SEO and how to implement it in wordpress

If you have ever wondered what is the importance of SEO and how to implement it in WordPress, we tell you that you are on the right path to make your website succeed in the top search positions.

Read on to find out what is the relevance of content in SEO, and complement your knowledge.

SEO and how to implement it in wordpress
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Importance of SEO

Let’s start by saying that no matter how much you can attract traffic to your website (you can even use misleading techniques, or penalized by search engines to achieve your goal), if your customers, or potential customers, do not stay to browse your page. 

In this case, the opposite effect to what you expect is produced, because if they don’t like what you offer, they may create bad publicity for you. So, if you can get positive reviews why should you risk a negative one?

The importance of SEO comes when we understand that by using it we grow as a company. And it is something that should be taken into account from the first moment in which we are about to create a website for our project. 

Besides, we also have the creation of content, which is what will attract the most attention. It is expected to be one hundred percent original, educational, well done and, above all, useful for users. What is poorly done only serves to hinder your customers. 

Besides, when you ask yourself why SEO is important, remember that, if you create quality content, you have the option to influence their decision making. And we’re not just talking about the moment of purchase, but also in so many other matters that you’d be surprised at the power that a job well done can have. 

So, working hand in hand with SEO is not only important to bring more people to your website, but to ensure that they will stay and like all the content you have developed on it. This way you will be preventing them from leaving with the competition.

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Link building

Why get Backlinks? Off-Page SEO

In case you are not clear about what is a backlink, we clarify that it is a link that is made from one website to another. For search engines nowadays, both the quantity of these links and the quality of the website are used as ranking criteria. 

What the search engines do is to look at these links as if they were an indication. After all, if another website has gone to the trouble of linking to yours, it is because it believes that you are offering quality content. 

Thus, with each link you have received, your website will gain authority. The higher the level of authority you have, the higher your chances of achieving a good ranking.

Ranking websites by keyword alone is already proving to be somewhat impossible. 

However, before you make a mistake now that you know why to get backlinks, it is not enough to get them from just any website. Nobody likes deceptive techniques, and that “nobody” includes the algorithms of the major search engines. 

Besides, it should be noted that the influence of a backlink on a website not only has to do with the authority of the site (both pages and domain), but also has a direct impact on the following points:

  • On referral, or the acquisition of referral traffic.
  • Brand Awareness, which is the strengthening of the brand.
  • Relationship building.

And it is also worth saying that, if you have backlinks in web pages that are very well positioned in search results, the amount of authority they will be transferring to you will be excellent. So this is another aspect to keep in mind.

The relevance of content in SEO On-Page

When we talk about relevance in online marketing, and more specifically in SEO, we are referring to the expected correspondence between the keywords the user has entered and the content and code of the website they have accessed. 

It seems that the only thing that people tend to deduce nowadays is that the more relevant they become, the more visibility the major search engines will give them. Which translates into a higher level of traffic, which equals success.

However, the relevance of content in SEO focuses on two ways: 

The first one has to do with optimizing the website so that it can be matched to a set of keywords, which have been chosen earlier thanks to successful keyword research to expand visibility and traffic. 

On the other hand, once you are more relevant to what we consider our target audience, we must take the visits we receive of higher quality, which will make there is a greater likelihood of converting achieving our goals. 

So, when we talk about content relevance in SEO not only refers to placing titles or optimal descriptions, this whole issue goes much further. We must seek to be relevant for the user not only relying on the content, but in the way it is structured. 

We see that for the optimization of content relevance in SEO we must work to make it rich and according to the expectation that the user has when he clicks on our website. And that influences everything, not only what is read.

Implementing SEO in WordPress by Installing Rank Math

SEO is not stuffing keywords in the content or adding the keywords in the SEO plugins such as Rank Math or Yoast.

There are several ranking factors that are going to be considered and tell any search engine if the website it is worth showing it to the users.

Actually, implementing SEO in WordPress not neccesarily must use a SEO WordPress plugin, but it certainly will help with some of those aspects.

Therefore it is highly recommended to go to the Plugin Dashboard and search for Rank Math, which in our opinion is the best SEO plugin available and it is improving even more.

 You can download Rank Math for free, but also the Rank Math Pro version has advanced features that can help you with aspects such as the Schema Markup, Woocommerce, Local SEO and Video SEO.

Rank Math recently added the Content AI, which uses artificial intelligence to give recommendations to improve your content.

After installing Rank Math, you can easily follow the instructions.

We have left Darrel’s tutorial so that you can follow step by step the process.


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