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In the modern business world, effective communication remains key to successful networking, marketing, and sales strategies. Email marketing is one such communication strategy that continues to yield remarkable returns on investment. However, to leverage this strategy, companies need the right email marketing tools. Two such platforms are and Grabaro.

Both and Grabaro provide solutions that help businesses in their email marketing endeavors, like finding and verifying email addresses. Here, we present an in-depth comparison between the two, focusing on their features and pricing. vs Grabaro A Comprehensive Comparison of Email Verification Tools


Email Verification

Both and Grabaro offer email verification as a feature. This tool is useful for businesses to ensure that the email addresses they’re sending to are valid and reduce their bounce rate.

Email Finder

The email finder feature is also a common offering in both platforms. It allows businesses to find the email addresses associated with a domain or company. This can be particularly useful when targeting specific businesses for outreach.


For businesses seeking to integrate these email marketing tools into their existing systems, both and Grabaro offer APIs. This offers seamless communication between platforms and allows businesses to tailor the platforms to their specific needs.

Integrations and Browser Extension

Integration capability is vital for modern platforms. Both and Grabaro offer integrations with other platforms and also provide browser extensions for convenience.

Lead Management

Both platforms offer lead management features to assist businesses in organizing and prioritizing potential clients or customers.


As of the time of this writing, has an edge over Grabaro in the outreach aspect. While already offers an outreach feature, Grabaro is yet to launch this feature, although it’s planned for 2023.


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In terms of pricing, there are significant differences between and Grabaro.

Free Version

Grabaro provides a free version with 100 email verifications and 25 searches, while offers only 50 verifications and an equal number of searches. This gives Grabaro an edge in terms of the free version.

Minimum Paid Version (Monthly)

For the paid versions, Grabaro’s minimum package is $12.5 monthly, offering 1000 verifications and 250 searches. In contrast,’s smallest package costs $49 per month, offering the same number of verifications but twice as many searches (500). This makes Grabaro’s minimum package significantly more affordable.

Maximum Paid Version (Monthly)

At the higher end, Grabaro’s maximum package costs $299 per month and provides 50,000 verifications and 12,500 searches.’s most expensive package is priced at $499 monthly, offering double the number of verifications (100,000) and quadruple the searches (50,000).

Pay-As-You-Go Option

Finally, both platforms offer a pay-as-you-go option. Grabaro’s pricing is $0.7 per 100 credits, and offers theirs at $0.75 per 100 credits, making Grabaro’s slightly cheaper.

Conclusion and Grabaro both offer a robust suite of features that are crucial for email marketing. While has an advantage with its outreach feature, Grabaro offers more competitive pricing. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the specific needs and budget of your business. As always, it’s recommended to start with a free trial or free version to gauge the usefulness and user-friendliness of each platform before making a final decision.

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