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Read more in this Videly Review and get to know one of the easiest tool to use to create your Youtube Descriptions and Keywords in just minutes.
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What is Videly?

Videly is a cloud based software that is aimed for youtubers to generate their Youtube descriptions and Keywords.

As I am not big fan of those style of landing pages, because it might seem that Videly is scam, well it is not at all.

Although, they promote that they will help you to rank better on Youtube Search, Videlly is really good but for finding the keywords for Youtube, do your research, find opportunities to aim for in Youtube, and also to generate the descriptions.

That is why I wanted to write this Videly Review, to proof that it has a good side, but I also have to say that it has its negative side.

So if you are wondering if Videly is an app for Youtubers that is worth it, then keep reading.

Youtuber recording a video in the living room

Why choose Videly for Youtube?

If you are a Youtuber that want to do Youtube Keyword Research, create Youtube video descriptions that will help you to rank, do some Youtube competitor analysis, then Videly could be a good fit for you.

Probably, you have already experienced that doing Youtube Keyword Research is not exactly the same as a Website Keyword Research, although it has some similarities, sometimes the Youtube keywords might have their different rankings.

So if you are aiming to rank better on Youtube, then Videly can help with that because it will help with the keyword research and generate the Youtube title and description.

But I do have to say that some of the text generated there might not be really human readable, since sometimes the text will be merely filled up with keywords and sometimes it might not make some sense.

As well, it can help you to analyze competitors and see some rank opportunities inside Youtube.

So, in that part, of course it certainly will help you to get a bit more traffic, but not as huge as they promise.

As well, it will depend on how good is your channel and your content, but certainly it will be useful for your viewers to have descriptions with your targeted keywords. 

Videly Review of Features

Youtube Keyword Research

Videly Youtube Keyword Research

Which Videly type of account is good for you?

I do actually think this feature of the Youtube Keyword Research with the basic standard plan.

And here I do think that this Videly Review is where it have to give you the note, because if you have only the need to do the Youtube keyword research and create the descriptions, then it will work out for you.

The Youtube keyword research tab of Videly will help you with finding out which could be some keywords that you can target on your Youtube channel.

I don’t have seen any need to pay for the upgrade of Videly therefore I have been using the Standard to find out the keywords to use on Youtube.

Although, I have to say I haven’t been that succesful with my Youtube channel, but for sure some Videos have ranked better on some topics that I aim for.

Youtube Title, Description and Keywords


And probably this could be the principle feature of Videly to use to create the Youtube titles, descriptions, and keyword tags.

Certainly, the description area of the Youtube videos is sometimes underestimated, but it is really important to have it well optimized to give a boost to your video so that it ranks better on Youtube.

Although, I do think there is a Videly alternative which might be better, that is VidIQ.

But since on VidIQ you have to be paying a recurrent fee monthly, then Videly could be a better option, since you only have to pay one by using this feature.

It is really easy to create the title, description and keyword tags in Videly, but some of the text that you find out there might not make sense at all, so you will have to tune it up and make some changes, so that the text is more understandable and readable.

Youtube Niche Analysis and Video Rank Tracker

Pretty young business woman using her digital tablet while sitting next to the window in the office.

This are features for the Videly Pro plan.

I can’t really give a hint of how much they worth, because honestly I don’t see myself the need to acquire this feature.

For sure if you want to go deep on your Youtube channel, and have a heads up on what the competitors are doing and how you can over rank them, then this features can be useful.

The video Rank tracker will follow up your videos on how they improve on rankings.

Video Report for Youtube Agency

Making Music Video

If you are working with multiple Youtube Channels and clients, than having this feature might be useful.

With the Video Report of Videly, you can keep track of your work on Youtube and deliver results to your clients.

Videly Pricing

Videly Standard

$ 47
  • Youtube Keyword Research
  • Youtube Title, Description and Keywords

Videly Pro

$ 47
  • Videly Standard
  • Youtube Niche Analysis
  • Video Rank Tracker

Videly Agency

$ 67
  • Videly Standard
  • Video Report

As previously mentioned, the Videly standard version is enough for a simple Youtube Channel.

But if you have multiple channels or attend some clients, then the other two plans of Videly can fit better, specially the Agency one.

As you can see the Videly pricing is really cheap, so the standard version could be a good tool to have to create your Youtube Titles, Descriptions and Keyword tags

Does Videly worth it?

So after talking about the Videly Features, Pricing and Advantages, it is worth saying that yes, Videly is a good tool to have for all those Youtubers that want to reach more audiences.

So don’t hesitate to buy Videly.

No, is not a miracle software that will rank you higher and get too much viewers, but certainly it will help to improve your Youtube channel.

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