Resume examples to get the perfect job.

Here you will find some resume examples, and also an explanation of why it is important to consider a quality resume to get the dream job.
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Resume examples to find the perfect job

Carlos' Opinion -

When searching for a job, either if it is for the first time, to find another one, or to get a new beginning in the professional journey, the resume ends up being the tool for professionals.

Honestly, I am not really passionate about creating a Resume.

At university there were guide courses that can help you to fill out a resume.

For the first time, I was kind of lost of where to start, if I didn’t have any work experience.

So it was recommended to add any extra activities that I have done.

I faced writing resumes for the university to apply to international exchange programs, as well as for internships.

I remember that I tried a little when I was in Pforzheim to apply for internships.

Coming back to Mexico that time, I needed to find one so I sit down again to try to fill the resume.

What skills to I have to fill out my own resume?

As a student, I had experience with student groups, the international exchange participation and the extra languages.

So that was a start.

But to be “professional”, of course there are companies who might look for a professional experience in the department that it is being searched.

And the eternal question arise for the new ones, how I will get experience if I don’t get a job, and how I will get a job if I don’t have experience.

I eventually got a non-paid internship that helped out to gain at least 5 months of experience. 

It was a part-time internship, but it did helped to learn more about a consulting business.

When I aimed to go back to Germany, I needed to create a resume for the Hochschule Heilbronn.

So I did a simple resume.

Then, when doing my master studies, I eventually needed to find a job to be able to earn some money while living in Germany, of course.

So I went again back to the adventure and created a resume in German.

Quite a challenge, isn’t?

And honestly, the design is very simple.

If was just made with Word.

In Germany, at least from what I have heard, a straight forward, with a professional picture and ordered structure would be better than a fancier resume.

So, of course it would depend of the cultures.

Here I add some other resume examples of mine, that I created when I applied to another study program.

This one has a very nice design, in my opinion, but I got rejected. 🙁

And also this other resume example, that I used for the Mercado Libre Consulting certification. 


There are no magic pathways to build up a resume, it is a matter of setting up what you have done in a paper.

If you don’t have any idea where to start because you don’t have the experience for the job that you want, I recommend you to start building up yourself towards your dream job.

Don’t wait until someone gives you the job so that you can develop yourself on it.

Aim for courses, start your own small project and prepare yourself as if you have currently that job.

Dedicate one hour of your time to develop yourself and who might know, in the future you might land in that dream job, just as I did.

When I started my blog, I didn’t knew I was also actually developing myself in the area of digital marketing.

Eventually, the skills I learned by creating my own personal project, caught the attention of who is/was my boss.

And so can I say, I am still Bechtle collaborator as freelancer.

Use some available tools from Canva, Word, or even Envato Elements if you want a set of resume templates.

Of course, there are different styles and there is no perfect one.

If would become perfect if you land in the job that you dream.

Keep reading more about resume examples.

Why is a resume important?

Many people have wondered what it takes to get a good job, and to get anything in life, the ideal is to make a good first impression, and in the job market field, this is achieved with the help of the resume.

The resume is a summary of a person’s data, along with his or her work history, which helps others to have a prior knowledge about the person’s achievements, and based on this, a job offer can be considered.

In general, what helps in the selection of an applicant is the content of the applicant’s resume, i.e., the work achievements that are indicated in the CV.

However, something that is also considered of utmost importance is the appearance that the resume should have, since it also reflects much of the personality and attitudes that the person applying for the job opportunity has.

Below, you will see some examples of resumes, and we will also explain why it is important to consider a quality resume.

When a job is in high demand, there are many people interested in this job, but the companies or the employer cannot risk hiring someone who does not meet the expectations that are required, since that would be a waste of money and time.

That is why a careful choice must be made, and the people interested must give their best, so that they can find the right employee.

But… How can the company know if the applicant for the position is the right one? Should it do a practical test?

Possibly, but, before any decision or test, it is important to study the past of this person, what is his experience, and the most relevant data for the position, it is here where the company requests the resume of each person, to proceed to the election.

What are the characteristics of a resume?

Being a sheet where the educational and work background of a person is explained, it is important to take into account certain points, among them:

It must be direct:

A resume should have the necessary information, that is, it should not be overloaded with details that are irrelevant because it can be tedious to read and the idea is to arouse the interest of others. When creating your resume, you should offer your data in a direct way, and only place the elements that may be of interest to contractors.

It should not look empty:

This may be a bit contradictory to the first characteristic, but keep in mind that you will not arouse the interest of someone looking for an employee if your resume is empty. You have to make sure that you put the necessary information, in such a way as to make it appear that the document is neither lacking nor surplus to requirements.

It must be easy to read:

For the design, you must think very well about the range of colors you are going to use, if you want to choose a dark letter, the background must be light and vice versa. If the background and the font have the same tone, this would complicate the reading for whoever you give your resume.

It must be honest:

One of the most common and serious mistakes when writing a resume is to give information that is not truthful. Getting a job based on lies is not a success, as it will eventually affect your reputation. If you have no experience, the best solution is not to lie, but to prepare yourself, since you can lie on a resume, but not when it comes to getting a job.

Resume examples.

There are different platforms where you can build your Resume easily or with more advanced skills.

1. Resume in Canva.

If you decide to create your resume yourself, Canva has a lot to offer you.

This tool helps you create your resume with beautiful templates that you can compare carefully until you find the ideal one for you.

Here you can find different resume examples, separated by different templates and models ranging from modern, elegant, corporate, simple, youthful and many more.

Once you have found the template, you only have to customize your resume the way you prefer, you can also add missing elements, and delete the ones that are left over.

If you need to change a color or a font, feel free to do so, and of course, you can’t forget to add your photo or any other image that requires it.

With this feature you can save time in design, and still get results that will increase your chances of getting a good job.


2. Resume on Envato Elements.

Envato Elements is another tool that comes in very handy when it comes to making creations, and resume building is not far behind.

This tool has several options to use and test.

In order to download the Envato Elements template, the user needs to be registered, and if you pay for membership, you can receive unlimited access to as many templates as you want.

The resumes that are created on Envato Elements have a good variety in terms of color palette, plus there is a lot of material to choose from, so you can find an ideal template to build your CV.

Resume Example Envato Elements 1
Resume Example Envato Elements 2

3. Resume with Word.

Word is a program that has helped many professionals to write different types of documents, and creating a resume in Word is not a complicated task.

You just have to open the program, and go to the part that says “new” in the upper left part of the screen, click on where it says “resume” and there you can find different templates that you want, so you can choose the one you like the most, and the one that goes more in line with the job you want to apply for.

Once the template is loaded in Word, you only have to fill in the format with the corresponding information, and once you have finished you only have to save it.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that one of the advantages that Word offers when preparing a resume is that you can download the template from any website and then redesign it to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions about Resumes.

Tips for creating an ideal resume and getting a good job.

Be professional:

Make sure you take care of every detail in the elaboration of your resume, i.e. spelling, writing and design. Everything should work together and look nice, neat and organized for the reader.

Submit your CV on two separate sheets of paper:

This only applies if you are going to show it physically, but be sure to print two sheets, as it is frustrating to compare the information by flipping the sheet, also be sure to take it in a folder, so you do not have to fold or wrinkle it, and also avoid it to get dirty or stained.

Be honest:

This is a tip that will help you avoid problems in the future, and it will also help you a lot when it comes to finding the job that best suits your skills and that is really for you.

Be innovative:

The first thing people will see on your resume is the top of the page, therefore, if you are going to place your photo make sure it is located in that space, as well as the most important data, such as your name, profession and specialties where you stand out.

Keep in mind, if you apply for a job and don’t get it, it doesn’t mean that your resume failed. Most likely, what you have to offer is not what the company needs, so if you didn’t succeed in getting a job, it’s because it wasn’t the perfect job for you. You just take care of preparing your resume in the best way, and you will be ready to get a good job.

Resume examples to find the perfect job

Table of Contents

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