5 Mental Health Tips for Entrepreneurs 

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The body and the brain are the most important tools that entrepreneurs have to take care if they want to eventually succeed in business for the long run.

We only have one body and one brain, and having a business requires us to be in good mental shape in order to manage the different business areas such as sales, logistics, finance, accounting and human resources.

Taking care of ourselves turns out to be a priority, not only when having an own business, but for people in general. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs face many more different business issues that they have to solve.

Following up, we share some mental health tips that can help entrepreneurs to take care of their mental health and keep themselves mentally sharp in the long run.

Mental Health Tips for Entrepreneurs
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1. Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a race

As entrepreneurs, we are mainly focused on the business growth, employees, customers, inventory, and everything that surrounds a business, but sometimes we forget to put ourselves and our mental health in the first place that we don’t give us a time off.

According to Dr Eric, an american therapist in Bangkok,More often than not, people who come to counseling or psychotherapy don’t actually have a disorder or mental illness, but rather are just experiencing a bit of a “bump in the road” or somewhat of a minor life difficulty and need someone with whom to talk.”

For entrepreneurs it is important to have mentors, and it can be the case that not only business mentors but also life coaches or psychologists.

Consider taking some breaks sometimes, get some support and slow down for a while. Remember that an entrepreneurial journey is a marathon, not a race, so you have to take care of your mind and body.

2. Don't put the whole pressure on yourself

When it comes to checking out your to-do list as an entrepreneur, there might be sometimes that some tasks will turn out more important than others, that won’t leave you some time to finish all at once.

Think about sharing the workload with your team, so that you don’t build up stress for yourself.

The rise of stress and cortisol in the body can lead to inflammation, especially brain inflammation, and can eventually generate more health problems.

When you have reached a point of brain fog or getting your attention in things that are not helping yourself nor your business, you could also consider different testings like ADHD testing, adrenal fatigue testing or hormone labs to find out root causes.

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3. Practice stress reducing activities.

To counteract the stress that is building up in the body and also avoid that it affects your mental health due to your responsibilities in business, consider practical activities that can help you to cope with it.

A typical 30 minute exercise routine can help you to release endorphins, which will produce an effect of feeling good after. 

As well, yoga or spiritual practices will help your body and mind to be set in a relaxed state, that will lower your stress levels.

4. Address your nutrition with whole foods

The gut-brain connection is extremely important to enjoy a life with good mental health.

Include in your diet foods that are good for the brain such as berries, avocado, turmeric, walnuts, dark chocolate, salmon and probiotics like greek yogurt and kefir.

As well, consider reducing or eliminating foods that can bring inflammation to the brain such as gluten, sugar or alcohol.

A well balanced diet that doesn’t include processed food will do better for your whole body in general, plus your mental health.

5. Add up supplements for the brain

Entrepreneurs might also reach a point where even having a rich food diet might not be enough, and including some supplements can be something to consider to give a hand to mental health.

Vitamin D and Vitamin B are very important to regulate the whole body and immune system.

Vitamin D and Vitamin B deficiency have been linked with mental health issues.

Contemplate first to take some sun baths for at least 15 minutes daily which is the primary source for vitamin D.

To add up you can find some droplets of Vitamin D that can help you to reach optimal levels, as well with tablets of vitamin B complex.

As well, a good balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 will give that extra support for your brain sharpness.

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