Speechelo Chinese, Cantonese & Taiwanese 🗣️ 15 Voices

In this article about Speechelo Chinese, Cantonese & Taiwanese, you will finde out some text to speech voices samples in the chinese language that can help you to experience by yourself the quality of Speechelo.

As we have mentioned in our Speechelo Review, it is one of the best text to speech software available.

Certainly, the Speechelo chinese, cantonese and taiwanese voices are good, but the opinion that matters is yours.

Keep reading to listen the Speechelo chinese voices.

Speechelo Chinese
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Is Speechelo Chinese any good?

Speechelo is a text to speech software that can help to generate voices in different languages, including chinese, cantonese and taiwanese.

In Speechelo Chinese, the variants are Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tawianese.

It is worth mentioning that Speechelo Chinese Mandarin has more variants than the Cantonese and Taiwanese voices.

Having a bit of knowledge of the chinese language, we can say that Speechelo Chinese is ok, but probably not the best human like voice coming from a text to speech software.

As these technologies have improved, yes, they are getting closer to be almost real, but in the case of Speechelo Chinese, the voices are still not the best.

As recommendation, Speechelo Artificial Intelligence voices are the best ones of the platform.

Any other voice that are from the standard versions are not as good as the AI ones, therefore it would be better to have the Pro version.

If you are aiming to create videos that require voice overs, then having Speechelo is a good resource to have.

The software has two variants Speechelo vs Speechelo PRO, where the PRO version has more features tha can help to create longer german audios.

Here we will let you a set of audios that include the different Speechelo Chinese voices that are available.

WIth this Speechelo test audios, we hope you can have an overview.

We took a chinese text from our blog to create the audios. The text might not be perfect chinese, since we used the translation editor DeepL, Bing and Stars21.

Speechelo Cantonese Voice Examples

Speechelo Chinese Mandarin Voice Examples

Speechelo Taiwanese Voice Examples

Speechelo Logo

What Is Speechelo?

Speechelo is the best text-to-speech online software that I have found so far.

Speechelo has the posibility to run multiple campaigns to have the different voices that are required.

The voices that you can get from Speechelo are very human like, this is the closest text-to-speech with natural voices.

Speechelo is mainly running on AWS. Therefore comparing Speechelo vs Amazon Polly is not a real thing, since Speechelo is already using the technology from Amazon Polly.

With this text to speech software you can convert texts into humanlike voices. Speechelo generate highquality voiceovers in just seconds. But it is worth mentioning that Speechelo and Speechelo Pro are not free and you can’t download the app. It is an online app.

As a short Speechelo Review, it is actually a very useful text-to-speech software where you can have unlimited usage when you the the one-time payments plan.

Here are some examples of the voices that you can find in Speechelo.

Speechelo Alternative

Our Text to Speech Software is the bridge between the big main cloud providers and the users to ease the use of this technology.

Using directly one of the cloud providers might need the implementation of additional code, which will take some time or if you are not a programmer, you might not know where to start.

You can create text to speech voices way easier without any prior configuration with the Cloud providers.

You can get access to a wide variety of languages with our Text-to-Speech Software.

The use of the multi-cloud Text-to-Speech technology gives the advantage of finding the best voice and accent that fit your needs. 

Here you can test out the different Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese voices for free, and see if the voices available are the ones that fit your project.

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