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Maintaining and managing a website or an online business goes far beyond having a good marketing strategy, because, depending on where the campaign is targeted, it may not get the necessary results for the positioning of your website. In order to monetize your online business, it is important to be among the first results in search engines, allowing you to be one of the best options.

To achieve the organic positioning of your web page, that is, the natural positioning within the unpaid search results of search engines, it is necessary to use SEO tools, in this case we will talk about Semrush as your best option to achieve your goals.

What is Semrush?

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Semrush offers everything you need to get started in a single platform dashboard to perform SEO, content marketing, competition analysis, SEO and SEM auditing, monitor organic positioning and perform social media marketing.

All this and more define what Semrush is, but let’s give it a better concept structure.

It is a competitive intelligence platform created to help the natural positioning of web pages, through the SEO tools provided by the program.

It is also considered one of the best SEO software to perform all the necessary tasks for the management and growth of an online portal.

Through Semrush you can easily and quickly obtain measurable results and compared with the competition on the level and status that your company has within the niche.

On the other hand, it allows access to countless strategies and tools to achieve goals in less time and increase both traffic and workflow and sales.

Semrush helps you identify how the site is performing, how it increases or decreases its traffic, and how you can develop more your website.

Semrush started in 2008 as a possible project to make online competitions fair and transparent, according to its creators, Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov. At that time it started with a free Google Chrome extension known as SeoQuake, which allowed a very basic analysis of page rankings.

Today this extension still exists, but SEMrush provides more tools and possibilities for those experts in digital marketing and SEO. Currently the site is structured to provide the services of; search engine optimization, social media marketing, advertising, content marketing, SEO content analysis tool and tracking of positioning.

Semrush Pricing

Pro Plan
$ 119
  • For newbies and small teams:
  • 5 projects
  • 500 keywords to track
  • 10,000 results per report
Guru Plan
$ 229
  • For agencies and mid-size businesses:
  • 15 projects
  • 1,500 keywords to track
  • 30,000 results per report
Business Plan
$ 449
  • For large agencies and enterprises:
  • 40 projects
  • 5,000 keywords to track
  • 50,000 results per report

To access SEMrush tools, it is necessary to pay for any of the plans presented by the platform, but you can try the free trial with the basic tools to see if it gives you what you need to achieve the goal of positioning your website within the search engines.

If you already know the work of Semrush and want to hire a plan with all the right tools and direct to work you can purchase any of the following SEMrush plans.

Pro Plan

It has a free trial and is designed for small or start-up companies. This plan has a monthly price of $119.95 and grants the following tools for its users:

Ability to create 5 projects.

  • A total of 500 keywords to track.
  • An approximate of 10,000 results for each report.
  • Within the SEO, social marketing and PPC tools it offers:
  • The ability to perform competitive analysis.
  • Professional keyword research
  • SEO audit for your web site.
  • Variety of advertising tools
  • Social media marketing tools

Guru Plan

Semrush’s Guru plan has a free trial to get to know its professional tools. It has a monthly price of $229.95 and is created for agencies and businesses with little time to create so it grants the following elements:

  • You can make or create a total of 15 projects.
  • Get 1500 keywords to put into use.
  • An average of 30,000 results for each report created.

Within the specific features, you will find everything provided by the Pro Plan plus the following features:

  • ToolKit for content marketing.
  • Obtaining historical data
  • Ability to track across multiple devices and get location.
  • GDS functionality can be integrated

Business Plan

The Semrush Business Plan is created for large companies and agencies specialized in digital marketing, which is why it has professional tools adapted to their needs. It has a price of $449.95 per month and the possibility of making a customized plan.

  • Create a total of 40 projects or more.
  • Get 5000 keywords to put to use.
  • With a total of 50,000 results per report performed.

For specialized tools you can find everything provided by the Guru plan added to the following:

  • Voice search function
  • Extension of limits within different functions.
  • Direct API access
  • Being able to migrate information from third-party tools without paying anything extra.

These are the Semrush prices or Semrush pricing, which can be modified by paying the plans annually, reaching a saving of 17% in any of the plans. Visit the official SEMrush website and get the plan that suits your needs.

How does Semrush SEO Tools work?

This platform is a bank of tools for the activity you want to perform on your website On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, which you can enter in the corresponding sections of the panel.

But in order to use Semrush, besides getting a payment plan, it is necessary to make a Semrush registration and then a Semrush login to access your projects.

When you have your Semrush account created, it is important to indicate what you want to do because its functions are divided by department.

For the SEO functions of Semrush, you must indicate that you want to position your project and you will be able to access the following functions.

As the best SEO tool, Semrush also has the following functions:

Through these functions and its different tools, you will have a natural web positioning and the growth of your company in a short time.

What makes Semrush different from other tools?

Semrush is not just another organic search tool interface, because it cares about its users online presence and takes care of giving them all the material they need to learn and grow your domain in the digital world.

Not only does it want to help websites to rank with technical SEO insights, and as a Youtube SEO tool, but it also wants the owners to have knowledge and professional growth by providing strategies and spaces for the exchange of ideas and trends.

Among the resources that Semrush provides to encourage the learning of its users, they have the following:

In addition to the resources provided by Semrush, you can have benefits as a user, where you can find the application center, where you can access the store, applications and everything related to your tools as a user within the platform.

Who can use Semrush?

Semrush as an fully-features SEO tool, has been created for professionals in the area of digital marketing and similar activities, so it has functions for professionals and little guidance material to learn how to use the tools.

Therefore, Semrush can be used only by marketing professionals and with knowledge in Google Analytics statistics, since this way they will be able to take greater advantage of the tools provided by the platform.

On the other hand, SEMrush functions can be used by entrepreneurs as long as they are guided by an advertising department and they have clear objectives to seek with the use of the platform. It is necessary to take the free trial of any plan in order to get to know the way Semrush works and become familiar with the tools.

Having all the corresponding information about the best SEO tool on the market for comprehensive backlink analysis, position tracking and On-Page SEO checker, it is important to remember that you can access it by creating an account on its official website and making the payment corresponding to the plan you have chosen to grow your business and achieve a correct web positioning. 

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