3 Languages that will give you better job opportunities

Today, more companies will require employees who speak multiple languages, although english is still spoken around the world, employers will prefer candidates with advanced language skills, particularly those who also they know japanese, chinese and arabic.

With globalization happening around the world, knowledge in various languages greatly increased, employers seek employees whose skills linguistics matches the commercial demands, that is why learning another language could provide you with great career opportunities.

There are so many people in the world who are learning English online, to being able to join that big list of bilinguals and be able to work for those big ones international companies.

Languages for better job opportunities
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What languages will give you the best chances?

The three most important languages that will give you improvement and job opportunities could be:

1. German

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It is estimated that this language is spoken by an estimated 210 million people worldwide, as noted on the Work for the Work websites, their studies are truly interesting if you want to work in Europe.

In countries such as Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein, companies often require candidates to speak and master German, the demand for this language has grown in recent years.

This is not surprising given the strength of the country’s labor market and its current role in the European and global economy.

Moreover, this is the strongest language in Central Europe, with 18% of Europeans speaking this language as their mother tongue, and it is the official language of Austria, Switzerland, among others.

Careers related to industry, technology and engineering usually develop in this language, which will increase your job opportunities.

2. English

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Shakespeare’s language continues to be the most valued language by human resource leaders of large and small businesses and continues to top the list of most in-demand languages in the workplace.

This is the most studied language and every day there are more native teachers online, it is the most used in business environments, international trade, diplomatic relations, internet research, among others.

More than 90% of job offers require this language (both spoken and written) in the professional skills it needs to cover, so you hope to take note and don’t forget to include this universal language in your resume.

3. French

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It should never be left aside, French is still a good option when learning another language, this is one of the most important languages, what is the reason? 

France is one of Europe’s tourist resorts and one of Spain’s economic partners and investors, making it a sought-after language for companies interested in hiring bilingual staff, primarily in the hotel, trade and sales industries.

Advantages of knowing more than one language at work

Being able to speak more than one language will give you very positive things in the workplace, such as:

In short, we can conclude that the current world, increasingly globalized and in international business increasingly competitive, the knowledge of a language has become essential to be able to apply for a job, stay or be able to expand your horizons, so we recommend that you encourage yourself and learn a new language so that you have the best job opportunity, and excellent future, in the workplace and the environment.

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