7 Best Instagram Grid Templates to have more Layout Ideas

Instagram Grid Templates
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These best Instagram grid templates are an invaluable tool for anyone looking to create a more visually appealing Instagram grid layout feed.

These Instagram templates offer to keep the overall format of your feed consistent and organized, while allowing you to have more layout ideas.

For example, one Instagram grid puzzle template might consist of alternating posts with a solid background and another with a texture or pattern.

Another gorgeous instagram template may involve having posts in the same color palette, or using the same filter for all photos.

You can find hundreds of Instagram grid designs at Envato Elements which were some templates from Graphicriver.

With the Envato Elements subscription you can get unlimited downloads of beautiful Instagram grid layout templates, and you can test out for 7 days free Instagram grid post layouts.

With these templates features, you can experiment with different looks and post types to create a beautiful, interesting and cohesive story that captures the attention of your followers.

You can also use these puzzle grid templates as inspiration for future posts, or as an easy way to plan out how your feed will look over time.

Instagram Grid Posts - Creator

Instagram Grid Posts Templates

Do you have a knack for designing, making, and crafting?

This item is meant to help save you lots of effort when it comes to your Instagram posts and stories.

With only one file save, you can generate 27 instagram puzzle feed posts!

The stunning Instagram Grid Posts consists of three compatible with Adobe Photoshop (psd files) template files that fit together to form an attractive and unified photo collage, also known as a puzzle.

Pick the grid style that best suits you or why not utilize all three consecutively.

This great grid has incorporated various abstract vector graphics and brushstrokes to coordinate with each theme, which are included in the files as smart objects.

Take advantage of these templates to give your individual Instagram page a consistent, professional and stunning appearance, while also furthering your Social Media Marketing.

Don’t spend time creating each post individually – save all 27 with one click.

Customize the templates with visuals, text and color schemes to create an amazing social media presence.

This product contains: 3 Photoshop (.psd) files with individual slices, each one having a size of 3240×9720 pixels and comprising of a total of 27 Instagram Posts (1080x1080px per slice).

The package also consists of three separate themes – Creator, Artist and Maker.

Furthermore, there is a document containing instructions on how to edit, save and add your own photos as well as a .doc file with links to free fonts and photos used.

Instagram Grid Posts - 3 Themes

Instagram Grid Templates 3 Themes

This product offers a straightforward solution to save you from spending hours creating grid layouts for your Instagram profile.

With one file, you can generate 27 Instagram puzzle layout posts that create an attractive and unified look.

This kind of photo collage layout is known as a puzzle.

All you need to do is add your pictures, replace the placeholder images and text to the pre-sliced Adobe Photoshop files.

You can create a beautiful grid, since it has combined various floral vector illustrations and brush strokes to coordinate with each theme and these are also included in the files via smart objects and editable text.

Make use of these Photoshop templates to make your Instagram puzzle grid look more unified, branded and attractive.

It will also help to save a lot of time by storing all 27 posts simultaneously.

You can modify the templates kit with your own photos, texts and colors to develop an incredible eye-catching Instagram presence.

This product comes with 3 Photoshop (.psd) files, each one representing a different Theme such as Lifestyle, Wedding and Foodie.

Each file contains 27 Instagram Posts at 1080x1080px resolution.

Elegant Puzzle Corporate Instagram

Elegant Instagram Puzzle Grid

This Corporate Instagram package template is an ideal selection for businesses, agencies, entrepreneurs, creatives, companies and more.

With a modern puzzle theme, it will make your Instagram acctoung promotional material appear captivating and attractive.

This template is comprised of 12 distinct and stylish Instagram posts and Instagram stories templates in Illustrator and Photoshop format.

They are versatile enought to be used to promote your products or services of different industries to catch the attention of your audience.

Panorama Instagram Post Grid Template

Panorama Instagram Post Grid Template

This set of templates helps you to create an Instagram grid that develops a creative design that can help you to boost your follower count or increase your customer base as a business or individual.

They are designed with a visually appealing aesthetic featuring bold and thin typography.

6 Instagram Aesthetic Retro Grid

6 Instagram Aesthetic Retro Grid

The package contains six primary files in .psd, vector .ai, and vector Eps CS 5 (.eps) formats, an Additional Box Shape file in both .ai and .eps formats, a Readme document as a text file, and Help image files in the form of JPEGs.

These are all applicable to the Instagram Feed (Square).

This great template is available in Psd, Ai and Eps formats with organized layers, making it easy to customize the palette, design, background and visuals.

It is fully vector-based and can be personalized without any difficulty.

The high resolution image can be altered and pictures can be adjusted using Smart Objects.

The size is fixed at 1080 x 1080 pixels and the resolution is set at RGB / 72 Dpi.

You can easily customize it to create Instagram grids with a retro look.

Instagram Puzzle Post

Instagram Puzzle Post

This Instagram grid template will help you to have style to look like a pro.

This Instagram puzzle template includes 9 fully customizable and ready to edit using Photoshop editable templates that will make your Instagram feed stand out from the crowd.

It’s perfect for bloggers, influencers, fashion labels, lifestyle bloggers, magazines and tech blogs who are involved in sport-related activities or campaigns.

Instagram Feed Puzzle Template

Instagram Feed Puzzle Template

This beautiful Instagram Feed template can be utilized in Adobe Photoshop with full flexibility.

It comes with 12 posts, but you can create countless more as the template is continuous.

If you need to supercharge your Instagram account, these design assets will give you that extra.

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