Top 10 sites for freelancers.

In this article you will find a list of the best sites for freelancers, being safe spaces to offer services and hire them to move your projects forward.
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Top 10 sites for freelancers

Carlos' Opinion -
Sites for Freelancers.

Deciding to go on the freelancing career might be a new path for some.

True is that sometimes being a freelancer might be a lonely job, but certainly if you know how to deal with your time, tasks, and clients, it won’t feel like that.

I had the opportunity to keep working with Bechtle as freelancer with the Content Marketing team.

For sure, is not the same not being everyday with the team or on their meetings, but certainly the occasional meetings feel like they keep the team bond, even at the distance.

When deciding to further develop more projects or attain more customers, freelancers could either have a direct contact with the companies or use different sites for freelancers.

Following up, we will show you some of the freelancers websites that can help you to keep developing your Freelancer Career.

List of 10 sites for freelancers.


Advisable is a website that offers people instant access to marketing freelancers worldwide, making it an ideal website for freelancers.

In case you are in search of professionals, you will have a catalog of experts within more than 600 different marketing skills from which you can get from instant recommendations, to involving them in your projects.

The website offers you the possibility to apply as someone waiting to find the talent, or as a freelancer.

Decide which mode you want to join and complete the appropriate registration process today at


Upwork could be defined as one of the most used platforms within the freelance world.

Apart from that, it is presumed to be the one that maintains the highest income at present, exceeding the amount of one billion dollars a year.

This figure is expected to increase little by little.

However, although it could be said that it is one of the platforms that offer more opportunities, the competition within it is enormous.

But, that does not detract from the fact that it is a perfect website even for those who are looking for a safe space to start their life within the freelance movement.

On this site both the freelancer and the client have a profile, where the latter applies for the job and the former looks for opportunities.

When they apply and send proposals, the client will have to evaluate it and respond to it.

In case of being selected, the contract is made through the same platform.


Fiverr can be comfortably defined as a specialized platform for buying and selling digital products and services.

That is, everything found on it is delivered in online format, none of these transcends to the physical, or classic, modality.

It is positioned as another of the web portals that enjoy great popularity worldwide when it comes to giving freelancers the opportunity to earn money with specific jobs.

Partly because it is very easy to use, and there are a lot of products and services offered.

It is a space for all types of freelancers, it is a platform where you can do translations, design brochures, logos, and even program applications, or read a person’s astrological chart on video.

Basically, anything you can do digitally can be developed on the site.


Toptal is presented as a global network of world-class talent.

It is, generally speaking, a safe space where more than 100,000 people apply to join as freelancers year after year.

Although, without discouraging, only 3% of the aforementioned amount is successful.

The catalog of offers is a bit limited, since within the platform there is only the possibility of hiring developers, designers, finance experts, project managers and product managers.

Similarly, the jobs for which you can apply are also a limited amount.

However, it is a company that boasts of having the best freelancers in the world.

So, in case you are interested in offering a job there, it won’t be cheap at all.

In case you are looking for opportunities, you can get good remunerations if you meet the expectations.


LinkedIn is, par excellence, the social network of professionals, so it could not be missing in our list of sites for freelancers.

In the event that you know the keys to develop yourself, and you have the time, this can be a room with many doors open for you.

It is a site with more than 575 million users, where it is estimated that at least 260 million of them are active day after day.

And the ways to create an account are in the free and premium mode (with options to see who visits your profile, and get insider information on job offers). 

Although it is managed under the label of a social network, it does not mean that it is a very intuitive site.

So, if you are one of those who do not have the time to know how a site works perfectly before starting, maybe you should skip this one.

Experts Elementor.

Experts Elementors is a website that offers you the possibility to create a profile to showcase your best design, marketing or development projects, and thus have the possibility of being hired by other website creators and owners.

It is a safe space for landing page designers, sensitive, template, WooCommerce, graphic design, among others.

Likewise for developers experienced in WP installation, site migration, Full Stack, HTML, web hosting and Java Script developers

All with specialists in different areas of marketing.

From the client mode you can find the best professionals to make your work much easier, you can filter them by their experience, skills, price range and more.

As a freelancer you can upload a portfolio of projects, and point out your skills to be discovered.

Niche Facebook groups.

Facebook, beyond being a powerful social network to unite us with people we are not close to, can function as one of the best sites for freelancers today.

And the only thing you have to do is to give it the right focus so you can start profiting from your profile.

In the case you make designs, you can join related groups to share the best ones you have made and wait for a job proposal.

The same with any other skill you have. Even, in some of them, clients are the ones who bid for different talents to apply. 

Payments are usually made by PayPal, but you can agree on any other means that works for both parties.

Remember that since it is not a platform specialized in the freelance world, they do not offer guarantees, so do not give anything until you have the money.

Hatchers is a space that offers the possibility to connect with the best freelance specialists in a wide range of projects.

They boast of having those talents that are hard to find elsewhere in the market, and with immediate availability so that you don’t keep postponing the work. 

To speak in general terms, they have specialists, developers, managers, designers, product owners, and much more.

Their website is very intuitive, with a modality for companies, another one for freelancers, and spaces dedicated to solve doubts and share relevant information in the form of a blog that is constantly updated. 

You only have to complete a short registration questionnaire to start earning money.

After that you will be interviewed, you will receive economic proposals and you can get down to work with the project in which you have been selected.

With all the guarantees that your work will be paid.

This is undoubtedly one of the largest freelance sites in the world.

We can already intuit that they have millions of members who are adding year after year by the good reputation that has the same, although not everything is rosy. 

The big problem of the fall of the reputation of this site is based on the fact that they contain a great magnitude of spam publications that the developers cannot control. In case you don’t have time to read all that, this may not be the best alternative. 

In the event that you are still interested, it is a website where you can find freelancers from all over the planet, with specialists some more qualified than the others.

At first it may seem complicated to navigate, but in reality it’s all very intuitive, with a simple registration process that even allows you to use your Facebook account to log in.


Closing our list of sites for freelancers we have Workana, a secure platform that will connect you with millions of clients who need to hire talent in various areas in order to grow their businesses in the shortest possible time. 

The only thing you will have to do is create a profile (where you will choose categories, detail skills, share information about your professional history and show your portfolio) to browse through the published projects and start sending your proposal to those you are really interested in being part of. 

It is a platform where you will find different types of clients.

Most of them will be SMEs and Startups that want to grow their businesses and entrust the process to freelancers.

However, there will also be individuals with personal projects and large multinational companies looking for new talent to innovate.

Now that you know which are the best sites for freelancers, all you have to do is choose one, create your profile and start your journey in this world that can be so lucrative.

Don’t wait a second longer!

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