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In this Twinkle Review, you will get to know why Twinkle is one of the best royalty free music platforms for Youtubers, Digital Marketers and Content Creators.
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Twinkle Review Summary



Recommended for Youtubers, Digital Marketers & Content Creators

Twinkle is a premium Audio Suite For Video Creators & Agencies!

Price per Value

Twinkle worth the $99 since you will be able to use the music tracks and sound effects for your videos without any limitations. If you need also Text-to-Speech Software, Twinkle also has this feature included.

Ease of Use

Twinkle has its royalty free music divided by categories, but it still can be improved to find on an easier way the music that you need.

Customer Support

Vidello is the company behind Twinkle, and they can give support either by their Facebook group or directly contacting them.

Royalty Free Music Library

Twinkle library is still on its early stages, but they have been adding more and more royalty free music and sound effects along time.


Carlos' Opinion -
Twinkle review.

As video creator and distributing them into the different social media platforms, I have to be aware of the rights and licenses of using audio.

There are several platforms that offer different royalty free music that can be used in social media, specially in Youtube.

But some of those platforms such as PremiumBeat or Adobe Stock could get expensive.

Or even acquiring the extended licenses on Envato can rise the costs.

Envato Elements has been also a very useful tool for content creators, since it is a large database where you can find a wide variety of digital assets, including music.

Event that you can have the license on Envato Elements, the issue is that not all of those soundtracks are completely free of use, you will have to send a notice to Youtube that you have a license.

This means, yes you can use it, but there is an extra work of adding the license on Youtube.

Therefore to avoid this issue, an Envato Elements alternative could be a solution.

As user of CreateStudio, a video editing software for animations, I got an email where Vidello team offered an early access to Twinkle.

I was doubting if I should buy or not Twinkle, at the end I decided to give it a try.

Twinkle is friendly royalty free music library where I could have access to different types of music.

Twinkle has different categories where you can find different styles and rythms.

Twinkle has also the Royalty Free License in case that you need the proof.

So far, I am happy of having Twinkle since it has been a royalty free music library that makes easier the use of audio without the worries about licensing.

What is Twinkle?

It is common among content creators to wonder what Twinkle is, or if it is really as beneficial a software as many say it is

And that’s why we’ve decided to put together this Twinkle review.

We’ll explain everything from its definition and why it was created, to the user experience and the benefits you can expect.

The definition of Twinkle, in this sense, tells us about an all-in-one audio platform that has been designed especially for video creators, who we all know have real problems finding tracks that they can use without restrictions in the different projects they create.

What this platform offers to anyone thinking of using it is different types of music and sound effects, each and every one of them under license, that they can use without any kind of restriction, or copyright issues, in the projects they want to create.

We all know that, in the case of videos, the factor that makes it really transcend is the way in which it manages to connect with its audience, how it transmits emotions, and the ability it has to make the viewer feel the wind, or hear the sound of the waves, among others.

Another way to answer what Twinkle is is to say that they try to be the providers of this charm, wanting to transmit music and sounds of the environment that will be seamlessly integrated into the videos, and is currently considered the best software for the task.

Why use Twinkle to add music to your videos?

When you hear about it, it is normal that you ask yourself why use Twinkle, and the truth is that there is no clearer answer than that it is an excellent audio software that will serve you if your intention is to select and use music.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter if the user wants to show a product or explain a service, it usually has the perfect instrumental music for each situation.

Among its options are usually found those lively touches, but that will pass a little unnoticed so as not to distract the viewer.

Many people also choose to use this software in the case of making corporate videos where a story will be told. It suits companies that create visual projects to express their values, or facts that describe it, trying to evoke feelings with songs that help enhance the message. 

One of the reasons to use Twinkle is that it contains music for everything.

For example, the epic will serve to give reinforcement to images, or words, making the video reach more people due to the interactions it has, because it will be easier to captivate the viewer.

For Twinkle there is a great level of importance in knowing how to choose music for videos, in offering the creator the ability to select it, thus helping to increase the possibilities when developing this type of project, always seeking to generate a great impact.

Another point of relevance in Twinkle is the text-to-speech creator, a tool that can be used to create voiceovers and has more than 70 integrated voices, with options to adjust the tone and speed.

Twinkle Pricing - Special Offer!

Personal License

$ 49 One time payment ONLY
  • Lifetime access
  • New Tracks EVERY Month
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Sound Effects Library
  • Royalty-Free for your peace of mind
  • One-time payment ONLY
  • Personal use license

Commercial License

$ 99 One time payment ONLY
  • Lifetime access
  • New Tracks EVERY Month
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Sound Effects Library
  • Royalty-Free for your peace of mind
  • One-time payment ONLY
  • Commercial use license
  • FREE Bonus #1: Twinkle VFX Pack

What are Twinkle's features?

We know that when it comes to Twinkle features there can be many, however, we can put together a list of the main ones and those main features why this software has become so popular among video creators, and these are the following:

With this software you will have a wide range of tracks, handling a large number of genres and styles.

It will provide you with music that is always licensed for use, so you don't have to fear any kind of restriction on your video.

The text-to-speech creator of this software is available in several languages.

It grants a library full of premium sound effects capable of making any project a little more engaging.

Every month, Twinkle adds the latest songs from the most popular artists to its library.

It allows its users not only to take the default tracks and sounds, but also to customize them.

For free, it offers a visual effects package.

Considering all the features of Twinkle mentioned above, we can understand why it has gained so much popularity among content creators.

It’s not just a software that talks about integrating all this and more. It is about making it fully functional and easy to apply so that any user, experienced or not, can develop its functions without suffering the dreaded headaches.

Using Twinkle is really easy!

We can’t talk about this software if we don’t highlight the fact that the concern is not based on how to use Twinkle, since it really gives a very rewarding and simple experience.

This can be summarized in a series of steps that we will mention below:

Step 1

Login to Twinkle.

Step 2

Search for the music or sound track that you need.

Step 3

To download the music and sound effects you only need to go to the tab with these names that you will find on the screen, and then select what you want.

After downloading each audio track, you are ready to use it on your videos.

As you have seen in this Twinkle Review, there is no big deal, Twinkle is a simple royalty free music library.

Advantages of using Twinkle

If you think we have told you enough so far in this Twinkle Review, we ask you to stay a couple of lines longer, because we intend to tell you about the advantages of using Twinkle that you can get if you rely on the software for your projects.

Increase the engagement of your target audience

When dopamine is released, music can serve to reduce stress and activate the reward circuitry located in the brain. The result of this is to create an emotional connection with the target audience, providing them with a sense of real pleasure.

Optimize your brand image

Just as with images, sound has the ability to help underline who you are as a brand. For example, urban music is usually associated with fashion and energy to target young audiences, or classical music for older audiences.

It will strengthen your company's positioning

Another of Twinkle's advantages lies in the fact that music is an effective way to anchor a brand's DNA in the minds of its consumers. For example, when you use English-language music, or instrumental versions, you are conveying the desire to position yourself internationally.

It will help viewers to be able to memorize key messages

Music has been scientifically proven to promote memory and cognitive functions, so a video with background sound is much more likely to be remembered and make a higher level of impression.

It will make the project a little more professional

When recording a video there is always the possibility that noise will disturb some shots, and if we remove their original sound what we will get is a silence that will create a huge void. In both cases, adding sounds when editing can solve this problem.

And you can find new ways to benefit from this royalty free music library!

The benefits of Twinkle that we have mentioned are more in a generalized scope, so it is always open to you to find new ways to take advantage of it.

In conclusion, is using Twinkle a good idea?

Whether you are creating low, medium, or large scale projects, this type of software will always be a great choice for people who know they have to use all the resources to go the extra mile. 

Besides, Twinkle’s usage costs are generous, knowing that its personal license is $49, and its commercial license is $99, in both cases it’s a one-time payment. This means you’re getting a sea of possibilities for a small investment.

Frequently Asked Questions Twinkle

Certainly, Twinkle worth the $99 for the acces to the royalty free music library, soundtracks and visual effects.

Speechelo has a better Text-to-Speech than Twinkle, but in case that you need that option, Twinkle has it included.learn fast how to use CreateStudio.

Twinkle Personal License costs normally $99 and Commercial License costs $199 per year.

With my special offer you can get Twinkle at a reduced price of $49 the personal License and $99 the Commercial License.

Yes, Twinkle license allows you to use their royalty free music for Youtube videos.

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