Vultr vs Cloudways | Comparing the best WordPress Hosting

Cloudways is a platform that can host multiple websites and apps in different cloud providers, including Vultr.

The question is, between Vultr vs Cloudways, which one to choose?

Keep reading to know more about our experience with both services for VPS WordPress Hosting.

Vultr vs Cloudways
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Cloudways Speed Results

I was being curious on using Cloudways. 

I have read many Cloudways reviews and many recommendations through Facebook groups.

I was using Siteground and I wanted to change my shared WordPress hosting to a dedicated WordPress hosting.

I found out that VPS Hosting is a similar service to dedicated hosting, but with a lower price since it is still on a shared physical server, but thanks to virtualization technologies, it can be an independent hosting.

The starting plan offered 1GB RAM, Processor 1 Core, Storage 32GB and 1TB Bandwith for $13.

So it seem to be a good offer, and I decided to give it a try.

The results of changing my Siteground Host to Cloudways with Vultr High Frequency are these ones. 

From 2.8 seconds to 1.2 seconds by just changin the WordPress hosting, but then after some speed optimization, by June 2021 I got a full loading time of 731 ms.

In terms of setting up WordPress in the Vultr High Frequency of Cloudways was really easy. 

WordPress deployment on Cloudways is really easy and in just some clicks you can have your WordPress Website.

Probably the DNS configuration from Godaddy to Cloudways took a bit of time, until the change of IP address updated, but it was quite simple.

Cloudways has a migration service, but I actually used a Backup plugin to save all my files from Siteground, and then uploaded them again when I was already in Cloudways.

I do recommend Cloudways because of that, and if you are planning to have multiple apps and also using some other cloud providers such as Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS or Google Cloud Platform, then it is a useful service.

But if you are just aiming for using only Vultr and are not interested in multi-cloud services, then Vultr is the best option that we are going to keep talking about.

Vultr Speed Results

Vultr is the most appropriate and specialized hosting company for all things related to cloud computing, and is considered one of the fastest and most special for those who choose a personal experience.

It has special systems to provide greater effectiveness to users of multiple websites.

Today, Vultr performs all the functions of a single hosting, which was previously done with several web hosts. This has made it the most preferred among users, in addition to being able to expand the facilities and simplify the work for developers, allowing them to move around in various functions with just a few clicks.

But digging deeper and questioning, is it really worth paying $13 per month when I can have a bit more resources for the same price in Vultr website? We have to try out.

Updraft plus free version was used to do the migration. A backup was created and then uploaded to the new server. This might not be the best solution but it worked. 

Also the server from Vultr High Frequency was scaled to a Mexico City based data center and a VPS of the 80 GB Storage, 2 CPU, 2 GB Memory Ram and 3 TB Ram for $18 per month. So basically more performance for just $6 more, and in a Plesk panel, which is easier to use than the Cloudways interface.

Even if you are not a full software engineer, using Vultr directly is simple and it is half the price than using Cloudways.

We made the change and after some further optimization we got better results. 

The total loading time went from the 731 ms to 581 ms. 

Considering that the website has plugins such as Elementor and WPML which are known to be “slow WordPress plugins”, now it is proven that is not, and that Vultr High Frequency can be one of the best VPS WordPress Hosting with high speed.

Vultr has Data Centers around the world, therefore you can get VPS WordPress Hosting in Sao Paulo Brazil, Tokyo Japan, United States, Amsterdam Netherlands, Frankfurt Germany, Paris France, Stockholm Sweden, Singapore, Seoul Korea, and Sydney Australia.

They already announced more Data centerrs like in Madrid, Warsaw and Melbourne.

Which one to choose Vultr vs Cloudways

Certainly, the price is one deal breaker when choosing between Vultr vs Cloudways.

Vultr starting price for a High Frequency plan with 1 CPU, 1 RAM and 32 GB is $6, and the same specs in Cloudways VUltr High Frequency is $13.

As we already have seen, the speed results can be almost the same in a WordPress website between Vultr and Cloudways.

Therefore, if you are just aiming to have your website in one hosting, and not wanting to combine multi-cloud providers, then Vultr will be the one to choose.

Vultr vs Cloudways - WordPress Installation and Speed Comparison 2022

Cloudways showed a better speed performance initially without any further optimization.

The pre-installed cache plugin Breeze certainly had an impact on the LCP time, but overall the 646ms total loading time was slightly better than Vultr total loading time of 663ms.

Just 17ms of difference.

It took less time to install WordPress in Vultr than in Cloudways. It could take around a time difference of 5-9 minutes, of course depending if there are some other plugin installation or so on.

Vultr vs Cloudways - Pricing Comparison

Cloudways 32 GB Storage
$ 13 Monthly
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core processor
  • 1 TB Bandwith
Vultr 32 GB Storage
$ 6 Monthly
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core processor
  • 1 TB Bandwith
Cloudways 128 GB Storage
$ 50 Monthly
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU Core processors
  • 3 TB Bandwith
Vultr 128 GB Storage
$ 24 Monthly
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU Core processors
  • 3 TB Bandwith

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