5 Mental Health Tips for Entrepreneurs 

Mental Health Tips for Entrepreneurs

Written by The body and the brain are the most important tools that entrepreneurs have to take care if they want to eventually succeed in business for the long run. We only have one body and one brain, and having a business requires us to be in good mental shape in order to manage the […]

What is personal growth and development and how to achieve it?

What is personal growth and development

Written by If you have asked yourself what is personal growth and personal development, you have taken the complete step to achieve the best of you, because when we begin to care about who we are, we begin to improve. Learn more about this topic, and also how to achieve personal growth and personal development […]

17 Personal Growth and Development Goals Examples

personal growth and development goals examples

Written by Having personal growth and development goals is natural, it is what makes us human and leads us to evolve as better, more complete people, having more knowledge, perception, active listening, control, ability, achieving goals, among others. Learn in this article 17 examples of personal growth and development goals that can help you to […]

Professional Ethics in Mental Health Care

professional ethics in mental health

The health industry needs a real change, and as I have mentioned in my Hashimoto in Men posts, the true and real healing is not being seen in conventional medicine. There are root causes that are causing not only the body imbalances, but also the emotional and spiritual imbalances. When we think or talk about […]

Benefits of listening to music for the brain

Benefits of listening music to the brain

Listening music can improve memory, concentration and creativity. The right type of music can also help you relax and sleep better at the end of a long day.   Certainly there are more benefits than disadvantages of listening to music. Keep up reading to learn more about the impact of music in the brain. Written by […]

What are intercultural relationships?

Intercultural relationships

Although just a few decades ago intercultural relationships were illegal in major countries like the United States, today we encounter them everywhere we look, and we will have an honest discussion about them. Learn more about the benefits and challenges of intercultural relationships by reading us to the end. Written by This post is also […]

7 Types of Learning Styles

Types of Learning Styles

Being aware that there are different types of learning styles can be very helpful to be able to identify which one is yours and thus be able to work on techniques to improve the retention of information. Learn about types of learning styles that you may not have known, and that you may have confused […]

How to make a personal SWOT analysis

How to make a personal SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis is especially remembered by those who have completed some higher education, and some even had to do with it since high school, but from a business point of view. Learn in this article what is the personal SWOT analysis, what is its importance, and also how to do this self-analysis correctly. Written […]

15 Best advices how to help a friend with anxiety or depression

how to help a friend with anxiety or depression

While I was googling to get ideas for my website on “How-to” topics, it appeared me the term how to help a friend with anxiety and how to help a friend with depression.  Due to my spiritual emergency experience in 2020, I have been prone to read more about such topics that are related to […]