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If you are looking for a platform to improve your digital skills, let us tell you about Udacity, which has positioned itself as one of the best in terms of online learning.

Besides, know the digital skills that will mark the professional future of any company or organization.

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What is Udacity?

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Udacity is known as one of the most recognized platforms that offer online courses, it was founded in 2011 by Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens and Mike Sokolsky as a result of an experiment that took place at Stanford University.

Since it was founded, until today, it is a platform that has sought to develop online courses with the intention of contributing to the training of professionals making them competent in the area of technology, computer science, and artificial intelligence online.

Thus, Udacity offers a functional online learning platform that specializes in open and nanodegree courses, focusing especially in the area of technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, android developer, adopting cloud computing, and more related topics to IT, as well as data science.

Among the most important features of use is the fact that Udacity students for any course that is sought in its interface must be registered, even when it comes to free courses will be necessary to comply with a prior registration before you can access their content.

In case Udacity students want to receive the certification of the Udacity courses you must meet all the requirements that are the same mark, where the cut-off marks at the end of the evaluations are included, and in the Udacity nanodegree programs you must pass the practical projects they offer.

Udacity offers a great option especially for those people who already have a job in the market, since it cannot be said that it is an educational institution as such, but a platform that offers open courses for all people who want to specialize in certain specific areas.

Advantages of Udacity

Now that you know what it is, let’s point out some aspects that can be considered as the advantages of Udacity online, since the design of the platform has been developed with the intention of benefiting as many users as possible, from anywhere in the world:

Its course catalog is wide

Thanks to the wide variety of subjects in which its courses allow specialization, Udacity students have a great option to select the field in which they want to develop, or those who are trying new horizons, since you will find a little bit of everything.

No matter your previous level of education

This is ideal, since one of the most important advantages of Udacity is that it has programs for all levels. This makes it so that you can start as a beginner and reach the expert level in a field if you follow a sequence with the courses they offer.

Their certificates are widely recognized

In case you need to accredit the training for new jobs, or other studies, every time you finish a course (and in case you have the minimum passing requirement) you will be eligible for the certificate that will verify your successful completion.

The legal age is from 13 years old.

Udacity opens a door even to minors, since they can have their profile and complete their studies from the age of 13 so that the training begins at an early stage and they do not have to complete their programs under someone else’s data.

Language is not a problem

We must be honest at this point, and that is that most courses will originally have been designed in English. But this does not mean that you cannot find many good programs in other languages… and some will also be translated.

Your courses have been designed by experts

Among the advantages of Udacity online learning platform is the fact that they are serious about the training they offer, so all their courses are designed by university experts with confirmed experience so that the knowledge that reaches the student is of the highest quality.

Even the most complex subject matter will be simple and enjoyable.

Just because you have to learn something complex does not mean that it has to be complicated, since Udacity courses are designed in a simple and enjoyable way so that the information not only reaches the student, but can be retained without difficulty.

What are the digital skills of the future?

Information management

It is about, among other things, knowing how to navigate the Internet, knowing how and where to search for the resources, products and services you need. Besides how to manage, track and organize information through libraries, tabs, folders, among others.

Digital communication

Among the digital skills of the future is of course digital communication, which is the ability to create personal and virtual relationships within the virtual context. It implies knowing how and when to send information and which is the right channel for it, as well as being able to use digital communication tools correctly.

Virtual collaborative work

This refers to the ability to use tools to develop asynchronous or remote teamwork. An example of this are documents in the cloud, or collaborative editing of files in real time.

Strategic digital vision

It refers to the ability of a collaborator to project how digital tools can help to make the organization more efficient. Besides, the fact of identifying new business opportunities that are related to the work of innovation and technology.

Digital leadership

As the last of the digital skills of the future we have perhaps one of the most important, as it has to do with the management of a virtual identity, personal or business that has high visibility and approval among stakeholders when sharing organic content of value.

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