7 Best Powerpoint templates for SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a great tool to help you make decisions and plan for the future. It can be used to assess your business or idea, identify strengths and weaknesses, and create strategies that will give you an edge over competitors.

To make the most of your SWOT Analysis, it is important to have a Powerpoint presentation that is well-designed and professional.

With so many options available, it can be hard to choose the right SWOT template.

Here are seven of the best SWOT Powerpoint templates that will help you create a winning presentation.

Each SWOT analysis template has been designed with modern design trends in mind and comes with customizable slides that are easy to use to showcase your strategic planning.

At Envato Elements you can find plenty of templates in Powerpoint and Google Slide you can try out to create your SWOT diagrams.

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching design or an informative layout, these SWOT analysis ppt templates provide everything you need to engage your audience.

Powerpoint templates for SWOT Analysis
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SWOT Analysis Animated Powerpoint Presentation

SWOT Analysis Animated Powerpoint Presentation

This SWOT Analysis Powerpoint Template is a compelling template to improve the visuals of sales and marketing concepts through a tubular shape diagram. 

The SWOT matrix will bring your presentation to life.

This set of 49 slides has been designed by experts, and can be easily modified with your own content. All objects are vector-based and totally adjustable – icons used are smart objects and vectors, so they can be re-sized and colours changed without any loss in quality.

The package folder contains a wide variety of materials to help make your presentation stand out. It includes 49 unique slides with an aspect ratio of 16:9, 90 color themes, and over 3000 icons. Additionally, it is easy to change the colors and edit the content with just one click.

This allows you to fully customize your presentations quickly and easily.

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template and Infographics Slides

SWOT Analysis - PowerPoint Infographics Slides

This PowerPoint template contains 17 distinct SWOT Analysis slides, allowing you to cover every aspect of your strategy. It also includes 204 total slides, a beginning slide and an ending slide. There are 12 different color variations, as well as a light background. 

As if that weren’t enough, there are 280 fully editable vector icons that are included for free. The entire presentation is handmade with infographics, and all elements within the presentation can be easily edited. 

Additionally, it contains master slides and is formatted for 16:9 full HD resolution. The template comes in both PowerPoint PPTX and PDF formats with easy-to-follow documentation so you can get started quickly!

SWOT ANALYSIS - Multipurpose Powerpoint V180

SWOT ANALYSIS - Multipurpose Powerpoint V180

This contemporary and tidy professional presentation template is especially tailored for an agency or any type of company. It can easily be edited, with the ability to alter colors, text, and photographs.

This presentation offers a modern and professional design with 16:9 widescreen layouts, available in Retina and Full HD resolutions. The template contains a total of 150 slides, with 30 unique slides that are customizable to any style. 

Additionally, this presentation offers five different color schemes, as well as master slide features which make it easy to drag and drop images and placeholders. You can also modify the resizable vector icons available in the .pptx format. Lastly, complete file information is included with your purchase.

SWOT Template for Powerpoint Presentation

SWOT Powerpoint Presentation

A SWOT Powerpoint Presentation is an essential tool for any business. It provides a comprehensive overview of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats your organization may face. 

With 1000 icons set, fully animated and presented in 16:9 full HD quality, it is easy to create a professional presentation that captures your audience’s attention. The slides are simple to edit, allowing you to customize the presentation to suit your needs. A SWOT Powerpoint Presentation is the perfect way to communicate the goals and objectives of your business.

SWOT Diagram for PowerPoint Template

SWOT & Diagram PowerPoint Template

Nowadays, there are many incredible presentation templates to choose from. Therefore, we need to change the way we think in order to create not only attractive slides but also an overall improved experience. We present the SWOT & Diagram PowerPoint Template for helping you through every phase of your business growth with a consistent brand identity, starting from launching a new project, gaining recognition among competitors, and ending with a stronger goal proposition.

This presentation template offers a variety of features. Ten unique slides are included, along with 90+ XML files that feature custom Microsoft Office theme colors. Two background options are available, light and dark. The template is designed for widescreen (16:9) viewing. Handmade infographics provide visual appeal and the entire presentation is fully customizable. To top it off, a free icon pack is included to spice up the presentation even more.

This package contains a selection of useful files, such as the PowerPoint files in both light and dark versions. Additionally, there are 90+ XML files with authentic colors. The package also includes a help guide file and an icons pack file. Therefore, you have everything you need to get started on your project in one place!

Stobe SWOT Business Analyst Powerpoint

Stobe SWOT Business Analyst Powerpoint

A professionally crafted editable SWOT Analysis Powerpoint presentation for a variety of applications, such as internal pitch decks, investor presentations, weekly meetings, annual reports, and business reports. Quickly craft your professional pitch deck with ease – all objects in this template are completely customizable in Powerpoint.

This presentation is a multi-functional resource with an abundance of features. It contains 25 slides in high definition resolution that can be easily edited using Powerpoint. Additionally, it has drag & drop image placeholders, master slides, and creative portfolio slides. To further enhance the presentation’s appeal, there are elegant slide transitions, quote and product slides, team management slides, as well as product descriptions and professional company profile slides. This makes it perfect for showcasing products and features.

SWOT PowerPoint Template Infographic

SWOT Infographic PowerPoint Template

This SWOT Template ppt provides an engaging visual aid to illustrate your sales and marketing concepts through a tube shape diagram. It includes 16 unique slides, all of which have been professionally designed and are easy to edit with your own content. The objects used in the template are all vector-based and fully editable, while the icons are smart objects that can be easily resized and recolored without losing any resolution.

The Package Folder contains a plethora of items to make presentations easier and more efficient. It includes 16 Unique Slides with two aspect ratios – 16:9 and 4:3. In addition, there are 90 color themes and over 3000 icons to choose from. Changing colors is easy with just one click, as well as editing content. All of these features make creating presentations a breeze.

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