphones in 2021 for entrepreneurs, there might be hundreds of other smartphone websites that will be competing against each other, but the ones with higher Domain Rating and higher volume of Backlinks for sure will be on the top rankings.

Therefore, high quality backlinks turn also as an important part of a complete SEO strategy.

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How to develop a Backlink SEO Strategy?

Content Marketing and SEO should go hand in hand.

Or well, in overall a correct Digital Marketing should take into consideration all the pieces of the puzzle.

After we have done our keyword research, developed de proper SEO content and have done the On-page SEO, the Off-page SEO also takes its importance.

A Backlink SEO Strategy should set up the categories of the sites that you are aiming to get backlinks from.

Also, take into consideration that this is a long term process, therefore your time period of this project should be measured in a long lapse of at least a year.

We have already talked about SMART Objectives, therefore set out your targets.

As example: Create 10 monthly backlinks from tech blogs that have a MOZ Domain Authority of 40 and Ahrefs Domain Rating minimum of 30 with a contextual backlink to the keyword best Smartphone Store in Spain.

Also, take into consideration that you should set a budget for sites or blogs that charge for posts.

There are even websites were this process is easier such as Getlinko, where you can buy backlinks in quality websites and can help you to reach your SEO goals.

There are other options such as Blogger Outreach or Cold Emails for Guest Posts, that could also help you to get backlinks, but it will require time to create the contact.

Avoid spammy backlinks in your Backlink SEO Strategy, there are plenty of websites or facebook groups were it is offered hundreds of backlinks, but most of them are low quality or just spam.

Getlinko, the linkbuilding marketplace.

As previously mentioned in the Backlink SEO Strategy, one of the actions that could be done is to access websites such as Getlinko.

Websites like Getlinko have higher quality backlinks.

If you go to websites such as Fiverr, or if you just Google, buy quality backlinks, then you might be going into unknown waters, because you don’t know what the end result will be.

So my recommendation is that if you are aiming to buy high quality backlinks, don’t waste money on random websites or freelancers that are promising you the best links out there.

Getlinko is a website where you can actually sort out which websites will match your content and backlink requirements.

Getlinko as a linkbuilding marketplace makes it easier for web owners to have access to the desired backlink.

If we compare the process of buying links from this website, with doing cold email for blogger outreach, we might have to do a time comparison.

By doing blogger outreach, there are sometimes you will be asked for higher prices than expected or you just waste your time by not being responded.

In Getlinko you avoid that hardous process, and forefront you know what is the quality of the website and the price of the post.

For sure, a website like this should be included in your backlink SEO Strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions
about Backlink SEO Strategy

There are different methods to get SEO backlinks such as:

  1. The broken-link building method.
  2. Backlinks through infographics.
  3. Guest Posts.
  4. Comment Backlinks.
  5. Writing testimonials.
  6. Contacting local media for Backlinks.
  7. Accesing websites with authorative backlinks.

A linkbuilding strategy or backlink strategy aims to improve the number and quality of links pointing back to your website.

The end result expects to improve search rankings. 

As a summary of this post, you can create a backlink strategy:

  1. Categorize the backlinks you are aiming for.
  2. Set up a time frame to develop you Backlink SEO Strategy.
  3. Set your SMART objective of your Backlink SEO Strategy.
  4. Define your budget for backlinks.
  5. Visit websites like Getlinko, where you can contact websites to get backlinks from.
  6. Reach bloggers or websites via cold email to offer an infographic, guest post or content in exchange of a backlink.
  7. Avoid buying backlink packages with hunders of them, they are usually spammy.
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