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Making a Podcast is a valuable tool for any content creator, for this you need programs like Podcastle, the best tool for editing Podcast, where you can find everything you need to make your content, the best in quality.

The advantage of Podcast is that it allows users who have access to the content to download the audio file and listen to it from any device. If you still can’t find a place to start making your Podcast, get to know the Podcastle tool and try its resources.

What is Podcastle AI?

Can you imagine being able to convert everything you find in text into a Podcast?

Podcastle is an AI-powered audio Podcasts creation platform where you will be able to go from text to voice in just seconds and from audio to text in the same way.

In addition, the creation of Podcast from scratch with the quality of web studio recording.

It is a web-based platform that allows podcasters to create audio files from scratch, edit and modify any audio, get the best recordings from text and in turn change your voice to text.

From its enhanced tools such as background noise removal, possible detection of the right words for the filler, easy-to-use tools to change audio to text, resources for Podcast recording and format converter, it is what makes Podcastle one of the most used programs that make editing your content a breeze..

When we talk about Podcastle Chrome extension, we refer to the free version of this program, which you can get by accessing the Google Chrome store and entering the extension section.

With this version of Podcastle you can automatically convert any text into audio just by activating the extension in your browser.

Podcastle is gaining territory as an audio content creation platform that helps every participant – no fancy equipment required to develop an amazing storytelling or fiction podcasts in seconds.

In conclusion, Podcastle is an online Podcast editor, using artificial intelligence or posdcaste ai, as the main tool to convert your content into a recording without errors and with the best quality that can be found to be downloaded in any format.

Podcastle Pricing

$ 0 Free Forever
  • Separate audio & video tracks for each participant
  • Unlimited Audio recording
  • Up to 160kbps MP3 Audio download quality
  • 3 hours Video Recording
  • 720p Video Download Quality
$ 14
  • Separate audio & video tracks for each participant
  • Unlimited Audio recording
  • 320kbps MP3 or 1411kbps WAV
  • 8 hours Video Recording
  • Up to 4k Video Download Quality
$ 29
  • Separate audio & video tracks for each participant
  • Unlimited Audio recording
  • 320kbps MP3 or 1411kbps WAV
  • 20 hours Video Recording
  • Up to 4k Video Download Quality

As mentioned above, Podcastle, presents a free version as a google extension, but it is important to know that this version does not present all the professional tools and resources of the program. To access them, it is necessary to know the plans and prices they handle.

The plans presented by Podcastle for beginners and experts are usually based on the quality you are looking for in the different categories presented by the program. That is to say, if you require more tools for recording and editing, you must access a special plan.

Among the plans presented by Podcastle, we have the following ones:

Basic Plan

The best Podcastle plan for beginners and those who start this exciting journey through postcasting. It is completely free and does not require credit card information to get started.

You will be able to enjoy unlimited audio recordings with an incredible download quality of up to 160kbps in MP3 format. Moreover, you have three hours of video recording access with a 720p download quality and the Podcastle watermark on the images. Furthermore, you can use the sound enhancement feature powered by Magic Dust AI for three uses.

The sound editing software provides a number of useful features, such as the removal of background noise and automated balancing of audio components. It also offers limited access to music, sound effects and one hour of automatic transcription for audio and video. Furthermore, users can gain unlimited access to the text-editing tool and a 10K character text-to-speech converter. Together, these features allow for comprehensive sound editing.

Storyteller Plan

This Podcastle plan has been created for those fans and regular users of podcasting, offering the necessary tools to take their productions to a better level of quality. It costs $11.99, which is billed on an annual basis.

Unlimited access to audio recording of outstanding quality is provided in MP3 format with 320 kbps and WAV format with 1411 kbps. Furthermore, up to eight hours of video recording is available in 4K resolution without any watermark. Editing tools are also available for unlimited use. There is an option to transcribe up to 10 hours of audio and video as well. The text-to-speech switching can be done using the editing tool provided with the access of 400k characters.

Pro Plan

Ideal plan for professionals to unleash their skills and imagination. It costs $23.99, which will be billed on an annual basis.

Having access to a wide array of recording tools with audio quality up to 320kbps in MP3 format and 1411 kbps, as well as nearly 20 hours at 4k video quality, users have the capability to create their content without any watermark. Additionally, podcast editing resources are provided with an unlimited supply and up to 25 hours of automatic audio and video transcription for convenience.

The editing of transcribed texts has no bounds with an unlimited array of tools available. Characteristics up to one million can be switched over to speech-to-text modes. Furthermore, there are an abundance of new capabilities such as filler word detection and removal, and automatic episode summarization. On top of this, having the review tools is a valuable asset along with the addition of brand new features.

Depending on what you want to get about Podcastle tools, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs and you can purchase it on their official website

Using Podcastle features to record, edit and distribute your audio files

Although its best known tool is the artificial intelligence for automatic transcription, Podcastle, presents a series of functions that perfectly explains how Podcastle works and its resources.

Podcastle, mainly, provides a toolkit that, although created for professionals, its simplicity and ease of use allows anyone to make use of them. Among the most popular features of Podcastle, we have the following:

Multi-track recordings

With this category, you will be able to access all the Podcast tools that allow you to record interviews with the professional quality of a studio.

Intuitive editing

Thanks to Podcastle’s editing tools and artificial intelligence, you will be able to fill in silences, eliminate noise, enter sound and musical effects where appropriate according to the system’s suggestions.

Audio transcription

Don’t waste time transcribing what you hear, with the audio transcription tools, you can convert audio or voice notes into text automatically and in real time.

Magic Tool

Known as magic dust, this category of Podcastle allows you to convert your audio into a clean, error-free product. With equalizer and noise cancellation via Podcast AI, you can beautify your recordings.


Through more than 10,000 characters, you can find the voice that most closely resembles what you want and transcribe text to speech automatically. Use a voice mask and record over the final result to fill in or edit.

To access these Podcastle features, you must log in, create an account and choose a payment plan that allows you to enjoy all the professional benefits.

What differentiates Podcastle from Podcast Recording Software?

Normally, Podcastle is compared with the best Podcast recording software programs or tools for Podcast such as Anchor, Descript and Audacity, but it is important to differentiate the resources that Podcastle presents as a tool for editing Podcast.

The amount of uses that Podcastle has, differentiates it from the competition, since its tools open a great space of possibilities beyond the content creators or Podcast.

Besides that, in Podcastle, you can access all the education you need to improve in the world of communication.

Through its Podcast blog, announcements and the support service that Podcastle has, you can access all the information you need to grow and learn about content creation from scratch and learn how to use the tools that the portal provides for you.

Who can take advantage of Podcastle?

Despite being a production-quality tool primarily for creating and editing Podcast, Podcastle resources have been used for years in different areas for professional music tracks and sounds.

Podcastle tools give a professional studio touch and can be used by education personnel, both teachers and students, content creators through Podcast, all those who belong to the world of communication and online information transmission.

It can also be used by publishers or book authors who want to convert their manuscript into an audiobook, since Podcastle’s tools allow automatic transcription from text to voice.

In this way, Podcastle has become one of the most used portals worldwide by beginners and professionals in different areas of communication.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know one of the most complete tools for the Podcast world and enter its page to get the basic plan and access the resources that will help you get started in the creation of audio content.

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