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In this Linguise Review, you can find more about the new Automatic WordPress Translation plugin that is easy to use to create a multilingual site.

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Linguise review

Recommended for WordPress Websites

Linguise is a new wordpress translation plugin that allows you to create your multilingual WordPress site in just minutes.

In this brief Linguise ot Review summary, we set out some important factors.

Price per Value

Linguise has monthly plans that start from $15 up to $70. According to the number of words you need is the plan you might select.

Ease of Use

Linguise is easy to install and to set up in WordPress. In just minutes you can have your website automatically translated.

Translation Speed

Linguise translate content at the instant.

Automatic Translation Accuracy

Linguise has a high quality and accurate translation.

Fast Website Speed

Linguise has minimum effect on website's speed.

Word Count Limit

Linguise has a word count limit. In order to increase translated words, it is needed a bigger plan.

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What is Linguise?

In this website we have analyzed severl wordpress translation plugins such as WPML vs Weglot, and now as the arrival of a new translation plugin, Linguise is another recommended plugin if you want to translate your website.

Linguise offers an automatic translation in minutes.

From WordPress you can directly install it form the Plugins Dashboard.

You can also create an account and test out the plugin for free one month.

You can select among multiple languages to translate to, and the plugin will take care of the translation.

The translation process is really simple once installed, and if you want to do manual corrections, you can either do it from the front end, or from the Linguise Dashboard.


Linguise Features

In this Linguise Review, some of Linguise core features will give you ideas on what it works, what doesn’t work and you will be able to know a little more in detail those points that make this plugin one of the best you can find today to translate your website.

Linguise Advantages

It is very simple to use, so you will have your website translated in just a couple of minutes.

Translations are made through the connection with an API, therefore it doesn't affect directly the website speed.

It is fully compatible with any Page Builder.

Automatic translations are very accurate.

It supports International SEO by translating Meta Data, URL translation and it adds Alternate links for the respective languages.

Linguise Disadvantages

It could get expensive in comparison with other translation plugins.

As you have more languages, you could reach faster the word count limit.

If you cancel the subscription, you don't keep your translated content.

Linguise Pricing

Linguise Pricing is based on a monthly or annual plan.

If you choose to pay on a annual basis, you would get a discount.

Here you can find Linguise Pricing per month.


$ 15 / Month
  • Unlimited Languages
  • 100,000 Words to Translate


$ 30 / Month
  • Unlimited Languages
  • 400,000 Words to Translate


$ 70 / Month
  • Unlimited Languages
  • 1,000,000 Words to Translate

Linguise Yearly Pricing


$ 165 / Month
  • Unlimited Languages
  • 100,000 Words to Translate


$ 330 / Month
  • Unlimited Languages
  • 400,000 Words to Translate


$ 770 / Month
  • Unlimited Languages
  • 1,000,000 Words to Translate

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To use or not to use Linguise?

If you are still considering which WordPress plugin is best for you to translate your website, then you can keep calm and consider that any choose between WPML, Weglot or Linguise at the end will be a good decision.

These plugins do help with the work of creating a multilingual website.

As mentioned in the WPML Review, WPML is better for content websites that constantly add text to their website. You can have more control on your translations, although it is worth mentioning that among these three is the slowest one to create the translation.

In the Weglot Review has been mentioned that this is highly recommended for E-commerce websites, since it doesn’t interfere directly with the WordPress database and other plugins.

This is actually a good similarity with Linguise, since it doesn’t interefere directly with the WordPress Database.

Weglot vs Linguise would be a hard one to tell, since both of the wordpress translation plugins are quite similar.

One main advantage of Linguise over Weglot is that you can translate your URL even from the first plan, and in Weglot you have this feature from the Advanced plan.

As well in prices Linguise are much lower than Weglot.

For sure, a plugin to consider to translate your website.

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