Talkia vs Speechelo vs TTS-BarrazaCarlos

Talkia vs Speechelo vs TTS.BarrazaCarlos, which one is better?

Well, you should know that in overall they are based on the technology of Google and Amazon Cloud.

The differences relies on the user experience platforms, the extra services and of course, the prices.

Keep reading to learn more about the Text to Speech Software that are available online.

Talkia vs Speechelo vs TTS Barrazacarlos
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What is Talkia?

Talkia is a text-to-speech software released by Bryxen, which has the ability to convert something written into an audio overlay, using realistic sounds and ideal for the realization of all those projects within which voiceovers serve to save time, money and effort in the creation of different types of videos, commercials and audiobooks.

Basically, it uses Google Wavenet or Amazon Polly to convert scripts to text-to-speech.

In this sense, by using Talkia it is possible to complement videos so that they sell better, that is to say, that they have a higher conversion potential, thus increasing the profitability of your business.

Moreover, it is an easy-to-use software, with which it is possible to create striking professional voiceovers in a short time. It is as simple as typing the text in its editor, then choose the voice you want to use and click to preview it.

You can also customize your creation by adding a musical background and then choose to export your voice-over. Talkia takes care of creating it in mp3 audio format, compatible with different types of digital devices and thus add it to any video you want to use as part of your business promotional activities.

It even allows you to record a speech and play it back at any time or a presentation for a group of clients; regulating its quality and tone, so that it is clear, precise and pleasant for those who listen to it.

Advantages and disadvantages of Talkia



What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is the best text-to-speech online software that I have found so far. 

Speechelo has the posibility to run multiple campaigns to have the different voices that are required.

The voices that you can get from Speechelo are very human like, this is the closest text-to-speech with natural voices.

Speechelo is mainly running on AWS. Therefore comparing Speechelo vs Amazon Polly is not a real thing, since Speechelo is already using the technology from Amazon Polly.

With this text to speech software you can convert texts into humanlike voices. Speechelo generate highquality voiceovers in just seconds. But it is worth mentioning that Speechelo and Speechelo Pro are not free and you can’t download the app. It is an online app.

As a short Speechelo Review, it is actually a very useful text-to-speech software where you can have unlimited usage when you the the one-time payments plan.

Here are some examples of the voices that you can find in Speechelo. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Speechelo



What is

Our Text to Speech Software is the bridge between the big main cloud providers and the users to ease the use of this technology.

Using directly one of the cloud providers might need the implementation of additional code, which will take some time or if you are not a programmer, you might not know where to start.

You can create text to speech voices way easier without any prior configuration with the Cloud providers.

Both its neural TTS and standard TTS technology are able to enhance the ability to synthesize natural speech and feature accurate pronunciation regardless of whether it is acronym expansion, abbreviations, or date and time interpretation.

It is available for dozens of languages, with real male and female voices. Neural voices make even better the Text to Speech software to create nearly real human voices.

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Talkia vs Speechelo vs TTS.Barrazacarlos Pricing

With Talkia and Speechelo it is recommended to search for speciall offers to get discount, or to get a one-time payment. 

They also have a subscription model which is lower than what you will spend for the one time payment.

In the case of ours,, you can start with the lowest price plan and use all the voices, even the Neural Voices. But as stated, its negative side is that in order to have more credits, you will have to repurchase. Contrary with Talkia and Speechelo, which with their one-time payment plans, you don’t have to do repurchases, but they do have upsells to get more features of their software. 

$ 67 One Time Payment
  • Standard Voices & AI Voices
  • Personal License
$ 47 One Time Payment
  • Standard Voices
$ 5
One Time Payment
  • 100,000 Characters
  • Standard & AI Voices

Talkia vs Speechelo vs TTS.Barrazacarlos
Advanced Features Pricing

$ 97 Annually
  • More & AI Voices
  • Commercial License
Speechelo Pro
$ 145 One Time
  • Access to AI Voices
$ 42
One Time Payment
  • 1,000,000 Characters
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